How to choose the Best Camping Flashlight in 2020

You are thinking of buying a new best camping flashlight but you don’t know how to choose the right one. In this guide, We’ll help you choose your best camping flashlight by giving you some tips to consider before going to the store.

A good flashlight helps you get around the camp while you are looking for food and setting up your tent. It also helps you navigate the trail or on steep terrain. So how do you choose the best camping flashlight? What characteristics should you take into account?

Flashlights are simple tools, most valuable in adventures, jobs and in emergency situations. And these accessories have greatly improved in terms of quality, power and functionality. But do you know how to choose the best camping flashlight? Well, today we are going to help you to clear that doubt, so you can know which is the flashlight that best fits your needs. Check out!

First, the most important to choose your best camping flashlight

There are many models of flashlights, however, they are usually used for 3 main purposes:

  1. home use,
  2. adventurous use
  3. and tactical use.

Let’s talk about the difference between them and what are the ideal types of lanterns for each one.
Before purchasing your flashlight, it is necessary to define what is the best range, type of battery and model for you. Here, you will find the best models and the essential features that your flashlight should have.
The flashlight is a super affordable product, and can cost from R $ 10 to R $ 250. However, it is always essential to ensure that the chosen model provides a good cost-benefit and will be ideal for your needs.

What to pay attention to before choosing a flashlight?

Baby Reading Book Inside Tent With Camping Flashlight

There are several different types of flashlights. Some are bigger, others are very small. Some are even suitable for military teams, while others can only be used for small domestic duties. It is necessary to define what your main need is before purchasing a flashlight.
Later on, we will show you what are the main characteristics to be evaluated when buying a new flashlight. However, before proceeding, it is necessary to keep in mind that the quality of your product is essential for it to last much longer.

It is possible to buy extremely cheap flashlights, costing up to less than R $ 10. However, it is very likely that it will not last long. It is worth investing in a good flashlight with quality lights, which will not give you headaches.

Purchase criteria: What are the main features for evaluating a flashlight?

It is not enough to establish what your main use is for a flashlight, there are many other features that need to be carefully evaluated before purchasing your model. These are some of them:

  1. Light intensity
  2. Available light levels
  3. Bulb type
  4. Flashlight Models

Below, we will explain item by item so that there is no doubt when choosing your flashlight model!

Light intensity

The brightness of the light emitted by the flashlight is measured by lumens (unit of luminous flux). The greater the amount of lumens, the more powerful your flashlight will be.

A tactical flashlight usually has more than 30,000 lumens, which provide a very high power and intensity of illumination. So if you are going to use your flashlight only for domestic purposes, you don’t need a huge amount of lumens.

One important thing to know is that many websites propagate fanciful ideas for quantities of lumens. It will be very difficult, for example, to find a R $ 20 flashlight that has a capacity of 50,000 lumens. Take great care with unreliable sites. Always make your purchase in well-known stores.

The power of your flashlight is measured by the intensity of its light in lumens, that is, how strong the light comes out of it. Each model has a specific power. The higher the lumens of a flashlight, the more brightness it will have.

Here are some examples of how to choose a flashlight according to this luminous flux measurement:

0.25 – 1 lumen: Full moonlight on a clear night, used to mark positions or illuminate small sections;

8 – 20 lumens: Allows you to identify around and move around in a dark place, can be used for simple activities, such as looking for something inside a car;

25 lumens: Lets you read something in a dark room;

30 – 100 lumens: Enough lighting to perform activities such as tying ropes, cooking, etc. General-purpose lanterns used to light dark rooms;

60 – 120 lumens: May cause temporary disorientation if directed at the eyes at night;

200 lumens: May cause temporary disorientation during the day if directed at the eyes;

400 – 800 lumens: It is the light intensity per square meter that you have inside a room during the day, used for camping, hunting and open environments;

32,000 – 100,000 lumens: Intensity of light received during a sunny day, they are very expensive and used for specific activities, such as exploring caves.

