5 Best Instant Tent: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best instant tent is, then we recommend the Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent as the best one.

Getting an instant tent is one decision which never will regret purchasing. It because despite your room being comfy, nothing matters most and is ideal when out camping like if you can set up the tent. Fortunately, instant shelters no longer are a dream plus are made precisely to address this specific issue.

Furthermore, instant tents come in various models meant to address any season as well as any climate you experience while out camping. However, the ideal instant tent still needs to be affordable while offering you excellent value.

Therefore, discussed below in this article are some of the best instant tents which you should consider when you are out looking for the perfect tent to suitably address your camping needs.

We’re going to review the following instant tents:

Buyer Guide: How to choose the best instant tent

Easy to Setup

The top benefit of having an instant tent is how fast and simple can you set it up. It will only take you very few minutes to set it up without walking to and fro trying to thread poles making you ready for camping with minutes.


Great instant tents are not only those that are easily setup but also those that are lightweight making it ideal for moving around. Furthermore, most of the best instant tents feature lightweight materials making the entire process easier. Thus you should always expect that instant tents are lightweight and that they weigh less than tents that are fully framed.

Fast to Pack

When it comes to packing, instant tents are the best since they are made up of light materials that are easily foldable making it easy to pack. Furthermore, tearing it down is made more straightforward since the poles are integrated into the tent’s material.


For those who like camping solo or maybe you have a health condition that will leave you struggling to set up your camp, having an instant tent is suitable for you since you will not require an extra hand to help you in pitching your tent. Therefore, instant tents are favorable, and it will help you make camping accessible once again for you. The presence of lightweight material, pop-up construction, and excellent maneuverability indicates that setting up the instant tent can quickly be done by anyone.

Materials And Weight

You can consider comparing different models to see which one will work the best. At times you might find one model being bulkier than the other, but at the same time it offers you an easy and quick cam setup; therefore you can consider outweighing the drawback of the heavier packed weight.

Generally, instant tents feature integrated poles but the material used can vary. Some of the instant tents use aluminum poles while others use fiberglass poles. Consequently, the tent performance can vary across different types of materials; therefore you may consider over the long term.

Floor Plan And Size

It is always vital to know the space you require despite the type of tent you are purchasing. If you are camping solo, you may not need a cabin tent that is meant for six people tent despite being easy to set up. Moreover, it is vital to consider the type of gears you will be carrying with you during camping as well as the number of people who will be joining you for camping. Just because a tent is easy to set up; it does not mean that you will need all the features and space it has to offer.

Extra Features

Cleaning instant tents can be hard since it often uses one-piece construction with the walls and poles connected. Thus having features such as removable floors or inner liners can help with cleaning out the tent before packing it back. There are some more standard features available including lantern hooks, electrical cord access ports, and pocks.

How To Pick The Ideal Instant Tent

Choosing an instant tent is easy; you should always consider your accessibility needs as well as comfort, the climate of the area you will be camping, and your budget. Some of the thing you should consider while purchasing an instant tent include;

Your Camping Location

Before buying an instant tent consider if you always camp throughout the year or for just three seasons, or consider if you will need ventilation for moisture or having a full-coverage rainfly. Purchasing the top instant tent is vital, and it will require comparing various features depending on the weather condition of the place you will be visiting.

Specification Of Setting Up

Despite instant tents being simple to set up; they are not perfect for everybody. Some of the instant tent wok similar to the pop-up shade awnings, with plenty of poles at the center of the tent.

Product Review: The 5 best instant tent

In the following review, we aim to answer that question by offering an in-depth review of the best instant tent currently on the market and a detailed analysis of what goes into the making of the ideal air conditioners for every type of camping. Let’s start off with our top picks of the best instant tent for 2020.

1) Timber Ridge Six-person Instant Cabin Tent

This instant cabin tent looks hard, but it only takes merely a minute to finish setting it up. Having a six-person capacity is incredible with substantial center height at over six feet. Having steel poles means having a sturdy construction with a quick opening system that helps to get you up and going fast. Furthermore, taking down this tent is just straightforward.

Even if you lack six people to fit in the space available you can still have storage space and ambiance for packing the tent when camping solo.

Despite having plenty of windows for ventilation, this instant tent offers perfect protection against various elements. The bathtub present at the floor helps in preventing water from getting in, and it can as well withstand wind remarkably. Maneuvering this tent back into its bag might be tough.


  • It features O door for easy entry
  • There is an electrical cord access port
  • Bathtub floor
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • It features 78 inches center height
  • It features a rain cover
  • There are three windows available in this tent


  • When it is packed it measures 53 by 12 by 10

2) Core Equipment Four-person Instant Dome Tent

This instant tent features an integrated frame system; hence setting it up is as easy as unfolding, unpacking as well clicking the poles into place. CORE indicates that building this tent takes only thirty seconds.

