The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best heavy duty camping chair is, then we recommend the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is the best one. 

Like most campers, you probably have lost count on the number of camping chairs you have bought in your life. It is mainly because most of these camping chairs are not durable thus have nothing to offer apart from its ability to fold. However, a good camping chair should provide you with a comfortable position irrespective of your location and be long-lasting.

Therefore, if you are tired of always getting chairs that are uncomfortable, fragile and faulty, this article is meant for you.

Reviewed below are our top picks of the best heavy duty camping chair which is going to prove useful for the long term.

We’re going to review 5 the best heavy duty camping chair:

Buyer Guide: How to Choose the best heavy duty camping chair

Transporting the Chair

It is one of those things which might matter the most to some people whereas still meaning the least to others. So, if you intend to take this chair into your backyard or local sporting event, then this is not important.

However, if you plan to take this chair with you backpacking 500 miles through the woods, this is a vital issue that you will need to consider.

Thus, whenever you are out shopping for chairs, you need to consider the chair’s weight. Also, most of the heavy-duty chairs are relatively bulky, and anything which weighs more than eight pounds is eventually going to place added pressure on you consequently causing you to slow down.

You should however before deciding on a chair have in mind that there are other smaller chairs which in comparison to a water bottle, weigh less.


Everyone sees durability as something crucial because you want a camping chair that can handle even the worst of times, and not all chairs meet this requirement.

Fortunately, if you are looking for a heavy-duty chair, which I am guessing you are, then you should get a chair that offers a bit of durability and ruggedness.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to both the fabric and the legs of the chair and gauge whether they look fragile or appear robust.


Because you are searching for a heavy-duty chair, you should opt for something which supports your back and if possible even your neck. Only a handful of chairs available on the market provide you with a certain kind of back support, and a couple of them we have covered below in the reviews.

Typically, the best chairs for your back seat you in a somewhat reclined manner and provide lumbar support consequently offering your back that added comfort. Moreover, these chairs come with sufficient paddling; thus you never will find yourself getting sores after sitting in the chair for a few hours.

Lastly, this chair’s seat is at 18 inches or lower, so you probably will not be able to get up and thus need to consider this when you are out shopping.

General Comfort

It is an obvious one since nobody, you included would want to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Nevertheless, because we are living in an era of technology and online shopping, you sometimes will not have to go to the store and sit on a camping chair to subsequently determine whether or not it is cozy.

Therefore, you should have an idea of what sticks out hence making a chair feel comfortable even without having to feel the chair yourself.

Moreover, you need to carefully scrutinize the chair you are considering to buy to identify whether it comes with a decent amount of padding. If the chair does provide you with a slightly reclined back or headrest, then this might be an ideal choice for you.

Typically, heavy-duty chairs provide a relatively sufficient amount of support and comfort since they come with higher backrests. Others even offer you shade visors to ensure you are safely kept off the sun.

Shade Coverage

Most of the chairs in the market do not have an in-built shade visor. So, if this is something that matters a lot to you, it is good to know that there are chairs that come with built-in shade visors.

If you usually work while traveling and thus need access to either your phone or computer, the sun could inhibit your plans. However, having a shaded chair allows you to comfortably sit on your chair as you carrying on doing some work on your computer.

Features to consider when buying the best heavy duty camping chair

setting two people on chair

Weight capacity

When choosing the ideal camping chair for a huge person, the weight rating needs to be the first thing you should inspect. Whereas a majority of the chairs come with a safety factor, it would be ideal that you do not press your luck by choosing an underrated model.

Cup holders

All camping chairs need to have a robust cup holder. Usually, the cup holder is positioned lower on the chair thus assisting you to keep the beverage accessible plus reduces the chances of the cup getting knocked over.

Side Tables

Chairs feature side tables folding out or snapping on providing you with a convenient place to set things while you are either cooking or eating around the campfire.

Storage Compartments

The presence of a storage compartment on your chair offers you the opportunity to place items down while relaxing. Also, other chairs have extra compartments at the back, and this is great for storage despite the fact you cannot access them when seated.

Ranking: The 5 best heavy duty camping chair on the market

Based on the points of how to choose the best heavy duty camping chair introduced above, I would like to introduce the recommended best heavy duty camping chair products actually selected by our editorial team.

1. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

It is an oversized camping chair that has a seating area that spans 24 inches; thus it can accommodate individuals of all sizes comfortably.

Furthermore, in comparison to other chairs, this chair has one of the best quality in the market plus is extremely cozy since it comes with a padded back and seat.

One unique feature present in this heavy-duty camping chair is a cooler bag that is attached to the chair. Additionally, its pockets can fit a minimum of five drinks plus ice, and present is an extra storage section where you can store anything else you need to.