Available light levels

Some flashlights have only 1 available light level. These are usually the simplest and cheapest flashlights on the market, used only for home use.

The most complete and powerful models, on the other hand, usually offer at least 3 different lighting levels, reaching up to 5. They can be very useful for tactical forces and people who use flashlights in vast environments without any light, such as closed woods and campsites.
Models with multiple light levels usually offer high power operation (100% light), 1 or 2 economical modes (75% or 50% light) and Strobo mode, which is the flashing light, in emergency cases .

Depending on your type of use for the flashlight, it is interesting to purchase models with several levels of light available.

Bulb type

We can see a big change in the current lantern market. In the past, the incandescent lamp was used. However, with the discovery of LED light, this scenario has been modified.

This is because the LED light consumes much less energy and is more powerful. The useful life of this lamp is 50 thousand hours of use. Her battery can last up to 90 hours and its brightness is 180 lumens (2.5W).

Incandescent’s battery lasts for 2 hours. It has 900 lumens (60W) and a life of 6 hours, much less than that of LED. There is still that of halogen, which is a middle ground between the two. The battery lasts 9 hours, has a useful life of 15 hours and 1,000 lumens (50W).

Some LED flashlight models can be a little expensive, while others are very affordable. Always prefer flashlight options with this light, which in addition to being more powerful, will last for much longer. When buying yours, always take into account not only value, but also cost-effectiveness.

Flashlight Models

There are several types of flashlights available in stores. From the torch to the head and the simplest and most portable models. However, they can be categorized into 3 different uses:

Household: Household lanterns do not need to be overly elaborate and reach long distances. They are used for everyday tasks such as looking for things in the basement and attic, lighting the rooms when there is no light or looking for objects behind furniture.
Because they are used indoors, home lanterns can be simpler and cheaper models that work with batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Tactical: The tactical use is carried out by specialized teams, such as the navy, the fire department and military forces. Generally, flashlights for this purpose are used in large and very dark environments, so they need to be more powerful and provide great ranges.

This type of flashlight usually provides different levels of lighting, adjustable focus (for ambient or focal lighting), body in aeronautical aluminum and high light intensity.

Adventurer: There are also the ideal types of lantern for those who like to stay in campsites or practice hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor sports. For this purpose, the most suitable are the models of headlamps, called “headlamps”.

If you are looking for a flashlight for adventurous use, it is necessary to consider whether the model has some essential characteristics. Prefer water and drop resistant models, reduced weight, long battery life and different lighting levels.

Aditional few features you should consider before buying a flashlight

Water resistance

There are several parameters to measure the tightness of the equipment: IPX4, IPX7, IPX8. IPX4 stands for water-resistant and can be used in any weather. This is the most common resistance rating.

IPX7 means waterproof, so it can be submerged underwater (1 meter) for 30 minutes without permanent damage.

IPX8 means submersible (at a specific depth, determined by the manufacturer) for continuous use. Most IPX8 flashlights are intended for use by divers and underwater repair technicians.


To guarantee the resistance and durability of a flashlight, it needs to be waterproof and anti-corrosive, with light material, usually, it can be made of magnesium alloy. In addition to not being recommended to buy very large flashlights, so that it does not take up so much space in the backpack. The best ones should fit in your pocket and preferably have a metal clip to attach to your belt or backpack.

Ranking: The 5 best camping flashlights on the market

To buy the best camping flashlight, you need to define how you will use it most often. See the best models on the market that we have selected for you, and then learn their main differences throughout this guide.

1st – Olight S2R II 1  Flashlight

This powerful LED flashlight has a maximum power of 1150 lumens. Thanks to a TIR lens, it produces a light beam with perfect balance.

Versatile, this equipment is ideal for many domestic or professional uses. It is perfect for use in camping, hiking, fishing. It can also be handy for DIY or car repair work.

