How to choose the Best Family Tent for Camping

Looking for the best family tent to accommodate young and old during the holidays? Our deep guide is there to help you in your choice.

Camping is a great way to enjoy the joys of holiday life and spend unforgettable moments with the family member. This is why this type of vacation is on the rise all families!

However, the choice of a family tent should not be done at random. It is a key moment for the success of your family vacation. In addition, the purchase of the tent represents a significant budget. It is therefore essential that it corresponds to your specific needs.

Difficult to make a choice in view of all the models offered? You don’t know which criteria to take into account? How to choose your family tent?… This site is there to help you. Follow our guide and practical advice ⛺

In this analysis we have chosen to evaluate the Top 9 of the best tents for the whole family that are most in-demand in the market, analyzing brands that are a reference in the market such as Coleman, Semoo, or Aktive.

So are you ready for adventure?

1. How to choose your Best family tent?

The choice of your best family tent depends on the use you make of it and the way you travel. Depending on the number of people to accommodate, your budget or your vacation destination, your selection criteria will not be the same. And of course, your choice of tents will narrow depending on the importance you give to each criterion …

Here are the criteria to take into account:

1. Family tent capacity

The first criterion to look at. You all want to be able to get into the tent and settle in comfortably. So first look at the capacity (number of family members) indicated by the tent manufacturer. Some manufacturers add a “+” sign after the number of people. This means that the tent has a little extra space, useful for storing your things in the tent for example.

In addition to the tent capacity indicated by the manufacturer, study the different tent spaces. Is there only room to sleep there? Or recreational / kitchen spaces / etc. are they planned? When camping with the family, it can be super useful and fun not to tread on your feet.

2. Weight of tent

Depending on the use you make of your family tent, its weight may drop from secondary to crucial. Large camping tents can quickly be heavy or very heavy. 20-30 kilos for some!

If you do a lot of hiking, backpacking or cycling trips, choose a family tent that is as light as possible. You can find an ultra-light family tent 4 places from 3 kilos. It is the best! Very easily transportable. However, a light family tent of 4 to 6 kilos will also be an interesting choice.

On the contrary, if you travel by car and generally stay for several days in the same place, you will surely give less importance to the weight of your tent. And especially not at the expense of other comfort criteria.

Also, think about the volume of the tent when it is folded and make sure you have room to carry it in the trunk of your car and to store it at home. So that when folded your tent takes up as little space as possible, you can use a compression cover.

3. Tent shape

There are in particular 4 forms of family tents:

Dome or igloo: Dome or igloo tents are mostly self-supporting, that is to say that they stand on their own, even without guy lines. They are easy to assemble and stable.

Tunnel: Family tunnel tents are more spacious and generally quite tall. They offer a comfortable interior with large apses to store equipment and one or more bedrooms.

Hybrid: The hybrid tent is a mix between dome and tunnel tents. Composed of two poles forming a dome extended by an awning, it allows us to combine the advantages of the two types of tents.

Tipi: With its pyramidal structure and its central pole, the tipi tent has a unique charm. Its interior is generally quite spacious and you can stand there in the middle. Very user-friendly, some teepee tents are even compatible with the use of a wood stove.

4. Organization of the family tent

Family tent with awning, with vestibule, with kitchen area … The family tent can contain many spaces to accommodate the whole family. Define the tent organization that suits you.

Do you want a spacious family tent or do you prefer a light and compact tent? It all depends on the time you spend in it and your activities. Very practical to have a hall when it rains and to share family moments (board games, meals…) or an awning to enjoy the landscape while sheltering from the sun.

5. Tent height

The height of the tent is also a criterion to take into account. Family tents are usually at least a meter high. However, a height of 1m80-2m makes it possible to stand inside and to move more easily inside the tent.

To take care of children, but also if you are tall, choosing a fairly high family tent will bring real comfort.

6. Easy assembly

If you travel regularly, the ease of erecting the family tent will be essential. You don’t want to spend hours assembling and disassembling it every day. A traveling family tent is a quick-setting family tent. To determine how easy it is to pitch a tent, check customer reviews on Amazon.

Those who have struggled to pitch their tent are often quick to say so in their comments. Also keep in mind that larger and heavier tents are generally also longer to set up.

If you want a really fast trying to climb, look at the side of the automatic tents, also called instant tents (Read our article best instant tent review), tents two seconds or pop-up tents. These tents, movable at will, unfold alone to take their final shape.

You have almost nothing to do! Finally, always find the location and install mattresses and down inside, eh! New to camping, starting with an automatic tent is the solution so as not to have a hard time setting up your tent.

