Top 5 Best RV Surge Protector To Prevent Damage To Your RV

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best RV surge protector is, then we recommend the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector as the best one. 

While out touring, experiencing any electrical or mechanical problem is not something that you would want to experience. Likewise, a lot may go wrong when you are on the road, and only if you have plenty of technical knowledge, you might find yourself without any power or stranded.

It is for this reason that surge protectors are essential as it safeguards that all your electrical devices inside your camping RV are safe in case of improper wiring or after a serious power surge.

Discussed below in this article are our pick for the best RV surge protectors in the market.

We’re going to review the best RV surge protector :

Buying Guide: Best RV surge protector

Amps: best RV surge protector

The quantity of electricity present in the electrical circuit is denoted as Amps. Usually, it means each gadget comes with a precise power amount which is necessary to ensure that a gadget works appropriately. If the device does not come with the ideal electricity amount, it may consequently find it hard to perform its tasks or eventually fail.

Therefore, this is among the most vital things you need to consider plus you need to confirm that you have carefully read your RV’s requirements as well as its components. It is because using an improper or using a surge protector that does not have adequate power increases the risk of overheating and eventually a fire breakout.

Joules Protection

It states to the quantity of protection which you get when there is a power surge. Furthermore, because Joules is essentially a unit of measuring electricity, it is quite hard to comprehend precisely the level of protection you will require since you can never be too sure about the kind of surge that will hit you.

Typically, the majority of the units which you will purchase prudently explain the protection you get. Therefore, you never have to fear so much about the technical details about joules as it will be elaborated clearly.


When looking for a useful best RV surge protector, you should go for one that provides you with lovely bright lights plus is simple to read hence describing the situation nicely. Nevertheless, if you have a surge protector that is difficult to comprehend, you possibly will not know whenever an issue arises.

Additionally, flashing lights in most cases do not elaborate on the meaning of each light, and this is even worse in comparison to not picking it up and reading it. It is because you reading it might subsequently cause you to get mixed up thinking there possibly is an issue even where there is none.

Lastly, most surge protectors of high-quality explain the meaning of every light right adjacent to it, and this is the one you should acquire if possible.


Another important feature is installation for the best RV surge protector. Installing a surge protector is straightforward; nevertheless, you must never joke around with this process. Furthermore, you should ensure that everything is easy to comprehend as well as simple thus allowing you to protect your family and yourself from any problems.

There should also be instruction manuals describing how you should install the surge protectors plus the meaning of everything. Whereas some of these surge protectors can be complex, most you need to plug in are you are ready to use.

Power Management

Typically, this feature is not present in all the surge protectors. However, some expensive surge protectors provide you with a complete power management system. Thus, you need to consider this as this feature offers you with plenty more value for your hard-earned cash. Rather than just notifying you of an anomaly in your recreational vehicle, everything is shut off by this power management system typically whenever there is a problem.

Thus, in case of a surge in power, this gadget will automatically sense it and consequently terminate power to your whole RV. The timer goes on after the protector’s power goes off, and until it has settled, the power will not switch back on.

With this, you are offered with plenty of protection because you already have plenty of money already invested in your RV. Therefore, you should opt for the finest protection possible as it is significantly preferable instead of having to often deal with cooked wires as well as electrical failures.

The reason you need a best RV surge protector

It is the crucial question all of you have in mind about the benefits of an RV surge protector. Firstly, an RV surge protector safeguards all your electrical components and electronics inside your recreational vehicle are safe from power fluctuations, an issue often experienced in RV campsites and parks.

Also, making use of one offers you peace of mind that any problem like open neutral, reverse polarity, and open ground are readily detectable in real-time. So, this allows you to detect any possible problem before it ultimately leads to the damage of your rig.

Thirdly, the majority of these surge protectors come with automatic features. Therefore, once they notice any fault, they immediately turn off to protect your equipment and appliances from the high or low voltage which would damage them costing you lots of money.

Lastly, you should get this gadget installed to protect your treasured investment from getting damaged. Therefore, you need always to have it on your RV as it offers it with complete protection.

Best 5 RV Surge Protector Review:

The large number of RV surge protector on the market makes it difficult to find the best RV surge protector. Fortunately, our camping RV surge protector reviews can narrow your search. A good surge protector will come in handy in all kinds of outdoor situations, and you can get one at an affordable price. You will not regret having added a best RV surge protector to your camping equipment.

1. Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

It comes either in 50 or 20 amps (ems-pt50x) plus has a lifespan warranty. Furthermore, Progressive Industries has made a reputable name for itself; therefore, it is much recommended usually by an RVing community.

After it reads the power surge state, this particular surge protector responds extremely quickly and consequently shuts off after six seconds all the power to the rig immediately in case it detects an unusual voltage condition. Furthermore, it will maintain the same state until everything is normal again, after which it will then resume powering your RV.

Moreover, this company provides you with among the top reacting surge protectors in the market; hence why they have a decent reputation.