Thanks to its flat rear cap with magnet, this lamp can stick to any type of surface and facilitates hands-free work. It is equipped with two reversible clips and a wrist strap for multiple wearing options.

Easy to use, it is equipped with an indicator that allows you to view the battery level. It has an autonomy of about 60 days and a magnetic USB charger allows you to charge it on your computer, car or on an external battery.

2nd – ThruNite TC20 Flashlight

This TC20 torch from the ThruNite brand is a model equipped with an LED allowing a maximum power of 3800 lumens.

Practical, it is equipped with a side button to choose between 3 brightness levels. Double-click to activate Turbo mode. Another double-click activates the strobe mode.

The multifunction side button also has a battery level indicator which lights red when the battery is low. A built-in memory function allows you to find the last mode used when the lamp was turned on.

With a rigid design, this device has an aeronautical grade aluminum body with hard scratch-resistant type III anodization. Chamfered edges allow ergonomic prose in hand.

Particularly waterproof, it can be immersed in water 2 meters deep for a few minutes. With its features, this device can be used in police, security, home applications.

3rd – Soonfire NS17 – The best ever

Beam distance: 240 m. The best LED flashlight on the market is definitely the Soonfire NS17 flashlight!

This excellent professional LED flashlight is equipped with a wide range of comfortably adjustable intensity adjustments and has a very powerful light beam that illuminates up to 240 meters. The battery is easily rechargeable via the included USB cable and, in the opinion of most customers, has a long battery life and recharges quickly.

Made with high-quality materials, it is a compact and light torch, with a length of 106 mm and a weight of only 90 g, it is very handy and easy to adjust. This is the ideal best camping flashlight both for those who work outdoors at night and for those who love to go hiking!

Simple to use, it is reliable and perfect for its purpose with nothing to envy to the most expensive LED flashlights, recommended for everyone for its low price and excellent workmanship!

4th – LED Lenser  T7. 2 – Flashlight

This LED Lenser flashlight is an ideal model for household activities such as housework, DIY, repairs. Children can also play with it in a tent, for example.

Ultra-powerful up to 300 lumens, this model has a light beam with a lighting range of 260 meters. It can last up to 25 hours before being recharged by AAA alkaline batteries.

With a robust and good quality manufacturing, this device is made with anti-corrosion components for better durability. Used wisely, this equipment can last up to 10 years without leakage. The bulb is protected by a resin which prevents it from being wet in contact with water.

Practical, this lamp offers reliable and durable performance for all your businesses. It is resistant and waterproof. It is also easy to use thanks to a level control button and a single switch.

5th – EDC WUBEN mini flashlight 

This rechargeable headlamp from Wuben is practical for many uses: vacation, hiking, adventure, camping, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor and family activities. Weighing only 60 grams, it can slip into your pocket easily.

This LED lamp with rechargeable battery can also be cranked, but it also remains compatible with AAA batteries. The back of the device is designed with a magnetic system that allows it to be mounted on a weapon or on all iron surfaces.

Designed in aeronautical aluminum 6060, this device is very robust and impact resistant. It is waterproof under water from 2 meters up to 1 hour of waterproofing. It also resists falls.

With 6 different lighting modes (bright, weak, medium, strong, strobe, SOS), it can meet all your needs. It provides 900 lumens of lighting power with a stronger beam than a camera flash.


A flashlight that clearly lights your trail is an essential part of your camping gear. Recent advances in flashlight technology demonstrate that a good camping light is not obsolete.

In addition, it is easier to direct the light of a flashlight than with a headlamp. You can easily access it in case of an emergency and use it instead of your camping lantern or lighthouse when the need arises and you will be almost as efficient.

The large number of flashlights on the market makes it difficult to find the best camping flashlight. Fortunately, our camping flashlight reviews can narrow your search. A good flashlight will come in handy in all kinds of outdoor situations, and you can get one at an affordable price. You will not regret having added a flashlight to your camping equipment.

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