7. Materials and durability

Your tent canvas is your home! For a few days or weeks, your tent provides you with shelter from the outside elements. It must, therefore, be solid and protective. For this, it is essential that your tent is built with quality materials, solid and durable. However, you will also want to take into account the weight and volume of the materials used.

A family tent in cotton or polyester will be heavier than a nylon tent but also more resistant and durable. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

The coating (treatment applied to the surface of the fabrics) makes the tent waterproof, more resistant to tears, and ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are several types of coating: polyurethane coating (PU), thermoplastic polyurethane coating (TPU), silicone coating…

Finally, to improve the durability of your family tent, we recommend that you use a ground mat, that is to say, a protective tarpaulin to slide between the tent and the ground.

8. Weather resistance

Weather resistance is an important criterion when purchasing a tent. Three criteria must be taken into account:

Waterproofing / Waterproofing: It is essential to choose a waterproof family tent. Which withstands at least light rain, or more if you go to a rainy region. The waterproofness of a tent canvas is the measured column of water expressed in mm of water that the tent can receive before the water crosses the canvas.

The European standard sets a minimum of 1500 mm. Check the customer reviews concerning the waterproofing of the fabric and the seams so as not to have unpleasant surprises! Also, check the waterproofing of the floor so as not to be flooded. Finally, for better insulation and a reduction in condensation, choose tents with double roofs.

Wind resistance: Another criterion to check-in customer reviews. Even if the important thing is often to properly pitch your tent in an optimal position in relation to the wind and while stretching the ropes!

UV protection: By favoring an anti-UV fabric, you will be protected from the sun’s rays and will be able to sleep more easily 😉

9. Price and quality

As often, price and quality are linked to the purchase of a tent. See the purchase of a tent as an investment; it will be your home for many vacations! So do not hesitate to plan a budget large enough that your tent meets the criteria of the whole family and can last for years.

The price of family tents can vary between a few tens of euros and several hundred. Obviously, the quality of these different tents is not equal.

To determine the budget that you are ready to allocate to the purchase of a family tent, do a market study according to your criteria and think carefully about the use you will make of this tent.

If you plan to use your tent daily during a trip of several weeks/months or in regions with difficult climatic conditions, do not skimp on quality. On the other hand, if your tent will only serve you for a few summer weekends, you can choose a lower price.

2. What are the typical components of a family camping tent?

If you are thinking about your next family camping tent, it is in your best interest to get to know the different elements that make it up, since they will be key to a correct assembly. The effectiveness of these structures depends, in large part, on their proper installation. While they differ by model, you’ll probably find:

Masts: Rigid rods, generally used by Canadian stores, to support the greater weight of the store. They are connected with the posts so that the canvas covers all the spaces well.

Poles or sticks: Flexible rods that are widely used in igloo stores. They connect to the masts (if any) and their strength depends on the material they are made of (usually fiberglass, polyethylene, or aluminum).

Canvases: The fabrics that give entity to the tents. As we have seen, its materials differ and its appearance dictates the type of store (igloo, Canadian, or tunnel, among others).

Clips: Many canvases usually have small plastic clips that fit on the posts to tension the canvas well.

Sheaths: Some canvases have sheaths sewn inside through which the posts must be passed, from end to end. They also serve to keep the structure taut.

Pegs: The pegs or stakes are like thick nails that, holding the ends of the tarps that make up the tent, are driven into the ground to guarantee stability.

Overhead: Some stores offer an extra tarp, separate from the rest of the store, in order to protect the house from rain or wind. It must be waterproof.

Double floor: With a purpose similar to that of the ceiling, some stores include a canvas that is placed between the ground and the interior floor. It is used to avoid tears, holes, or humidity.

Ranking: The 9 best family tent on the market

The choice of your best family tent depends on the use you will make of it and the way you travel. Several criteria must be taken into account to choose a tent that meets your needs.

We aim to answer that question by offering an in-depth review of the Best family tent currently on the market and a detailed analysis of what goes into the making of the ideal tent for every type of relevance. Let’s start off with our top picks of the best family tent per category.

Best family tent for 3 people

1. Coleman Coastline Plus Sleeping tent for 3 people

One of the things that we liked the most about this Coleman is that you will feel like in your own home every time you want to go on a trip, the store has a wide bottom, perfect for sleeping up to three people, it has ventilation and camping tunnel with which you can take advantage of all the fresh air in the morning.

The fiberglass rods allow a quick assembly of the store while offering good resistance, in short, a quality-price solution of the most competitive we have seen in the market.

2. Semoo 3 Person Family Camping Tent, Waterproof

One of the most important characteristics when choosing a tent to spend your holidays is its waterproofness, we do not want our free time to be ruined by an unexpected rain or because we have not bought the right tent.