Nevertheless, the pole’s stiffness may show that you require more than one set of hands to help with getting the tent upright. Therefore, you can anticipate using muscle while working out to put the poles in place. Additionally, once the instant tent is set up, it is capable of withstanding windy conditions remarkably well.

The dome shape will help you not to reach too far when it comes to extending the tent’s poles. Lack of the headroom if the trade-off; however the height of the center ceiling is 54 inches.

This instant tent material features H20 block technology making it water-resistant with plenty of mesh available for allowing airflow. There is an electrical cord access port that helps in preventing your door hanging open hence making running the extensions cord conveniently.


  • Electrical cord access port
  • The door style is D
  • You can sleep four or one on a queen size mattress
  • Pockets, lantern hook, and gear loft
  • It features a rainy fly, carrying bag and tent stakes
  • Features an adjustable ground vent


  • When it comes to extending the poles, you will require to apply some effort
  • It features a low center height of 54 inches

3) Coleman Instant Cabin

This instant cabin looks like the traditional cabin tents of yesteryear, but it does not feature bulky aluminum poles. Nonetheless, this instant tent features frame poles that meet up at the center of the ceiling. Setting up this instant cabin is much easier compared to the hunt and match of tents that are of older versions.

Nonetheless, people below the average height may struggle with reaching the pole’s center mechanism since the ceiling of the tent is six feet high. While inside the tent you can fit on the floor two queen size beds.

As far as the interior comfort goes, the rain fly feature will help in keeping things inside the tent dry. Furthermore, when planning to camp within an area that features a wet condition, you should consider investing in another rainy fly for perfect coverage.

The availability of mesh windows in this tent helps in improving the visibility. Consequently, having a higher window means that the chances of water getting the tent’s bottom is reduced.


  • Features rainy fly
  • The ceiling height is six foot
  • It features darkroom technology to help with blocking sunlight
  • When packed it weighs around 25 pounds
  • It can fit up to two queen size mattresses


  • Setting up and breaking down this tent might be difficult since it has a high center height
  • In some condition, the rainy fly may be insufficient
  • Not all the size features a surround windows

4) Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent

Despite this tent looking small, its design fully maximizes the internal space. Furthermore, its ceiling height is 67 inches plus its hexagon shape can comfortably accommodate according to the company up to two children and two adults.

Having the notation “fast pitch” according to Toogh means setting up this hexagonal tent takes you mere seconds. Also, the pop-up feature looks similar to popup awnings, but it requires a little practice before you know how to set it up fast as claimed by the company.

The hydraulic functions mean that you can place the tent outside, pop it up, stake it down and in no time, be on your way to the campfire.

One possible downside of this tent is the lack of actual windows. Nevertheless, the two doors take up close half the wall space; therefore, you may not require them for either ventilation or visibility.


  • Features a removable rain fly
  • It has two doors
  • Lightweight weighing slightly over ten pounds


  • There are no windows
  • Its interior size is relatively small

5) Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Another best instant tent is Gazelle. This tent’s manufacturer claims that it takes only 90 seconds to set up this tent. It still, however, is worth it even if it takes you ten times longer to set it up. 

Having a floor space of a total of 61 square feet means that this tent is relatively compact. Additionally, a height of 78-inches implies that you do not have to duck to maneuver inside this camping tent. Present also is a detachable floor panel to take into consideration; thus, you never have to take the sand or dirt home with you because you can remove and then shake it out the liner before you start packing.

There is a fiberglass pole popup system that is easy and quick to install. Also, the metal hubs prevent breakage which you often see on the cheaper materials.

Whereas some brands struggle with their small zippers, this product’s zippers are easy to grasp and rugged. It is quite ideal since, with two doors and six windows, you will require the strongest zippers available.

On this distinctively designed Gazelle pop up tent, there are plenty of cross-ventilations. Despite the floor plan being small, there is little to no usable spaces thanks to this tent’s cube shape.


  • Features a detachable rain fly
  • Integrates a 78-inch ceiling height
  • Has two doors
  • There are six windows
  • It comes with a removable floor panel for cleaning


  • It folds to 68 inches
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Its floor plan is reasonably small

My Final Opinion 

Having gone through the five different instant tents, it is a tough call to decide which of these the best instant tent you should purchase.

However, due to its practicality as well as ease of use, the Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent is the clear winner. It is so because apart from being easy to set up, it integrates an optimal center height of 78 inches plus the much sought-after bathtub floor.

Furthermore, with this tent, you get to be provided with functional features and comfort incorporated into traditional cabin tents without worrying about the setup process. Thus, this makes it perfect as well as the affordable choice if you are shopping for a new popup tent.

Keep in mind that the choice of the best instant tent is based on its camping or hiking experience. Once your needs are defined, it will be easier to make the right choice while taking into account your budget. I hope this file has helped you to see more clearly in the choice of your best instant tent.

What is your favorite tent? Do you have questions about how to choose the best instant tent? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Happy Camping!

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