Before the restoration of power, these RV surge protectors integrate a wiring fault detector which cuts power and follows this up by starting a timer. These timers then enable the cooling down of the air conditioner before the back upstarts firing.


  • Necessitates no installation
  • To prevent theft features an in-built lock
  • Provides safety from all kind of power-related issues
  • Straightforward to use
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • You can only install it vertically

2. Progressive Industries SSP-XL Surge Protector with Cover

It’s another best RV surge protector. It runs comparable to the former brand, but its main difference is that it is cheaper as well as comes with nearly identical functionality. Additionally, the company manufacturing these RV surge protectors places exceptional focus on the electrical protection technology plus has a remarkable reputation.

Usually, this device will protect you against any critical situation such as power surges, lightning strikes as well as incorrect wiring.

However, the primary dissimilarity between this model and the former surge protector is that it does not incorporate an electrical management box. Thus, it never disconnects automatically in case it senses neutral polarity or open ground plus does not alert you when the voltage is low.


  • Respectable brand
  • Available in 50 or 30 amps
  • Safeguards you from lightning strikes
  • Efficient at securing your rig from power surges
  • Alerts you if an open line is present


  • Whenever an error is noticed, it never shuts off its power automatically

3. TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector

It is an affordable surge protector which runs comparable to the previously mentioned models. Usually, the primary roles of this device are to alert you through flashing lights whenever the electrical current is showing some inconsistency which could eventually damage your rig’s electrical.

Moreover, the primary role of this particular surge protector is to safeguard you from the extensive and significant problems which would cause plenty of destruction to your recreational vehicle. So, it is not intended to secure you from small variations.

This protector typically comes with a max spike current of 6500 amps; therefore, whenever there is a problem, it will detect it immediately and subsequently inform you via its flashing lights.

Furthermore, it has a lock thus after installation; so you never need to worry that it might get stolen while in your RV.

Nevertheless, there is one drawback with this particular surge protector, and that is it has lights that are not extremely bright. Also, no other kind of notification is present; therefore, if any minor problem is which could become an issue in the future is present, you do not have the opportunity to terminate power before the surge.


  • Incorporates a lock
  • Protect you against all significant issues
  • Weather-resistant
  • It immediately recognizes electrical hitches


  • In comparison to others, its notification and lights are not very prominent

4. Camco 55313 50M/50F Amp 125/250V Circuit Analyzer

It is by far a more straightforward surge protector unlike the others in the manner as to which is runs since it simply alerts you if there is a problem with your RV’s electrical components. Additionally, it notifies you of electrical faults, improper wiring as well as possible surge issues.

This surge protector provides you a maximum of 4,200 joules power surge protection; therefore, it almost instantaneously starts off everything off.

Furthermore, this gadget is simple to unplug and plug as well as is highly water-resistant. There is also a light-up screen which is among the incredible features present in these surge protectors. Finally, you can hastily read this device to know whatever is it you are carrying out plus everything is defined perfectly thus in case you are uncertain of what you need to do, its screen will describe it on your behalf.


  • Inexpensive
  • Weatherproof
  • Superb display
  • Safeguards you RV from power surges
  • Straightforward to comprehend the setup


  • In comparison to its competitors, it is bulkier and larger

5. Southwire Surge Guard 34930

Our fifth choice is the best RV surge protector “Southwire surge guard 34930”.It an electrical management system that is meant for total and complete of your RV against all electrical issues. Moreover, this gadget is available either in a surge protector of two variations, either of 50 amps or 30 amps plus does plenty more than just notifying you of abnormal readings or spikes. It is because whenever this surge protector identifies something unusual, it shuts off the power of the whole RV, and to safeguard all compressors, it sets itself on a timer.

After the interval is nearly up, this surge protector takes another reading, and after confirming everything is okay, it returns power to your RV. Therefore, this device offers you the ultimate kind of safety against all electrical power surges.

Nevertheless, this surge protector is somewhat heavy plus does not incorporate any theft protection. Whenever you spend money on a device like this one, you need a guarantee that it will offer you security. So, we advise that you look into other surge protector locks that fit above it.


  • Easy to comprehend
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Total and complete protection against all surges


  • No theft protection is provided

My Final Opinion: Best Rv surge protector 

Deciding which among these best RV surge protectors is perfect to meet all your needs is hard since all of them provide you with excellent features. Nevertheless, they still are different in many different ways, so you need to make a prudent decision in which of these will appropriately protect your RV.

It is for this reason that we see that the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector is the best RV surge protector as it will provide you with excellent value. Furthermore, it will fully ensure that you never experience electrical failure which usually is a big problem. It could consequently disrupt your entire trip in case you experience any severe issue.

So, with the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector, you get the best RV surge protector in the market. You consequently do not need to worry anymore that any of your electrical appliances, whenever you are out on the road, will get damaged, with this proof that this is a reliable device that you need to own. 

Do you have questions about how to choose the best RV surge protector?  What is your favorite surge protector? Share it too by leaving a comment below.

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