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Best Double Cot Tents for Camping (Tried & Tested)

Last updated: September 10, 2022

A restful night’s sleep in nature remains a distant dream for many individuals. Even with the assistance of inflatable or cushion mattress pads, sleeping on the ground is still considered to be unpleasant and uncomfy.

Cots may be a great solution in this situation for anyone searching for a warm and comfortable night’s sleep when trekking and camping. The fact that you can set them up wherever when car camping or stow them in nearly any vehicle, whether you want to sleep inside a tent or outside, makes them far too easy to pack and no less than a portable luxury.

We have tested some of the best double cot tents that are available to purchase right now and used them for months and then after using all of them we made this detailed list. Here we are going to share everything that we have found during the testing period.

Here is the list of the best double cot tents: (TOP 6)

  • Kamp-Rite DCTC343 Compact Double Cot Tent
  • Kamp-Rite ‎TB347 Double Cot Tent
  • Yescom Double Tent Cot
  • Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot
  • GYMAX Camping Tent Cot
  • Tangkula 2-Person Tent Cot

Best Double Cot Tents

The fact that cots make sleeping quite pleasant while camping, there are a majority of the cot tents available on the market, However, they all vary in terms of their weights, sizes, and forms.

You must also consider purchasing a tent cot if you’re too elderly to sleep on a hard floor or if you just want to maintain your back’s health and pain-free condition for as long as feasible.

We have tried and evaluated the best six double cot tents, which you may use to save time. So, instead of spending time perusing the internet, read this post and start planning your next getaway as soon as you can.

Image and Rating

Name and Features


Kamp-Rite DCTC343 Compact Double Cot Tent
1. Kamp-Rite DCTC343 Compact Double Cot Tent
Kamp-Rite ‎TB347 Double Cot Tent review

2. Kamp-Rite ‎TB347 Double Cot Tent


3. Yescom Double Tent Cot

Outsunny 2 Person Foldable Camping Cot

4. Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot

GYMAX Double Cot tent for Camping

5. GYMAX Camping Tent Cot

Tangkula 2-Person Tent Cot

6. Tangkula 2-Person Tent Cot

1. Kamp-Rite DCTC343 Compact Double Cot Tent


With the dimensions of ‎44.8″ x 11.7″ x 12.1″, this Kamp-Rite cot tent will make your overall camping experience more spacious and full of comfort. With a little condensation, the heavy-duty 210D fabric of the tent and rainfly can withstand any soggy weather conditions.

Installation of the cot is simplified by the steel structure that is attached to it. However, setting up the tent could take a little while at first, but after you get the hang of it, you can do it in 5 to 10 minutes.

On the other hand, the cot, which you can further upgrade into a lounge, a chair, and into a flat cot, also allows you to place it up higher from the ground level and will shield you from the wild insects or snakes during your excursions.

The tent’s polyester fabric and mesh windows, however, make it a little more challenging to keep the heat in. However, adding a rain cover can support maintaining a warm environment inside the tent.

Furthermore, the tent performed admirably throughout the rain test, and there was no issue with water entering since this cot is placed up above ground level.

Regarding ventilation, the two large mesh windows and two entrances permit a healthy flow of air and prevent you from suffocating within the tent. The designers have also added 2 storage compartments, and one hook in the middle, which is great.

However, the weight is the one thing that worries me. At roughly 43.5 pounds, it is clearly too heavy to be handled by one person

Nevertheless, great quality also comes with tremendous weight, and this product embodies this adage in that it is substantial, long-lasting, and large enough to accommodate 2 individuals of normal size.

In conclusion, if you’re travelling with a companion, you should consider the Kamp-Rite DCTC343 Compact Double Cot Tent.




2. Kamp-Rite ‎TB347 Double Cot Tent


This TB347 Double cot tent, is yet another masterpiece by the Kamp-rite that adds a little bit of comfort to hikers’ and campers’ untamed excursions. Owing to its amazing attributes, this cot tent is the one that campers gush about the most.

The makers designed this product into three completely different sizes, the smaller one, the average one, and also the larger one. I went with the average one since it could fit in the backseat of my car, but you may pick the size you prefer as the quality of all the sizes hasn’t been compromised in any way.

