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Best Folding Camping Shovels (Tried & Tested)

Last updated: September 08, 2022

Camping is pleasurable as long as you have the necessary equipment in your rucksack. Although a significant number of people don’t really consider it seriously, an effective or satisfying outing always necessitates some crucial camping gear.

Even while it might not appear crucial right away, most seasoned campers are conscious of how important and essential a shovel is. When it comes to camping and other outdoor activities, a shovel is mainly used to level the ground for tent pitching, dig a fire pit, relocate campfire embers, and fix off-roading misfortunes.

Even though shovels exist in a wide assortment of sizes and weights, when it comes to camping, a foldable, lightweight shovel is perfect, since we know even a single gram can weigh a kilogram when you’re out camping or hiking in the mountains. Selecting one that is both lightweight and durable makes it easy to bring it along on extended journeys without adding weight or taking up too much space.

During our years of camping, I have used many shovels and now I can help you decide which one is good and worth buying and which is not, we have tested these shovels rigorously for months and then prepared this detailed list of best folding camping shovels. Here are best folding camping shovels: (TOP 5)

  1. RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel
  2. SOG Entrenching Tool’s Folding Survival Shovel
  3. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel
  4. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel
  5. Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick

Best Folding Camping Shovels

Getting a camping shovel should be your first thought if you’ve never gone camping before.
The use of camping shovels makes a number of outdoor pursuits and camping-related tasks easier.

They greatly simplify a variety of related operations, including excavating, cutting, hammering, scraping, drilling, and digging. Additionally, the versatility of camping shovels allows you to take less gear overall as you don’t need to pack as much.

If you’re a novice, the variety of shovels available on the market may be a little intimidating. To help you get an easy notion or perhaps to make your purchasing experience much simpler, I’ve included a few shovels that I’ve personally used and found beneficial. I’ve included my experience with them, from their quality to their use overall.

The following are the top choices of folding camping shovels, that can assist you to make a smart choice.

Image and Rating

Name and Features


RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel
1. RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel
SOG Folding Survival Shovel

2. SOG Entrenching Tool’s Folding Survival Shovel

REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel review

3. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel review

4. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Coleman-Folding-Shovel-and-Pick review

5. Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick

1. RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel


RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel is indeed an indispensable part of the off-road recovery kit pack, whether you’re trekking alone or with a group, compared to the typical two folds of most folding shovels, the Rhino USA shovel folds three times, and is approximately the same size as a regular ARB deflator bag.

Given its pricing, it has great potential, but the quality was sacrificed in order to keep costs down. It exhibited rusting symptoms after being used three to four times. However, I’ve used it in severe snow and heavy rain, but compared to other options, this is not what I had anticipated.

When I first held this shovel in my hands, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it felt in my hands owing to its look and weight. Due to its solid military-style design, you may initially assume that it is a little heavier.

However, considering its 2.65 lb. weight, it is incredibly light, which makes it more adaptable—especially in emergency circumstances where moving around with a shovel beneath a car is necessary.

Its compact size(2.7 x 9.9 x 6.4 inches) and weight make this shovel the ideal choice for the minimalist. However, Compact shovels come with advantages and disadvantages.

The primary drawback is spending extended periods of time digging with the shovel. The fact that I wish the shovel was a little bit longer would likely be my only complaint about it. Moreover, It may get difficult for your back to do a lot of shoveling with this little shovel, and after minutes of shoveling, your lower back may start to hurt.

However, this small shovel outperforms a square shovel and, when necessary, can cut through ground roots. If the blade isn’t strong enough to complete the task, you can even turn it into a pickaxe by turning a dial at the base of the tool. Unless you often wheel in the sand or snow, pointed diggers typically work better for you.

Its ability to fold up and fit comfortably next to your ARB tire deflator makes this shovel excellent for onboarding. The ARB deflator pouch and the shovel pouch are practical and of the same size.

