How to choose the Best Camping Headlamp: The Complete Guide

You are thinking of buying a new best camping headlamp but you don’t know how to choose the right one. In this guide, I will help you choose your headlamp by giving you some tips to consider before going to the store.

A best camping headlamp helps you get around the camp while you are looking for food and setting up your tent. It also helps you navigate the trail or on steep terrain. So how do you choose the best hiking headlamp? What characteristics should you take into account? In this article, we’ll help you choose your headlamp by giving you some tips to consider before going to the store.

One of the most indispensable and, at the same time, most despised equipment by many practitioners of outdoor activities is the headlamp. It’s one of the essential tools in the backpack of any practitioner of nature activities: climbers, mountaineers, trekkers, cavers, canoeists, etc.

However, choosing a best camping headlamp is not an easy task, especially with so many manufacturers, models, and nomenclatures that exist on the market, end up confusing the consumer. On the internet, there are a variety of articles on the equipment of the most varied qualities and depth. This article is to clarify the best possible way for those who are laymen in the subject to at least understand all the terms that involves the equipment.

First, The important thing you should know

When choosing the best hiking lamp, it is important to remember that each lamp is designed for a specific use. For example, a large, bright, heavy headlamp would not be a good option for a light, long-distance adventure.

Keep in mind the purpose of your use when choosing a model. Will you need something light? Something with a beam distance of 250 to 300 m? Or something very bright?

One of the main advantages of the headlamp is that you are free to use both hands, making it ideal for cyclists, mechanics, adventurers, etc. The most complete models of headlamps are a bit expensive, but those who do not use them often can choose a more affordable option.

What is the headlight?

Created to illuminate dark places without the need to occupy one hand, the headlamp is a very practical option, used both in the professional and personal fields.

It can be fitted to the cap, safety helmet, hat, or simply attached to the head. It is lightweight equipment that allows you to be clear about the place around you and yet you can continue doing the necessary activities.

Essential Parts of a headlamp

Each and every headlamp has 3 very characteristic parts:
1. Flashlight – Part that is subdivided into

  • Reflector
  • Lens
  • Led lamp

2. Drums
3. Headband

The part of the flashlight is where all the electronic apparatus of a headlamp is and it is there that the heart, and brain, of the functioning of the equipment. Once this box is destroyed, its headlamp will be unusable.

What can be considered a battery are two types:

  • Space reserved for batteries or lithium battery
  • Rechargeable battery

The most modern and state-of-the-art models dispense with the use of batteries and batteries to function and thus, at least in some aspect, less impact on the environment. Models with rechargeable batteries also allow the buyer to have the exact idea of ​​the weight it has and to evaluate if it is the ideal one for its trails and crossings.

Purchasing criteria best camping headlamp: Main features for evaluating a headlamp

There are several models, belonging to several brands on the market, so to evaluate the performance of your headlamp it is necessary, and fundamental, to analyze four factors:

  1. Light beam amplitude (Beam Distance)
  2. Number of lumens (Lumens)
  3. Battery life ( Battery Run-time )
  4. Size

Learn more about each item.

1. Number of lumens/ Light intensity

The light intensity of a headlamp is measured in lumens (a unit of luminous flux). This means that the more lumens the flashlight has, the stronger its light.

The most powerful headlamps today in stores usually have about 300 to 400 lumens of power. If you intend to use the lantern outdoors, prefer a model with enough lumens.

For those who want to use the flashlight for activities that require less light, such as repairs, for example, the amount of lumens does not necessarily need to be very high.

2. Light beam amplitude

The beam distance is the visible distance that light will reach from the headlight. This is an important factor to consider when comparing headlamps as it takes into account the lumens and the quality of the optics. Distances range from 10m to hundreds.

Much more than just brightness, the distance of the light beam is perhaps the factor that should be the most sought after in headlamps. The amplitude of the light beam is a measure that incorporates both the brightness of the lamp as well as the ability of the lens to focus the light as far as possible.

Unfortunately, each manufacturer seeks a different type of beam amplitude, so it is up to the buyer to consider what is the distance he believes is the ideal distance for the general use that he will give to the headlamp.

