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Welcome to Campenjoys.com.  This blog is for all you fans of camping, the great outdoors, and bushcraft. Specifically, those that love the latest camping tech.

Welcome to our camping blog! We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore nature and spend time in the great outdoors. Our mission is to inspire and guide fellow camping enthusiasts to experience the joy and benefits of camping, while also promoting responsible and sustainable practices.

Our blog features a variety of topics related to camping, such as camping tips and hacks, gear reviews, destination guides, and outdoor activities. We aim to provide useful and practical information that can help make your camping experience more enjoyable and successful, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned camper.

We believe that camping is a great way to escape from the stress and distractions of modern life and reconnect with nature. Camping allows us to experience the beauty and serenity of the natural world, while also promoting physical and mental health. We are passionate about sharing our love for camping and helping others discover the many benefits of this wonderful activity.

We are committed to promoting responsible camping practices, such as Leave No Trace principles and minimizing our impact on the environment. We believe that preserving the natural world for future generations is crucial, and we strive to educate and encourage our readers to do the same.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and we hope that our articles inspire and guide you on your next camping adventure. Happy camping!

Our Reviews

At our camping blog, we take the responsibility of testing products and writing reviews very seriously. We want to ensure that our readers get accurate and trustworthy information about the camping products they are interested in purchasing.

To test a product, we start by doing thorough research on the product’s features, specifications, and customer reviews. We then reach out to the manufacturer to request a sample of the product to test ourselves.

Once we receive the product, we take it out to the field and test it in a real camping scenario. We evaluate the product’s performance, durability, ease of use, and any other relevant factors. We take notes and photos throughout the testing process to ensure that we have a detailed and accurate record of our experience.

After testing the product, we compile our notes and photos into a comprehensive review. We include both the pros and cons of the product, as well as any additional information we think would be helpful for our readers, such as tips for usage, maintenance, or storage.

We take great care to ensure that our reviews are unbiased and accurate. We don’t receive any compensation for our reviews, and we don’t have any personal or financial relationships with the manufacturers of the products we review.

Our goal is to provide our readers with honest, useful, and insightful reviews that will help them make informed decisions about the camping products they choose to purchase.

If you want to see something that we haven’t covered, drop us a line and we will do our best to add that information to the site. We want you to have the most comprehensive and detailed guidelines that we can provide.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to ask, if you have any queries.


Mike Geo

Meet Mike, an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast. Mike’s love for camping started when he was just a young boy, growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. His parents would take him on camping trips during the summer, and he quickly fell in love with the great outdoors.

As he got older, Mike’s passion for camping only grew stronger. He started to venture out on his own, exploring new campsites and testing out new gear. Along the way, he discovered that he had a talent for identifying high-quality camping products and sharing his experiences with others.

That’s how this camping blog was born. He wanted to create a platform where he could share his knowledge and experiences with other outdoor enthusiasts. His blog has become a go-to source for camping gear reviews, advice on outdoor activities, and tips for camping in different environments.

Mike takes his role as a product tester very seriously. He thoroughly tests every product he reviews, putting it through its paces in a variety of different environments. He pays attention to even the smallest details, from the quality of the stitching to the durability of the zippers.

Mike’s passion for camping and the outdoors is contagious. His blog is a reflection of his love for the natural world and his desire to share it with others. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a novice looking to explore the great outdoors, Mike’s blog has something for everyone.

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