The fly of the tent is constructed of nylon, and there is an interior screen also, you can zip them separately. Regarding the cot, it is insulated and quite comfy, you can easily stay warm and cozy in it throughout the winter. Thirdly, its aluminum framework makes this tent more sturdy and long-lasting.

With all of its robust construction, this tent becomes a little hefty and weighs roughly 54.4 pounds. Its construction, however, also astounded me as this sturdy tent remained unmovable even in the strongest winds, which was impressive.

With the dimensions of 84 x 53 x 51, this thing is BIG for a cot and gives immense room to stretch out your legs, and a good headspace. However, it also takes you a long time to pack things up, compared to the set-up.

I do, however, have a problem with the sleeping area. The bar splits the cot, presumably to provide greater support. but the creators could have done some clever work on that since it is noticeable and is not short of a hassle for two adults. Therefore, I would only recommend using it if you are using the cot by yourself.

As almost every modern tent offers such conveniences, it would have been fantastic if the designers could have put more windows for optimal ventilation and a few storage compartments for the goods in this tent.

Keeping its downside aside, if we look at its construction this tent is ideal for harsh windy, and rainy climates, as the rainfly that comes with it functions flawlessly even in torrential rain.




3. Yescom Double Tent Cot


This pop-up tent cot by yescom, can be the perfect gear for hikers, or for campers who like to camp at different locations. You can essentially set up this tent in a few minutes thanks to its pop-up construction, which doesn’t need much effort.

The cot tent is already connected to the frame; all you need to do is unfold it and make a small adjustment to the tent that is attached to it, and your comfy sleeping area is ready amidst your excursions. This cot tent’s smart manufacturing makes it suitable for the car, trunk as well as long camping with friends and family.

Furthermore, this pop-up cot tent weighs around 2 kg and can be folded down to the measurements of 49 5/8″ x 32 11/16″ x 6 1/8″, making it convenient and light to transport, you can bring this tent along on hikes, it will be a great add-on to your comfort.

According to the directions, this Yescom cot tent has dimensions of 4 1/4″ x 49 13/16″ x 44 1/8″ and can accommodate two persons. This cot, however, falls well short of the advertised quality.

As per my experience, this cot is obviously not designed for tall people like me, and surely does not provide a spacious sleeping area. However, it is more practical to use this cot tent as a single bed.

Although the 4 metal legs that support the entire weight of the tent are made of aluminium, the builders of the tent disregarded the material quality in its construction. The bottom is made up of 600D polyester cloth, which seems flimsy.

Furthermore, the 190T polyester top and 190T oxford rainfly are also advertised to be water resistant, but I was surprised with how ineffective they were.

Meanwhile, the two huge zippered doors and side windows with mesh lining prevent you from being suffocated and keep an excellent airflow. This tent also contains a dome hook and storage compartments, which is really considerate




4. Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot


The next item on our best double cot tent list is the Outsunny 2-person foldable cot. Including a ground tent, an air mattress with a pump, a 2-person cot, and a cover, this portable camping set is an all-in-one package.

The removable cot and mattress are the most innovative aspect of this Outsunny camping cot, allowing you to utilize both of the aforementioned products individually as well as together.

There’s no denying that the additional comforts, such as a foot pump that quickly expands the mattress and a bedspread that adds even more comfort to the sleeping space, are prominent.

The camping cot and tent’s collapsible design makes it small and significantly reduces storage space when not in use. All of these goods are packaged in a really useful carry bag, too. But given that it weighs about 45.1 pounds, a vehicle will likely be required for transport.

There is a good probability that you may encounter some setup difficulties if you are unfamiliar with this tent and are trying it out for the first time. Although it may take some time, you will eventually realize that setting up and taking down this tent is not rocket science.

The cot is significantly too small (76 x 57 x 70.75) if you choose the single wide option. Consequently, the double would be ideal for a single person rather than two full-sized adults.

Another drawback is the fabric’s quality. For the tent combination, the designers employed PVC coating on 190T polyester taffeta and oxford cloth and fibreglass poles. You can see by glancing at the cloth that this tent was not designed to withstand heavy rain. It is useless to create this tent above ground level since water can still penetrate into the tent.

