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Best Heated Sleeping Bags【Tried & Tested】

Last updated: September 04, 2022

As we gradually move through the winding road and take in the gorgeous view of the meadows, I begin to understand that camping is more than just a pleasant experience and that spending time here is a chance to enjoy the time with your loved ones, friends, or significant others.

The natural world offers a breathtaking view and is more beautiful and tranquil than the concrete jungle where you presumably reside. However, nocturnal lows in temperature can also prove exceedingly uncomfortable while you’re camping.

Particularly in the highlands, it’s common for the weather to suddenly change, becoming far colder than expected, and occasionally it just turns downright frigid at night, which makes camping considerably less delightful.

Although you could always start a fire, it would ultimately need to be extinguished. Alternatively, you could completely cover yourself with clothing, but sometimes that simply won’t work. What if there was a different method to stay warm in this circumstance?

Only a comfortable bed can keep you warm or aid in falling asleep in such circumstances. The camping mattresses, however, don’t feel as comfortable as your bed at home.

The best choice, though, could be a warm, heated sleeping bag. In fact, it needs to be one of the first items in your camping gear if you want to camp in the mountains. You at least have the necessary equipment in case the temperature falls below what is expected.

A decent warm, fluffy sleeping bag can really make a difference, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. No need to worry; I’ve chosen the best-heated sleeping bags which I’ve previously used and using my experience, I’ll enable you in choosing the most suitable option.

We have tested some of the best-heated sleeping bags that are available to buy right now and used them for weeks to find out which one is the best.

Here are the list of best heated sleeping bags:

  1. UNP Heated Sleeping Bag
  2. MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag
  3. Coleman ONESOURCE Heated Sleeping Bag C002
  4. Avid Thermatech Heated Sleeping Bag

Best Heated Sleeping Bags

It used to be that all sleeping bags were an outer cover with some filling within. However modern sleeping bags come with more functions, including the newest models with heaters, making them suitable for a wider range of purposes.

Those who spend the night in sub-zero temperatures might benefit from the heating element these bags provide. You may just purchase one of those heated sleeping bags and enjoy your night rather than wrapping yourself in several layers.

Best Heated Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag that can withstand harsh conditions is necessary if you’re going on a camping trip in the wintertime, as it might be terrible to not be fully outfitted for a chilly night.

Having the correct sleeping bag with adequate insulation is essential if you’re experiencing really cold temperatures. A restful night’s sleep, at the very least, aids in reviving a weary body and mind, which is crucial for any new adventure.

Actually, it’s a sleeping bag liner rather than a sleeping bag itself. Once you’re inside, zip it up, then use the control button to change the temperature (high, medium, or low). You can also heat the hood and the portion below your feet. You’ll be cosy and warm.

Choosing the ideal sleeping bag for you is a tricky aspect. Considerations like temperature ranges and materials are crucial. Additionally, the place where you want to utilise it should also be taken into account.

You don’t need to go further if you want to camp in winter and need a warm sleeping bag. We have compiled a list of the top heated sleeping bags that can be used effortlessly in frightful weather.

Image and Rating

Name and Features


UNP Heated Sleeping Bag
1. UNP Heated Sleeping Bag
MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bags

2. MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag

Coleman Heated Sleeping Bag C002

3. Coleman ONESOURCE Heated Sleeping Bag C002

Avid Thermatech Heated Sleeping Bag

4. Avid Thermatech Heated Sleeping Bag

1.UNP Heated Sleeping Bag


When it comes to comfort, go no farther than a UNP Heated sleeping bag. Its high-performing materials are entirely to blame for its being so cosy, roomy, and seriously warm.

This bag’s mummy-shaped construction and enlarged shoulder region make it suited for a human body, and its 18.07 x 12.44 x 10.12-inch size makes it big enough for one adult. Furthermore, with a weight of 2 kg this bag is extremely portable and lightweight to be carried around for outdoor life, like camping, hiking, exploring, or vehicle camping.