Finally, this chair usually has a limited warranty of one year and supports up to 325 pounds.


  • Durable
  • Features an in-built cooler
  • Has a roomy and wide seating area
  • Extremely affordable
  • Resistant to fading for years
  • Incorporates comfy padded back and seat
  • Coleman brand recognition


  • This bulky chair is not ideal for backpacking and hiking

2. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

It is the chair that dominates all other chairs and its built to be both rugged and heavy-duty with exceptional durability. Additionally, it has lots of storage space providing you with side pockets, two cup holders, as well as a storage to the rear of the headrest region.

Its weight carrying capacity is up to 800 pounds plus its overall height is one of the outstanding features present in this chair. Likewise, because the seated area of this chair sits very high, it is convenient for individuals with limited mobility who might not be in a position to get in and out of this low sitting camping chair.


  • Lots of storage
  • Holds up to 800 pounds
  • Excellent for individuals with a more significant build
  • Because it sits high, getting in and out is easy
  • Integrates comfortable padding on the back and bottom
  • Built with durable and long-lasting materials


  • For smaller individuals, sitting on this chair may not be very comfortable

3. The Strongback Elite Chair

If you often experience lower back pain, then this is the chair you should go for. Thus, with this chair, you never again will experience the frustrating back pains often felt after you sit on other camping chairs.

Moreover, these chairs work by positioning your body in a particular manner which consequently provides you with lumbar support. It is because with this chair you will be seated at a slight angle with both your pelvic area and back titled slightly. And despite not having precise proofs of the benefits of this, we can confidently say that it works.

The presence of a carrying bag that has dual shoulder straps is one of the exceptional features found in this chair. Subsequently, this makes transporting this chair reasonably easy especially considering that it weighs in at approximately twelve pounds.

Also, the weight capacity of this camping chair is 300 pounds, and it provides you with lots of room where you can sit comfortably.


  • Both rugged and durable
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Built to hold up for life
  • Made to provide comfort and support to your back
  • Features durable straps which carry it like a backpack


  • Does not include lots of storage space
  • This chair is bulky

4. Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

This camping chair is famed for being such a comfy heavy-duty chair. It does this in a bid to address the problem found on a majority of the heavy-duty chairs, and that is providing both ruggedness and durability at the expense of a little comfort.

However, you never have to worry about comfort when you have this chair as it is the coziest of all heavy-duty camping chairs. Additionally, it comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds plus its seat is marginally reclined.

This chair’s seat sits at twenty inches above the ground which is somewhat standard on all heavy-duty chairs. Nevertheless, if your height is less than 5’9”, you may find that your feet hang off the ground whenever you are seated.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Has a 300-pound capacity
  • Its back is slightly reclined
  • Heavy-duty chair
  • Features two in-built cup holders plus a side storage
  • Very comfortable with ample padding


  • It is somewhat too large for smaller individuals

5. Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad

In comparison to the previous four chairs, this camping chair does not feature lots of bells and whistles as well as is not reasonably big. However, for its price, we feel it offers you tremendous value as it is an outstanding chair.

The fundamental reason why we opted to categorize this camping chair as heavy-duty is that it uses durable materials that are built to last. Moreover, it has an ideal height of 18 inches plus this seat is made using durable polyester and mesh which usually does not tear with ease.

Nonetheless, one considerable drawback we noted on this camping chair is that its lower backrest could be uncomfortable for some individuals.


  • It is affordable
  • Unlike its competitors, it is lighter
  • Coleman brand
  • Manufactured using high-quality materials
  • It is both rugged and durable


  • It comes with a low backrest

My Final Opinion 

Choosing the best heavy duty camping chair which among these five remarkable camping chairs is the clear winner was one of the harder decisions which we had to make. It is particularly so because each of these camping chairs comes with its distinctive bonuses consequently making it difficult for us to arrive at a decision. However, after carefully going through our options, we found that the winner of this round was the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler.

There are several reasons why we selected this chair as the heavy-duty chair. First, this camping chair incorporates plenty of incredible features such as an in-built cooler as well as additional storage. Furthermore, this chair integrates every standard feature which you usually would expect in a camping chair such as durability and comfort.

Therefore, if you are searching for a heavy-duty camping chair, all these other chairs still offer you with an excellent option. Nevertheless, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler stands out as the best heavy duty camping chair which you should purchase. 

Keep in mind that the choice of the best heavy duty camping chair is based on its camping experience. Once your needs are defined, it will be easier to make the right choice while taking into account your budget. I hope this file has helped you to see more clearly in the choice of your best heavy duty camping chair.

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