This tent, in my opinion, is best suited for use in backyards and clearly not designed for rough weather camping or hiking.




5. GYMAX Camping Tent Cot


GYMAX Camping Tent Cot is a collapsible off-ground sleeping product that provides sufficient room for 2-individuals and comprehensive protection from the weather.

Being a folding tool, this Tent Cot maintains two quite significant dimensions while it is packed. It also comes with a carry bag and measures 41 x 18 x 10.5 inches when it is packed.

However, the 30 lbs weight plus the aforementioned packed dimensions make this cot tent a substantial item. For transportation, you unquestionably require a vehicle, and you ought to be physically capable of removing it from the vehicle and setting it up. However, the set-up is straightforward and everything can be completed by a single person.

Sizewise, the cot is fairly long (71 inches), so even extremely tall individuals like me can comfortably use it. Moreover, you also get a lot of covered room for gear beneath the bed deck, which is 12 inches above the ground.

The breadth, however, was an issue and is not very spectacular at 46.5 inches, and the sleeping area becomes a little claustrophobic for two full-sized adults.

With the inner tent having openings on all four sides and a fly, this is a two-layer construction and both are made of the same 420D Oxford material. On its longer sides, the inner tent has two entrances, and on its shorter sides, two windows, that maintain ventilation and protection since all apertures feature tiny mosquito mesh.

The ventilation in this tent isn’t particularly excellent, despite the fact that there are vents on the fly. Additionally, the designers included a pair of poles that may be utilised with one of the doors to construct an awning. This might therefore continue to be open notwithstanding the weather, which I myself find to be undesirable.

No matter what type of ground is below the cot, the four bar, which is built of a sturdy aluminum frame, may be set up anyplace. Furthermore, the bed deck is constructed from the average-use 600D waterproof oxford cloth. Indeed, you could place a mattress on the bed and use it as an emergency bed at home.




6. Tangkula 2-Person Tent Cot


The last item on our list is a 2-person tent cot made by Tangkula, which is ideally suited for both summer and winter because of its nearly all-mesh windows, which allow you to enjoy the breeze while unwinding on muggy afternoons.

Pro tip: Use a rainfly throughout the winter for warmth.

The tent is built of high-quality components, including Oxford Fabric, PVC, PE, and Fibreglass Rod, making it sturdy. A self-inflating sleeping pad is also included in this tent, however, it is not thick enough, so I usually use my own mattress instead.

Aside from that, the heavy-duty metal frame relay offers this tent excellent support and makes it very stable. However, by adding metal straps and additional fixation straps, this tent can be made even stronger and can easily endure severe winds.

This tent weighs 44 pounds and has dimensions of about 78 x 57.6 x 62.4 inches. Consequently, it can sustain 660 pounds of weight, which is remarkable.

The bed is advertised as being able to accommodate two people, however, if you’re a bit overweight, it’s more appropriate for one. Two thin adults might be able to squeeze in without being smothered.

Given its weight and sturdy construction, this tent is big, sturdy, and difficult to carry. Despite the fact that you will undoubtedly require a vehicle, the manufacturers have made it a little bit easier to transport by including the huge roller carry bag that can hold weight up to 55lbs.

The integration of hooks and a shoe pocket for practical storage has significantly boosted the comfort of this tent. However, with a little tweaking, this tent would be a fantastic choice for campers.




Hiking Bear Canister Buying Guide

You must exercise caution while selecting the finest bear canister for your unique needs among the many that are offered on the market today. Keeping an eye on the aspects stated below will undoubtedly make your choices a lot easier and tailored, and should be considered prior to make a decision.

  • Weight: The first and very crucial aspect of any bear canister is its weight.Choose a canister that weighs no more than 3 lbs, as per recommendations. In the end, carrying a heavy canister makes your trip difficult and burdensome.Therefore, for a lengthy run, choose a weight that you can manage effortlessly.
  • Volume: Before going ahead with the brand, the other crucial aspect to look out for is the volume of the canister and the duration of your journey will help you make a beneficial and perfect choice. Take a 600 cubic inch bear canister, for instance, for a 6-day hike.
  • Quality: For the highest level of satisfaction possible, you must select a high-quality bear canister.More significantly, you can be sure that you’re not spending money and time on a bear canister that simply does not work up to your expectations. So go with the canister of the highest calibre.
  • Price: The price, which varies for different bear canisters, is the last but not the least and the most significant aspect. You must thus choose a bear canister that precisely fits your budget. There are several economical yet high-quality bear canisters available for you to pick from if you’re a frugal outdoor lover.

