Best 4 Person tent for Camping and Hiking

Are you looking for the best 4 person tent to accommodate your whole family during the camping or bivouac holidays? We have put together the ultimate guide to guide you through the world of 4-person tents and help you choose the family tent that meets your needs.

Your tent canvas will be your home during all your holidays. Choosing it well is therefore essential!

Difficult to choose from all the models offered? You don’t know which criteria to take into account? Even if you are a first-timer, come with us and here you will find the necessary tips and information to choose the best tent for 4 people.

How to choose your best 4 person tent?

The choice of your 4-person tent depends on the use you will make of it and the way you travel. Several criteria must be taken into account to choose a tent that meets your needs. Here are a few.

Use of the tent

The use you will make of your family tent is the first criterion of choice. Indeed, you will not choose the same tent according to your travel style. 4-seater camping tent, 4-seater tent to install in your garden or 4-seater hiking/trekking/bivouac tent. These uses will lead to specific technical characteristics! The level of comfort you need for a good vacation is also essential!


If you are hiking or trekking, the weight of your tent will be an essential criterion. In this case, we have found the perfect tent for you: the 4-seater MSR Papa Hubba tent, which weighs only 2.67kg! Ultralight!

If you travel by car, the weight of your tent will certainly not be as decisive criteria. But pay attention to the volume of your tent: a compact best 4 person tent will be easier to put in your trunk.

Organization of the tent

Before buying the best 4 person tent, it is essential to think about its internal and external organization and to check that it meets the needs of the whole family.

  • You want to eat with your family in your tent: choose a tent with a hallway or living/kitchen area.
  • Your holiday destination is subject to changing weather and frequent rain: here again, prefer tents with an apse.
  • You are tall or want to be able to move around comfortably indoors: opt for a 4-person high tent.
  • Parents and children want their own room: buy a 2-bedroom tent.

Setting up the tent

If you’ve never had family camping, you are probably wondering how to put up a 4-person tent or even how to fold a 4-person tent. Note that depending on the manufacturers and models, 4-person tents are more or less easy to fold. It can take you 20 minutes or 1 hour!

Of course, when you go on vacation, your goal is to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your family. We, therefore, recommend that you check the pitch criteria for your future tent before purchasing it. More and more tent fabrics are easy to pitch. Prefer therefore the easy-to-assemble 4-person tents, or even instant 4-person tents (also called automatic 4-person tents).

Price and quality

The prices of tent fabrics are very variable according to the brands, the quality of the materials used, and the technical characteristics of the tent. We recommend that you take all these elements into account when choosing your tent and see the purchase of the tent as an investment. It will be your home for many camping vacations. Don’t skimp on quality!

However, if you are looking for a cheap 4 person tent, our recommendation is the High Peak Nevada tent or the High Peak Kira. On the contrary, if you are looking for a high-end best 4 person tent, we recommend the Vaude Badawi tent.

Other criteria: choose to best 4 person tent

Several other criteria can influence your choice, for example, the material of the tent or its weather resistance. On Our Family Tent, access the complete list of elements to take into account when choosing your tent.

3 or 4 place tent?

3 or 4 place tent? A question that many ask themselves when the family grows.

Everything will depend on the space you need and your use of the tent. For example, most 3-person tents are low while tall tents are designed for at least 4 people. In addition, if you go hiking with your family, you will surely favor the weight of your backpack at the expense of the comfort of your tent.

Also, note that some 3-person tents have a slightly larger version. The manufacturer indicates this with a “+” sign after the number of people, which means that the tent has a little extra space.

Ranking: The 5 best 4 person tent on the market

To buy the best 4 person tent, you need to define how you will use it most often. See the best models on the market that we have selected for you, and then learn their main differences throughout this guide.

1. Coleman Coastline Deluxe: excellent value for money

The Colline Coastline Deluxe 4-person tent is a classic tunnel tent. Its interior space is comfortable. It consists of a bedroom area of ​​5.9m2 which can easily accommodate 4 people and thick mattresses and a living area of ​​5.8m2. Enough to set up your camping table and store your things. You can also easily stand up inside the tent (2 meters high), a real plus to coexist in harmony in the family tent!

Another advantage of this tent is its ease of assembly thanks to the quick-pitch tunnel system.

Finally, the Coastline Deluxe tent is also very airy thanks to multiple points and ventilation panels. The three windows of the tent allow the light to come in even in bad weather!

2. High Peak Nevada: the inexpensive 4 person tent

The main advantage of the High Peak Nevada 4-person tent is its low price. Easy to set up and light, this dome-shaped tent weighs only 4.2kg. At a height of 1m30, you can easily sit inside. However, the interior space is quite small (no vestibule or awning). This tent is therefore mainly recommended for summer use in good weather. In addition, the tent is waterproof but will hardly withstand heavy continuous rain. It is therefore the perfect choice for families on a budget who wish to go camping in the summer and enjoy the outdoors!

If you are looking for a cheap, more spacious 4-person tent, the Kira tent from the same brand is an attractive option. Only a little more expensive than Nevada, it is a dome tent with an advanced tunnel that offers a sheltered entrance and storage space.

3. MSR Papa Hubba: the ultra-light 4-person tent

Do you want to travel light? Traveling in a backpack? Family trekking? The Papa Hubba 4-person tent is made for you. You benefit from the quality of MSR tents, a brand recognized for its ultra-light tents, while having room for the whole family.

Indeed, this tent weighing only 2.67kg, it is extremely easy to transport it daily. It is built with quality materials and strong technical expertise, providing it with good wind and weather resistance.

At a height of 1m12, this tent is not very high but you can sit there comfortably.

4. Vaude Badawi: the high-end 4-person tent

Vaude is the most ecological outdoor equipment supplier in Europe. Of excellent quality, its family tents are ecological and fair trade.

The Badawi 4-person tent is a spacious family tent with a floor area of ​​12.7 square meters and a maximum height of 2m25. This tent has two bedrooms on each side of the central space of the tent. What to comfortably accommodate young and old!

In the hallway, you will have plenty of room to cook or spend beautiful evenings with the family. Finally, the tent canvas is completed by a large awning perfect for enjoying the good weather.

All the rooms being assembled with identical poles, the erection of the tent is easy and you will quickly take control! In addition, the outer frame facilitates the mounting of the inner fabric and the flysheet.

The ventilation vault in the center (Top Vent system from Vaude) ensures a perfectly healthy indoor climate, while large mesh windows provide light and fresh air. The light color of the tent (sand color) also allows light to enter more easily.

Do you have questions about how to choose the best 4 person tent? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments. What is your favorite tent? Share it too by leaving a comment below.

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