Top 5 Best Backpacking Chair For A Comfortable Adventure

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Backpacking Chair is, then we recommend the Helinox Chair Zero  as the best one. 

We all want a backpacking chair which is comfortable, easy to travel with as well as lightweight. However, most of these chairs only seem to meet one or two of these requirements, while our objective is meeting all of them.

Furthermore, some people consider a backpacking chair to be a luxury item; nevertheless, this item can indeed add to both your happiness and comfort while you are out camping. Therefore, even if this chair might add an extra pound or two to your luggage, it is worth getting as it substantially improves the quality of your tour.

Discussed below in this article are five of the best backpacking chairs which you need to consider.

In this article, we’re going to review five of the best backpacking chairs we could find:

How to pick the best backpacking chair


It is the first thing you will have to sacrifice in a bid to reduce the weight of your backpacking chair. However, this does not mean that the backpacking chair needs to hurt you whenever you sit in it.

Likewise, ensure that the chair comes with an adequate amount of back height while still providing you with some support to that region. The seat’s overall height is another thing you need to look at mainly because this is a problem most of the lightweight backpacking chairs have.

If you are more than six feet tall plus your knees are up above your ears, you should then opt for the bigger chair such as the Helinox One.

Another issue you need to pay attention to is the weight capacity since as your approach the chair’s capacity, your overall comfort most probably is going to reduce. And whereas there is no precise measurement stating how far away from the capacity you need to stay, you must avoid if possible exceeding it.

Weight and Portability

Being a backpacker, this is the most vital factor you should consider. Typically, a standard backpacking chair is extremely light weighing less than two pounds plus has an easy to use carrying case.

However, having a chair that provides you with a broader assortment of comfort and options consequently leads to an increase in its weight, so you should only go for it if you still are comfortable with that.

The Natures Hangouts chair is by far the coziest backpacking chair we have tested, and it weighs over two pounds. Therefore, if you are a huge individual who can manage carrying the added weight, then you might find this chair desirable.


You can never be too sure of where life will take you; therefore, you should not waste any more time than needed on assembly. A crucial factor you always need to consider is the duration it will take you to assemble a chair. Fortunately, all the chairs which we tried can be assembled effortlessly.

Moreover, because backpacking chairs are very light, they usually are available with few parts hence need little to no assembly.


Usually, you would expect to sacrifice on durability because you are getting such a straightforward and simple chair. However, this is not the case in all the backpacking chairs that we tested.

The durability of these chairs is comparable to that of other bigger chairs. Additionally, because these chairs typically are smaller does not mean that cheaper materials are used in its manufacture.

Being a backpacker, you must comprehend why it is vital to have a place to sit down after a hectic day. Thus, you need a chair which will fully meet all your demands whenever you expect it.

Weather and UV Resistance

There are some long-term camping elements that you cannot control. Therefore, you require a backpacking chair which will remain sturdy irrespective of whatever you experience.

Furthermore, because these chairs usually are so light, they do not hold up well in extremely windy conditions. So, it would be advisable to take them down and carry them inside instead of leaving them outside as you wait for the storm to pass.

As for snow, rain plus everything else, you should always take into consideration the materials. Usually, having a rust-resistant aluminum alloy frame assists, you guarantee that you never will experience excessive corrosion.

Across all the tests we carried out, we did not notice any difference in UV fading resistance between the chairs. However, the darker chairs were more susceptible to fading in comparison to the lighter colored chairs.

How We Tested Best Backpacking Chairs

The primary objective of this test was abuse, and we did this by stretching fabric, yanking on straps, cramming every chair into tiny crevices of your packs, or bending poles. So, if something broke, we get to the ones who first experience it.

Travel and Backcountry Testing

It entails a lot of traveling across different parts of the globe. Subsequently, this test allowed us to know how portable these backpacking chairs are, that is when we are attempting to put them in a daypack, suitcase, carry-on, or backpack.

Adverse Weather

We practiced gear negligence by leaving the chairs outside in a rainstorm to test their longevity as well as durability. Moreover, in a controlled environment, we sought to know which chair will hold its ground, which fabric will dry the fastest as soon as the sun starts shining again plus well as which ones will blow over the next county.

Timed Set-up

The best way to test ease of set-up is by skipping the instructions and then speeding through, IKEA style. Therefore, the chairs which consequently took the shortest duration from package to complete set-up got awarded the most points.

Ranking: The 5 best backpacking chair on the market

To buy the best backpacking chair, you need to define how you will use it most often. See the best models on the market that we have selected for you, and then learn their main differences throughout this guide.

1. Helinox Chair Zero For Lighter Backpacker

We had it would be much more challenging to locate a chair that would meet all those requirements; however, it was straightforward as this is the chair.