On this occasion, Semoo offers us one of the most popular options on Amazon, a store that will fit up to 3 people, and which offers total waterproofing.

Made of high-quality materials, polyurethane and polyamide allow obtaining that waterproofness, while being resistant thanks to the fiberglass structure

Best family tent for 4 people

3. Aktive – Family tent for 4 people

Aktive offers us a tent with which we have to admit that it is a good option if we are looking for an easy assembly, space to move (and even stand up) and that is affordable, this option is one of the most balanced on the list.

As technical characteristics, we find a polyester canvas that will not allow water to pass through, fiberglass poles, and a layering system that maximizes ventilation.

4. Coleman Ridgeline 4 Plus – Tent for 4 people

Although it is a tent for 4 people, this Coleman product, one of the most recognized brands within the outdoor sports space, feels spacious, open where small groups can sleep perfectly without any problem.

This group tent is designed with the optimization of space to the maximum extent possible, with a vaulted seating area and a stall that will allow you to protect yourself from the sun while taking the air.

It has multiple storage pockets and thanks to the polyester construction it has a resistance to water. Without a doubt the most suitable option when we plan to go in groups of 4 or less.

Best family tent for 5 people

5. Coleman Trailblazer – Tent for 5 people

One of the intermediate options that we are going to see in this tanking is this Coleman, a store designed to accommodate up to 5 people or 3 people but with more equipment.

If what we are really interested in is spending a long stay in nature, one of the options that we will have to take into account is the space of our equipment, so buying a store with more space can be a good option, especially when we don’t want to keep everything in our car.

Once again Coleman brings us a fiberglass structure covered in polyester, which allows good waterproofing and will withstand adverse conditions.

Best family tent for more than 5 people

Coleman is the synonym for country tents for groups of 3 to 5 people, but what happens when we are more than 5? In this case the brand par excellence is Skandika.

6. Skandika large family tent

When we want to house 6 people under the same roof, this Skandika option is the perfect option, with dimensions that will allow you to stay standing inside the store, it is one of the biggest options in this ranking.

Do not be scared by its size, it has pre-adjusted sticks to facilitate its assembly, which makes the process of setting up the tent something easy and fast.

Basically, with this large store you will be transporting the living room of your house to where you need it. The high quality of the rods guarantee resistance and stability above many of the stores on the market

7. Skandika Montana – Family tent

One more size in the number of people it can accommodate is this product designed to be used by 8 people. Skandika has done a great job in the design creating an optimal design for when we want to enjoy group outdoor activities.

In this case, Skandika has proposed multiple rooms, unlike their product that we have seen previously, which allows us to maximize the space inside the store. Another very positive effect of keeping a room ventilated and well lit while we can enjoy a common area for all occupants.

We have a total area of ​​700 x 200 cm so that a person can fit perfectly while standing.

8. SKandika Copenhagen – 8 person family tent

Skandika presents us the queen of its tents, this Copenhagen for 8 people is undoubtedly the largest tent in this ranking. Perfect for small groups and with enough space for different equipment, it is the perfect option when we have chosen to make long-stay getaways.

The store is equipped with pre-installed rods, which will make mounting an easy and simple task, also provide extra stability.

Inside the store, we find a large space (inside which we can stand) and well lit.

The only thing that we did not like is that the instructions were a bit confusing so they can make assembly difficult, even so, it can be mounted without any problem.

Budget-Friendly: Cheap family tent

9.  Amazon Basics – Cheap Family Tent

One of the most convenient options when we want to make the most of our budget, even if the materials are of lower quality, this Amazon Basics tent is an option to consider if we do not mind sacrificing a little quality, sometimes it can hold worse in the rain, but for normal conditions, it is a good store and will fulfill its mission without a problem. It is also the cheapest store in this ranking.

Our opinion: Choose best family tent

First of all, define what your needs are (number of people, comfort, frequency of use, etc.). In our comparison, we presented you with different models among the best in terms of value for money.

Of course, the more spacious, comfortable, and equipped the tent, the higher the price. But if you camp regularly, a tent of several hundred euros is quickly amortized compared to the cost of renting a bungalow or accommodation. You have to find the right balance between the price and the frequency of use of the tent.

For example, I camp several times a year in all seasons and for ecological reasons, I wish to be able to use my tent as long as possible. This is why I will move towards quality materials like nylon and aluminum which will last over time. Also, I will make sure to place a ground carpet under the tent to avoid any unnecessary tearing and rubbing.

Do you have questions about how to choose the best family tent? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.
What is your favorite family tent? Share it too by leaving a comment below.

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