Given its small size and convenience of portability, the Rhino USA is a fantastic addition to your daily kit. And the fact that it has a serrated edge blade gives it even more power for deeply cutting firm ground. All in all, this off-road shovel from Rhino USA is a great tool to have on the path.




2. SOG Entrenching Tool’s Folding Survival Shovel


Although this shovel might not have as many additional features as other survival shovels, it is still small, light, and—most importantly—extremely inexpensive. In light of all of this, let’s examine its qualities in more detail.

When in use, the SOG shovels are 18.25 inches long, but when they are folded up for the day, they are just 10 inches long. It weighs a total of 24.5 ounces when packed neatly inside a ballistic nylon bag.

The carbon steel handle of this shovel collapses for storage. Tempered steel, which can be spun down to 90 degrees to produce a spade or pick, was utilized by the manufacturers for the head. Furthermore, the side of the shovel head also contains partial saw teeth, which can be used to rip through other materials or cut through wood.

One of the first shovels I added to my packs and the vehicle was this SOG entrenching tool, which I’ve had for a number of years. Its weight and size are what makes this tool favorable to many campers.

It is small enough to tuck away under my car’s seat. Additionally, it is small enough to comfortably go within my bag, and because of its ballistic sheath, connecting it to the outside of most backpacks is a breeze.

So, when you take this out the shovel’s handle and head unfurl with ease. You will find a plastic collar between the shovel head and handle that, when cranked, tightens the shovelhead and handle together. However,the handle holds no grip and gets slippery when wet , which is not less than a downside.

Given its short height, while using it I really have to sit on my knees or stoop really low. I’ve used this shovel in almost every terrain – from sand to snow to softer or semi soft terrain– and I had no problem doing so. I’ve moved campfires around a few times while camping, and the shovel really made it easier to gather up a pile of embers that were blazing.

This gear actually makes pulling and removing loose material much easier, by removing the collar fasteners and turning the shovelhead 90 degrees downwards, you can easily transform it into a spade.

This spade makes it simpler to remove the dirt as a hole gets deep and if necessary to fill the hole back in. Keep in mind, that this SOG Shovel is not intended to be a climbing aid and that this is not a suggested usage for it.

Given its length which is only a few inches, the cut stroke of this is quite brief. This ultimately makes it difficult to operate and restricts the size of the wood that may be cut. The teeth performance, nevertheless, is marvellously effective on dry wood, but commonly binds with green stuff.




3. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel


Whether you are on the duty of digging a fire pit for your campground or any other essential camping duty , this razor sharp shovelhead will make the work a little easier for you. Looking more closely at this Redcamp military shovel, it is a high carbon steel entrenching tool with a trifold handle with a cover.

When fully extended, its head is approximately 8.2 inches in length, while its overall length is about 22.8 inches and weighs nearly 2.5 pounds, which is bulkier than its contemporaries and makes it something I would be apprehensive about using on a hiking trip. The quality, however, is incredible for the price and is up to par.

This tool comes in a really convenient nylon pouch, although it is made of a less-than-pleasant material overall. Nevertheless, it prevents moisture and is useful in rain, which is fantastic. In addition, you can connect this tool anywhere you feel comfortable, including the bag or the belt , thanks to the belt attached to the bag.

The revamp is in the traditional military style. Where it has a screw at the top that allows you to modify the tool’s head. By simply screwing in the button half of the handle, this shovel may alter it to function as a trowel or pick. The screws are actually stiff and are of good quality , which eventually makes this tool sturdy and it does not wobble.

I used this shovel 3–4 times, primarily in soft soil; the pick performs a decent job and moves rapidly in and out. The spade, however, needs more effort, and while the saw edge ends are fairly sharp and useful, the spade does not function as well as the pick, which is another drawback of this Redcamp shovel.

When it comes to quality, it’s clear that it’s not very robust, and I wouldn’t use it to dig deeper grounds or for any emergency situations. Instead, I carry a standard military entrenching tool, which is far more robust and appropriate for such circumstances. This one can be used as a backup plan.