Owing to its 20T nylon fabric and 190T polyester filling, this bag is weather-appropriate and resistant to water, wind, and humidity. On top of that, this bag is unquestionably functional in conditions that are colder or more severe than 20 degrees.

This backpack also comes with coil air heating pads for warmth that has temperature controls and can be charged with any 5V/2A USB socket or even a power bank that you must purchase separately.

Depending on the temperature setting, the heating pads have a capacity of 20,000 mA and can maintain the warmth of this bag for 7 to 14 hours. The fact that the sleeping pad warms up in only five minutes and that the bottom of the bag efficiently keeps the heat for a longer period of time is one of my absolute favourite attributes of this UNP Heated sleeping bag.

Without electricity, this bag doesn’t become warm, which is the only downside I could find. As a consequence, you must always plug it in, and you may only turn it off when the sleeping space is warm and comfortable.

This bag’s split zipper, one from the inside and one from the outside, allows you to extend your feet while also enhancing airflow, the zippers are robust and long-lasting. Moreover, the integrated storage compartment keeps your other gear sorted.

Last but not the least, the carry bag has four straps to help with packing as the bag grows smaller and to decrease air in the bag. Overall, the technique works well.




2. MANTUOLE Heated Sleeping Bag


For an incredibly low price, this Mantuole heated sleeping bag for one person is a high-quality bag. However, a few reservations about its design and other salient characteristics prevent me from recommending it.

The fact that it fits in the carry bag well and makes this equipment genuinely portable is impressive. I received this device in a very small box with a 6-foot extension USB cord. The zippers, however, plainly let me down; they were of very poor quality, and I had to mend them a few times.

With dimensions of 16.18 x 12.36 x 7.36 inches, this bag is much roomier than UNP Heated Sleeping bags and even provides a significant amount of legroom.

As someone who is 6’6″ and can comfortably fit inside, I believe someone who is 6’8″ will also feel at ease in this bag. And the 2kg weight of this bag, however, makes it a fantastic alternative for outdoor use since it is portable and light.

It comes with 5 heating coils that can be powered by USB with a 5V/2A output. The heating pads, nevertheless, were not as warm as they claimed to be and could not hold up as stated. Accordingly, this bag may be better utilised in the spring or throughout periods of cold weather up to the 40s.

Moreover, the heating pads consume a lot of energy; if you’re planning to charge it with the power bank throughout your trip, you would require three power banks. With a capacity of 20,000 mah and depending on the customizable temperatures, this bag can easily run for 6–14 hours.

Despite having a high packability, the storage capacity is outstanding. It has a capacity of just under 12 litres, which, provided toiletries and other stuff don’t take up too much room, is plenty for a devoted packer to carry enough food for a full week on the trail.

The materials used by the maker, however, are fairly decent. The waterproof polyester shell and the soft hollow fibre polyester filling keep moisture out and make this bag appropriate for three seasons. But you should explore other options since this bag is not designed for more severe weather.

It is not difficult to set up and use this bag; all you need to do is plug it into the power source and press the button to turn on the heating. Hold the power button down for three seconds to turn it off.




3. Coleman ONESOURCE Heated Sleeping Bag C002


To extend the camping season, comfort need not be compromised. The Coleman OneSource Heated Sleeping Bag keeps you warm even when the weather outside begins to grow chilly.

Coleman is a very popular brand that makes different products for campers and hikers, and it is trusted by thousands of customers all over the globe, we have also reviewed and used many of their products.

This mummy-shaped sleeping bag is perfectly sized for a human body; from shoulder to foot, there is plenty of space to spread out luxuriously.

This bag comes with two heating pads that can each run for four hours on a rechargeable battery. I was particularly delighted by the way the sleeping pad area was constructed by the manufacturers—you can’t feel the wires or the pads when you’re inside.

This bag’s polyester construction protects it from moisture and dampness and makes it ideal for all three seasons. Furthermore, this bag kept me warm even when it was in the 30s, and according to the instructions, it can do so down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ripstop nylon and Coleman insulation were used by the manufacturer for the hood, and thermlock technology keeps the heat inside, which is true—it truly did keep me warm.