Simply taking into account these crucial elements will enable you to get the best bear canister plus offer you convenient storage for your outdoor activities.

Final Verdict



Cots are unquestionably the handiest if you are a seasoned camper or hiker. However, the cots that are listed above are the finest in their domain, so you may pick one out of the bunch based solely on your circumstances.

Nevertheless, these tents could be a bit difficult for you to carry if you’re a hiking enthusiast. In this case, the Yescom Double Tent Cot is a great alternative. It is portable, weighing just 2 kg, and pops up. It takes just a few seconds to set up.

Most of the aforementioned tents may be the ideal choice for campers. However, in my view, you can go with the Kamp-Rite TB347 Double Cot Tent. since it’s really spacious and durable enough to accommodate two adults of average size.


As long as people have relied on tents for sleeping, camping cots have existed. In essence, these are minimalistic beds without expensive, modern extras like box springs or mattresses. The modern camping cots, however, are made up of standard materials like steel or aluminum, with a canvas or polyester pad for sleeping.

The flat pad, the supporting surface of a sleeping cot lifts you off the hard ground. For additional comfort, several cots are even upholstered or come with pillows. They perform much better than the bulk of alternatives and are cost-effective due to the multiple benefits they offer.

By keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they first and foremost increase your sense of comfort. As a result of their height above the ground, they won’t obstruct airflow, which will improve circulation when your vents are open. However, when it’s chilly outside, the frozen ground won’t completely absorb your body heat.

One of the most comfortable sleeping arrangements when camping is a cot due to its design and support. The most supportive camping cots allow you to sleep nearly as well as you would in your bed at home.

Simply said, you will sleep better when you are more comfortable. No matter where you are, you won’t feel any bumps or rocks below your tent, but you will always be at the same degree of comfort.

The cot is covered with a thin fabric. The fabric allows for easy heat evaporation and absorption. It’s possible that the cloth will let in a cool breeze. However, on warm evenings, sleeping on a cot will keep you a lot cooler and more comfortable as you won’t perspire as much. Contrarily, air mattresses don’t enable as much heat to escape from your body and keep you warm during your sleep as outside.

How can I make my camping cot more comfortable?

Camping trips are often bustling, as a result, it gets crucial to feel comfortable at night since a long quality night’s sleep is the only way to get rid of all the tiredness. 

Simply put, a comfy cot gives you a long quality sleep, and you ultimately wake up rejuvenated and full of energy, ready to seize the day full of adventures. 

Therefore, if your camping cot isn’t the most comfortable you must make it so. But what can you do from your side if your camping cot is uncomfy? Let’s find out. 

  • Especially when it comes to your sleep, camping does not have to be unpleasant. However, placing your comfy sleeping bag on a cot is one of the simplest methods to get good sleep during the trip. This extra cushion can really enhance your comfort and ability to sleep well during chilly temperatures.
  • Choose the cot as per your body composition and shape. Choosing the right one for your body’s comfort, nevertheless, may become essential, since tossing and turning may be tough if your body is too big for your bed.
  • The location of your cot is a crucial consideration while searching for comfort. Your camping cot will be quite pleasant at night if you place it on a highly firm surface, which guarantees stability at all times.
  • A substantial, foam sleeping pad is frequently used by campers. A sleeping pad can be placed on a camping cot to make it more comfortable, particularly in cold weather.
  • Adding a soft cushion and cotton sheet may make sleeping on a cot as pleasant as sleeping in your own bed.

You should feel more at ease with camping in the great outdoors now that you comprehend how to make a camping cot more luxurious.

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep while camping, which is why you need a cosy camping cot, especially if you’re on less than perfect ground, however, even if you have a habit of getting enough of rest, it’s frequently ideal to make sure you have a comfortable camping bed.