The pick, however, was able to penetrate the earth but ultimately became bent, proving that it is not obviously a heavy-duty one. The shovels, moreover, are not very big and the head bends readily once employed in the dense dirt. 

All in all, This RedCamp is okay to use but is better suited for camping in moderate terrain than in steep terrain. Additionally, the length is too short to grasp this tool, and you can’t stand on its shovel or apply much pressure since it bends easily. 

However, when compared to the price, this tool is okayish for those who go camping in a more comfortable place and can use it for basic and easy chores.




4. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel


Having a Survival Shovel makes camping a lot more relaxing and, most importantly, pleasant. There are numerous reasons to include this equipment on every trip; in light of this, we will go through its characteristics in greater depth.

With numerous features and camping necessities like a shovel and a fire starter, this equipment comes in a large purse-like carry bag. Beginning with the bottom, middle, and bottom, the carry bag is separated into three sections, each of which holds a distinct piece.

Unlike their contemporary counterparts, these components also comprise a wide variety of camping and survival equipment. Starting with the bottom log, the fire starter, a whistle, and a tool for breaking glass can be attached to it as soon as you tighten it all the way. The quality, however, was acceptable.

Additionally, you will also discover a screwdriver with a flat head and phillips head that you may attach to the bottom for some extra length and possibly for the holding grasp. It could wiggle a little bit, but it will still do the job. You may also place other small objects, such as paracord and fishing hooks, on the bottom due to the large space.

You can hear it rattling as soon as you get to the middle part as well. The de-gorger, which has a knife on top, a saw on bottom, and a bottle opener at the end, can be found once you’ve screwed it down.

By simply threading it in and locking it, you may quickly connect this tool to the middle survival lags, it locks quite firmly. Moreover, similar to the bottom log, this too has storage areas where you may keep smaller items.

The head can be fastened to the lags using a tight screw, just like other tools. It may be adjusted to function as three distinct things: a hook, a garden hoe, and a shovel. All you have to do is lock it in place, and your selected equipment is ready to use.

In addition to that, this survival equipment comes with a variety of other gear, such as an axe that is sharp but useless for cutting wood and whose handle is threaded on in such a way that it constantly unravels, rolling the axe and twisting your wrist without having much of an impact on the log.

Overall, it is a good and sturdy survival kit since the designers used a heavy duty aluminium in it. Plus, the transformable logs add length and will likely provide you less back pain since it is as lengthy as a standard shovel.

Nevertheless, because of the short shovel’s area, I would advise you to dig a small pit for a campfire or other purposes. Additionally, this survival kit is lightweight compared to the characteristics it offers, making it portable.

Although this tool first seems more enticing, once you begin using it, you will learn its true quality. If you use this tool frequently in challenging conditions, I worry that it won’t last very long.




5. Coleman Folding Shovel and Pick


This Coleman folding shovel and pick is 7inches tall when folded in the Nylon fabric tiny carry case; however, I did not like the quality of the bag at all, and it will almost certainly break off after a few uses.

You must assemble the tool since it is sent in two sections. Assemblin is pretty simple, and unlike other options, the head is already attached to the gear, saving you time in the long run.

On the opposite side of the head, you will find a shovel and pick that are already assembled; by unlocking them, you may turn them into a complete shovel. Although the shovel’s edges can also be used as a saw, I seriously doubt that it will cut through hardwood. Use it exclusively for the smaller, smoother ones, I would advise.

Given its budget (10 dollars), the quality of this instrument is ok-ish, so don’t expect too much from it. You might possibly take the shovel to a grinder and sharpen the edges a little, or you could avoid using it in very harsh environments and save it for hiking.

With measurements of ‎7.25 x 4.25 x 2.3 inches, this shovel is extremely lightweight, weighing just around 10 Grams, and is best used for carrying around tiny objects. However, its size is way too little; when I first got it, I had mistakenly assumed that it would be military-sized, but it failed horribly to live up to my expectations.

It is made of 6 inches of steel or a blend of plastic, but due to its shorter length, it bends readily when you use it and might cause backaches. It is, therefore, best to use it in the spring or summer or to avoid using it altogether.

