How To Choose Best 3 Person Tent For Camping

When you sleep with someone in a double tent, do you always lack space? Or maybe you often go on trips in a larger group? the best 3 person tent may be just what you are looking for.

A triple tent is a medium brother in a family of tents. It’s not as small as compact ones or doubles, but it doesn’t take up as much space as tents for four people. Which 3 person tent should you choose? It all depends on when you will use it.

When is it worth choosing the best 3 person tent

Contrary to appearances, a 3-person tent will be useful not only for a group of friends traveling together. Such tents will also be a good solution for a couple going to camping in one place. On a camping site, the weight of a three-person tent does not matter, and the comfort of a larger space cannot be overestimated.

However, there are also lightweight 3-person tents on the market, which will even be suitable for long trekking. Of course, they will be slightly heavier than ones and twos, but remember those tent elements do not have to (or even should) be carried by one person.

Essential 10 factors to choosing the best  3 person tent

When choosing a triple tent for yourself, pay attention to the following 10 factors:

1. What season of the year is the tent designed for – three-season tents are the most common on the market, which will provide you with optimal protection during the camping from spring to autumn.

2. Weight – especially important if you choose a backpack for trekking. The lightest three-person tents weigh about 2 kg.

3. Package dimensions – check how much space will take up such a tent when folded in your backpack.

4. Dimensions after pitching – remember that your tent must also contain luggage.

5. Bedroom dimensions – also pay attention to its height.

6. The number of vestibules – 3-person tents with vestibules are of course heavier. However, remember that the vestibules are a great place to hold luggage or prepare a meal.

7. The number of entrances – when the tent is used by more than one person, two entrances definitely facilitate everyday functioning.

8. Type of frame – a three-person tent can have an internal frame (the brackets are then fixed on the bedroom) or an external (the brackets are mounted on the tropics). The first solution is cheaper and gives you the option of using the same bedroom without the tropics (such a mosquito net will be useful on warm and rainless nights). The internal frame makes it difficult to pitch a tent during rain.

If you do not want to wet the bedroom, at least two people must keep the flysheet stretched in the air above the fold-out bedroom. In the case of an external rack, this problem does not exist, because you break the tropics first, and then attach the bedroom. The external rack also gives you the option of using the tropics as a camping cover (for example, when you want to take a quick break for a meal in bad weather).

9. What material is the frame made of – tourist tents usually have a frame made of fiberglass. It is a cheap material, but quite heavy and hardly resistant to lower temperatures. Aluminum is a more durable and, above all, lighter material. Tents with an aluminum frame are, however, more expensive.

10. Water-resistance – the water-resistance of the tent is given in millimeters. What do they mean? A water-resistance of 1500 mm means that the fabric begins to be permeable if the height of the water column is just 1500 mm. Good travel tents have a water resistance of 1500 to 3000 mm. The water-resistance of more specialized tents is 7,000 or even 10,000 mm. When choosing a tent, do not just look at its tightness. Remember that greater water resistance also means greater stiffness and weight. So the compromise between waterproofness and weight is important.

Ranking: The 5 best 3 person tent on the market

The choice of your 3 person tent depends on the use you will make of it and the way you travel. Several criteria must be taken into account to choose a tent that meets your needs. Here are a few.

1. Coleman Darwin 3 places

The space available in length for the Coleman 3-seater camping tent is decidedly generous, the height is smaller than 130 cm. But the large entrance compensates for this detail, ensuring a sheltered area where to prepare coffee and eat. A further detail to note is the presence, in the living area, of transparent sidewalls that offer excellent lighting.

There is also plenty of ventilation, thanks to the four ventilation points. As a 3-seater camping tent, it is more suitable for those who have the ability to travel by car, since its weight reaches almost 5 kg.

2.  Ferrino Shaba 3 places

Another best 3 person tent is Ferrino Shaba. A high and comfortable 3-person camping tent. The internal space is definitely superior to the previous model and for this reason, the Ferrino’s Shaba is more suitable for those who make permanent camping trips and travel by car. The weight of the tent, in fact, exceeds five kilos: not exactly the maximum for the backpacker.

The doors are equipped with comfortable mosquito nets with the possibility of storing them, if necessary, in the special pockets. Effective Ferrino ventilation system so as not to crash in the heat during the summer and the very useful groundwater which, in bad weather, can be unrolled avoiding water from entering inside.

3. Coleman Costaline Plus 3 seats

For those who are wondering, the Plus stands for more space: both in height and in length. There remains a 3-seater camping tent, of course, but with a large veranda where you can eat, get some fresh air, read a book, or whatever else you can think of doing on a veranda measuring 190 X 210 centimeters per side.

The ground cover, with raised edges, is effective for keeping insects out and repairing the inside of the tent in bad weather. The living area is also equipped with two side entrances and a central one, which can be closed with a special zip. The strong point of the Coastline Plus is its livability and the great comfort it guarantees, which is decidedly superior to other models of 3-seater tents in the same price category.

4. Ferrino Kalahari 3 places

This 3-seater camping tent guarantees excellent shelter for summer, autumn and spring. Less suitable for those looking for more performing camping tents that can offer you a warm shelter even in winter. Excellent for trekking and long journeys, the 3-seater tent model Kalahari allows quick access from both sides, with a useful mosquito net to protect the main entrance.

Mosquitoes outside and pleasant ventilation through the ventilation hoods. The internal pockets for storing the flashlight and other small objects offer that minimum a pinch of comfort always appreciable for those who never know where to store things inside the tent.

5. Salewa Atlas 3-seater

A light and compact tent, designed to occupy the minimum space inside your trekking backpack. The waterproof overcoat allows you to keep the equipment dry in case of rain, while we assemble the quality tent and zips for long-lasting use without the risk of breakage or jamming. A product that fully meets the quality and reliability characteristics for which the Italian brand is appreciated worldwide.

Take your time to choose the best 3 person tent for you. Do you have questions about how to choose the best 3 person tent? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments. What is your favorite camping tent? Share it too by leaving a comment below.

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