3. Battery life

Battery life is a factor that should weigh a lot when choosing the ideal model for the use you are looking for. The battery life will vary according to the type of lamp used, as well as its intensity used for most of the time.

The longer a battery lasts, the more useful it will be for those who cross several days. This type of resource is also useful for avoiding power supplies constantly.


Any mountaineer is subject to face one or another rain during their activities. So one of the qualities to be taken into account is the possibility that your headlamp is water-resistant, or even waterproof.
The resistance to mechanical shocks (number of times it falls to the ground) must also be evaluated, because the product will always be in a backpack, and it will be dirty to this type of impacts.

4. Size of best camping headlamp

For those who plan to walk and get around without feeling uncomfortable from excessive weight on the head, they should prioritize the choice of light headlamps, preferably one piece in a single box: battery, lens, lamp and driver.

Ranking: The 5 best camping headlamps

To buy a best camping headlamp, you need to define how you will use it most often. See the best models on the market that we have selected for you, and then learn their main differences throughout this guide.

1st – Storm Headlight – Black Diamond

Robust and fully waterproof, the Black Diamond Storm headlamp has 350 lumens of power and three differently colored night vision modes, plus Brightness memory, which allows you to turn the light on and off in a chosen brightness without returning at full power.

It’s eight lighting modes allow personalized lighting in any situation, in addition to having PowerTap technology, which allows instant brightness adjustments. Headlight configurations include maximum power, proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, night vision and lock mode.

2nd – Cosmo Headlight – Black Diamond – Silver

Capable of producing 200 lumens of power, the Black Diamond Cosmo flashlight is ideal for any adventure, be it reading rock paths or night walks.

This model offers six different lighting modes and is fully waterproof, working in drizzle or storm. Its red night vision has selected dimming and strobe modes without switching to white mode.

Some of its settings are proximity and distance, dimming, strobe, night vision and lock mode. It is capable of operating up to 1.1 meters under water for 30 seconds.

3rd – Spot Headlight – Black Diamond

The Spot headlight has great power, with 300 adjustable lumens of light. It is completely waterproof and has a beam of light designed for peripheral illumination of short-range activities.

With seven different lighting modes, including maximum power, proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, night vision and lock mode, it also allows for fully personalized lighting. With a Quad Power LED, a white Double Power LED and a red Single Power LED, it provides powerful lighting, even in night mode.

4th- Hl60r FENIX headlamp – Black

This neutral white LED headlamp model is a rechargeable model, ideal for your camping, mountain biking, mountaineering, etc. activities. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is powered by a Li-ion battery or two batteries.

This digital model has a regulated output which maintains constant brightness. A side switch makes it easy and quick to turn it on or off, even while riding.

Robustly designed, this lamp is made of high quality, durable aluminum. The Premium type III non-abrasive finish provides an assured design. As for the lens, it is made of clear tempered glass with an anti-reflective coating. Water resistant, it is classified IPX-8.

Easy to wear, this equipment has a headband, a strap and a flat top band for comfortable and uncomfortable wearing. A spare O-ring is also delivered with the kit.

5th – Reactik Petzl mixed headlamp + Bluetooth Enabled

This mixed lamp for children and adults is intelligent equipment. It is suitable for all outdoor activities, in dark or nocturnal environments.

It is equipped with Reactive Lightning technology which allows the lighting intensity to be automatically adjusted according to the user’s needs.

With a robust construction, this equipment is made from a steel alloy. It is sturdy and does not break easily even when you accidentally drop it.

This model offers three lighting modes according to your needs. A code mode with short-range lighting, a flagship mode with wide-range lighting and an intermediate mode.

With a rechargeable lithium-ion 1800 mAh battery, this model offers good autonomy. It is rechargeable by integrated micro USB port.

Easy to wear, this equipment has a detachable strap and an adjustable headband. The headband remains machine washable when it is too dirty.


We hope that we have helped or at least inspired you to choose a new best camping headlamp. If so, we will be grateful for your response, experience, review, comparison or evaluation of the product you purchased.

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