Given the price I paid, which is huge actually, the one drawback of this gadget was its batteries, which only lasted 4 hours, whereas contemporaries such as UNP heated sleeping bags and batteries last much longer. The battery is constantly connected to this equipment while I use it, which can get annoying at times.

Additionally, this bag is best suited for individuals who are 6’2 in height, and for those who are taller than 6’3, this might be a deal-breaker.

Overall, the bag’s structure is sound, and the fabric and zippers are both high-quality, tough, and long-lasting. Although it should be good given its high price, this bag nonetheless lacks a power source and space.




4. Avid Thermatech Heated Sleeping Bag


This product on our list stands out from the others in a significant way. Along with a sleeping bag, it also includes a separate bed chair. Talking about the bed chair first, it has a durable design with an aluminium frame and superb lumbar support, making it quite strong. 

The sleeping area is moreover quite opulent and provides you with extraordinary comfort. The sleeping bag however is the real deal, it is a well-constructed five seasons bag, which means you can simply use it 365 days a year.

This sleeping system is a two-layer system, with the outer layer being actually water resistant. I spent a few nights in a humid environment, and my experience was fairly satisfactory.

Best Heated Sleeping Bags

In addition, the inner two layers include soft lining and more fluffy lining, which you may use according to the weather.

Speaking to the zippers, they work fairly well. There were excellent baffles surrounding the zip, so I didn’t really encounter any snagging problems while trying to get in.

Even though it is advertised as the larger X size, this rectangular-shaped sleeping bag doesn’t truly feel that way. The head, middle, and foot regions of the sleeping pad are positioned there to keep your entire body toasty.

The quality of this bag is astounding all over, but excellent quality also entails excellent pricing. Given its exorbitant price, this backpack could be better suitable for professional campers, photographers, or those who really need it.




If you already have a sleeping bag, but it is insufficiently warm. You do not need to waste your money on these heating bags; as a substitute, you may get an Ignik heated sleeping bag liner.

They are just the layers that may be used in your old sleeping bags. This means that you may reuse your existing bag with greater warmth and comfort rather than purchasing a new one because these liners increase the typical heating rating of your bag by about 20 degrees.

These liners weigh a little more than a pound and include heating zones that may warm up your chest and legs. They also come with an adapter and 12V batteries.

The warmth of the sleeping bag is significantly increased by this lining. Anyone who currently owns a sleeping bag in excellent condition should give this other choice some serious consideration. You’ll save money that way.

Here are some of the sleeping pads and liners that we have used and tested, you can have a look and buy accordingly.

Final Verdict



Knowing what you’re searching for, should make it easy to select the finest sleeping bag for your excursion. However, in my estimation, the UNP Heated Sleeping Bag is the way to go. Everything about this bag—from its features to its cost—is superb, and it lives up to my expectations. Thanks to this UNP bag’s USP—amazing battery capacity—I had a comfortable and warm experience therein.

This tent is best suited for professional campers or to the person who lives or likes to camp in conditions that are colder or more severe than 20 degrees. Likewise, given that it is lightweight and transportable, it might be useful for hikers as well.

Alternatively, if you are willing to invest a little more money and desire to experience camping like a pro without jeopardising your luxury, the Avid Thermatech Heated Sleeping Bag is the optimal option for you. 

This pricey luxury sleeping bag, really worth your money, comes with a separate bed chair and a sleeping bag. Of course, you may employ each one independently depending on the circumstance.

This bag’s two-layer design, which you may use according to the seasons and can withstand five various conditions, is what I enjoyed about it the most. This ensures you can use it all year round. However, given its cost, if you’re a true camping enthusiast or a professional camper you may invest in it; it will undoubtedly provide you with the greatest results.

Despite the fact that I only listed the top two in the conclusion, this does not imply that the other items are not deserving of your consideration. In fact, I would suggest all of them since they are the greatest options available on the market right now.

Nonetheless, if I had to choose, taking into account the varied situations and individuals present out there, I would choose the aforementioned product.