Weighing in at 1.1 pounds, it is the most portable and lightest chair available on the market. Moreover, another outstanding feature about this particular backpacking chair is that despite being very compact and light, it still has a weight capacity of 265 pounds. Nevertheless, we regrettably did not get the opportunity to test this accurately, but the praise is still appropriate.

This four-legged backpacking chair is relatively comfortable and has an easy to use carrying bag.

This chair, however, has two possible drawbacks and one is that its height is only five inches above the ground, but this is expected especially because it weighs less in comparison to a water bottle.

Secondly, to prevent this chair from carrying away, you might need to stack rocks around its legs; nevertheless, we see this as two fair trade-offs.


  • Comfy material
  • Very portable
  • Both robust and durable
  • Easy to travel with
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Its carrying bag works fine


  • Very close to the ground

2. Alite Monarch Best Backpacking Chair for lightweight

We all know that two-legged chairs are not famed for their comfort, but are loved for being lightweight. So, next on our list is this chair which weighs only 1.3 pounds and packs a significant amount of durability and comfort into its unbelievably small design.

Additionally, it uses ripstop nylon which looks and feels durable; therefore, you never have to worry whenever you take this one out and plop it down after taking an extended hike.

Unlike the previous, this seat stands at seven inches above the ground. After sitting on this chair for a while, you will get used to the back and forth rocking making us of your legs, and you will not even take note of it anymore.


  • Traveling with is easy
  • Lightweight
  • Not too close to the ground
  • Features a durable ripstop nylon
  • Nicely fits in a carrying bag


  • Only two feet is needed for you to support yourself

3. Helnox Chair One Best Backpacking chair

It weighs in at two pounds, therefore, making it slightly bulkier than what you wish to take with you on a backpacking trip. Nevertheless, out of all the backpacking chairs on offer here, this one comes with the highest durability as well as comfort.

So, you will not even notice that you have an extra half a pound with everything else strapped to your back.

Moreover, this chair comes with reliable weight capacity, four legs for better stability and a high quality carrying case.

Nonetheless, the main drawbacks of owning this chair are that it has a height which is only 13.5 inches above the ground plus its four legs are quite rigid thus you will have a difficult time sinking it into any soft ground. Consequently, you will have a hard time because it is fairly low getting in and out.


  • High stability
  • Lightweight
  • Features a pleasant carrying case
  • Easy to strap up and go
  • It has a respectable brand name
  • Most comfy and durable


  • Not ideal for soft ground
  • Close to the ground

4. Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 For Backpacker

If you are looking for a backpacking chair lighter than the Helinox Zero, this is it. Weighing in at only 21 ounces, this chair provides you with lots of versatility in terms of how you sit as well as where to do it.

Furthermore, this chair usually does not come with legs with this being its downside. Nevertheless, it is meant to be used on logs and rocks which typically you would have to sit on bare. So, you can now lay down this chair over such surfaces and enjoy sitting comfortably.

Additionally, this backpacking chair can be folded up to such a small size that you will hardly notice it is there. Instead of having a carrying case to roll up the chair, it comes with a strap to go around it and hence hold it together.

Lastly, the weight capacity of this chair is 250 pounds plus it has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Excellent for occasional campers and beginners
  • Folds up easily almost into nothing
  • Constructed using durable carbon fiber
  • Superb for sitting on logs and rock chairs


  • More padding could have been present to prevent you from feeling what is underneath you
  • Legs are absent in this chair

5. Natures Hangout Ultralight Camping Chair

It may be that having an exceptionally lightweight chair is not on top of your list of priorities; thus you do not mind carrying around with an additional pound for more comfort.

So, if this is the case, this best backpacking chair is the ideal choice for you. Weighing in at 2.65 pounds, it is slightly heavier in comparison to an “average” ultralight backpacking chair. However, in place for that extra weight, you receive a lot more in return.

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With this chair, you get a tall back design that comes with a headrest. Furthermore, it comes with a high ground clearance thereby making it easy for you and anyone else to get in and out of plus features a minor recline.

There is also an aluminum alloy frame in this chair plus its nylon seat usually made with oxford cloth holds up to 300 pounds. Therefore, if you wish to combine superior comfort and lightweight, then this is the chair for you.


  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Features a durable fabric and frame
  • Higher back and headrest
  • It is the coziest backpacking chair
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Supports 300 pounds


  • Somewhat bulky

My Final Opinion choose the best backpacking tent

When you are out backpacking, every single pound matters significantly. Therefore, choosing a backpacking chair is crucial, and you need to consider this before deciding which type of camping chair you should purchase.

However, you need also to consider how far you are willing to sacrifice comfort for weight entirely or if you would prefer meeting somewhere in the middle.

So, it is for this reason that we see the Helinox Cahir Zero as the best backpacking chair. It is because this chair offers you with the perfect balance, that is, comfort, lightweight and durability all amalgamated into its design. Consequently, you will get to enjoy your backpacking trip with this reliable chair fully. 

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