I mainly use it to move the scalding oven and shovel coals. The limited length of the handle makes it somewhat difficult, so it is advised to use a heat glove when moving a dutch oven, or perhaps you might search for something a little larger.




Camping Shovels Buying Guide

The greatest camping shovels do have a wide range of aesthetics and very comparable functionalities. A sturdy, portable camp shovel that can last you through several outdoor expeditions is what you should be looking for.

The ideal camp shovel must be cost effective, mid-sized, mid-weight, robust, and multifunctional. Let’s go over some of the most crucial qualities and characteristics to look for when buying a camping shovel.


A camping shovel that is made to survive and withstand repeated usage in the wilderness is what you need. Since folding shovels are used for a variety of difficult jobs, including cutting through tree roots, digging through rocky soil, chipping away at rock walls, driving tent stakes, and processing firewood. Pick a camp shovel that has a track record of being extremely durable.

To extend its life as much as possible, it should be built with high-quality components. Prior to selecting your choice, make sure to inquire about it.

Best Folding Camping Shovels


The key to relishing your experience in the woods is possessing everything you require to complete important tasks without feeling burdened. Pick a camp shovel that can be easily folded up and won’t take up much room in your backpack.

As an illustration, you do not desire a hefty shovel dangling, rattling, and clanging off another side of your pack. Trust me, that rapidly becomes grating. Therefore, seek a camp shovel that can carry out the necessary tasks but can also be folded up perfectly and stored until another time when it is needed.

Dimension and Weight

Naturally, it would be preferable if the ideal shovel just weighed a couple of ounces, but that is not technically possible.

As a result, you must weigh the importance of the weight and size of the shovel you are contemplating. Most contemporary camping shovels are roughly the same size and weight, varying only by a few cubic inches of volume or a few ounces of mass.

Therefore, pay more attention to the usefulness of a camp shovel than to its dimensions or weight. At least for the sake of typical camping settings, they are all very similar.


Avoid being duped by advertising ploys and purchasing an inferior camping shovel. Keep in mind that these instruments were created to be used in harsh environments for brutal work.

Pick a camp shovel that is reasonably priced and constructed from sturdy, long-lasting, and useful elements, such as high-carbon steel, and other heavy-duty connections.

Utilisation efficiency

Certain campsite shovels are specifically designed for only certain tasks, such as sifting through difficult terrain. When choosing a shovel, think about how practical it is.

Despite the fact that a camp shovel may be packed with features and aid you in achieving many campsite objectives, you should first decide what your primary uses for the shovel will be before matching those needs with the shovel.

Ultimately, you would rather have a camp shovel that complements your style preferences and meets your specific requirements. So, take your time with it as there is no justification for making a decision in a hurry.

Final Verdict



Undoubtedly camping shovels help to accomplish so much and eventually make the trip amidst the forest much more bearable – from tent pitching to campfire relocating embers shovels have cemented themselves as the most crucial gear in the list of must-have gear while camping.

Given its use and convenience, there are countless shovel alternatives offered on the market, and if you’re a novice, your chances of being perplexed by them are very substantial. In consideration of this, I’ve listed a few of the shovels that I’ve used personally and had also given my detailed experience with the product.

Though it is preferable to select camping equipment, specifically the shovel, based on individual needs, for reference, beginners can consider their extensive experience, which may provide them with a much clearer picture of what they should expect from the shovel.

Considering others, I am much more inclined towards REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel and would suggest you go with it. The military shovel, which is regarded as the best in the industry, has been the benchmark for the makers of this tool’s durability.

So, if you still have some cloudiness in your mind and can’t make the decision go with the Redcamp military camping shovel, though it is a bit bulkier with weight comes quality. All in all, it is absolutely worth your money.

However, there are a few things to think about before selecting a shovel. Aside from the weight, there are several other aspects that influence experienced campers’ decisions about which shovel to select. Keep an eye out for the crucial elements and make a wise choice.