Top 5 Best RV Toilet to cover all of your Natural Needs

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Rv Toilet is, then we recommend the Domestic 320 RV Toilets as the best one. 

Deciding which is the best RV toilet is not easy. However, it is critical to have a toilet onboard as it offers you with both the convenience and comfort which is necessary even when you are away from your home. 

Furthermore, before choosing the ideal RV toilet, you need to consider numerous factors such as the installation price, its size as well as the feature integrated into it.

Therefore, you need to comprehensively carry out your research and then decide which product best suits your needs and that of your family.

There exist many different types of RV toilets, so we have decided to take you through five different RV toilets. Consequently, you will be better placed to make a prudent decision as to which best meets your needs.

We’re going to review the best RV toilet:

Buyer Guide: How to choose best RV toilet

So how do you choose a best RV toilet that fits your camping and hiking? Here are three ways to choose the best RV toilet that fits your style.

Composing Toilet

There are various advantages of using these toilets, but at the same time, it comes with several disadvantages.

Typically, the primary purpose of the composting toilet is the separation of solid waste from liquid waste. Once you have done this, there will be no odor produced, and it will allow you to take the solid waste then transform it into compost consequently.

For this to be done, you must fill the solid segment with a type of moss, and when you are done helping yourself, to “blend” everything together, you can make use of the internal agitator. Usually, the liquid drains into a separate container which when full gets emptied.

The advantage of using this RV toilet is that during this activity you never need to use water completely plus it is not a requirement that you empty the black tank.

One of the major misconceptions about this RV toilet is that it produces a pungent odor which is not valid. The smell comes as the result of combining the solid and the liquid waste which results in the sewage to smell. But once the two are separated, there will be no smell.

The disadvantage of using this RV toilet is frequently the tank with the urine as well as the general construction as well as using this toilet is at times complicated.

So, if you dislike often emptying the black tank, then you should undoubtedly opt for this composting toilet.

Traditional Flush Toilet

The traditional flush toilet is one of the best RV toilets which the closest thing you can find to your standard household toilet. The difference between the two is that this RV toilet does not have a water tank at the back. Instead, you will have to either connect it to an external water supply at your campsite or use a holding tank in your RV.

Having a steady water supply in your RV will allow the toilet to operate similar to that at home. Once you flush the toilet, you can refill it by either hand pumping or using the foot.

Furthermore, the primary purpose of an RV toilet is to operate on as little water as possible, and this will help you in saving money. It is upon you to decide on how long you would like it to flush as well as the amount of water you would like it to refill.

Having this RV toilet is fantastic since you can easily replace them in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, with this RV toilet, you will not have to store your waste close to the living area. The only issue with the traditional flush toilet is the draining of the tank.

Portable Camping Toilets

These portable camping toilets are superb since they are portable and it is often used during camping and for bathroom use, there is no other option. Whereas these toilets have their time and place, they are not ideal for making use while you are out RVing.

Therefore, when planning long-term trips far from the rig, we advise that you for the portable toilet as it is convenient.

These toilets come in a minute capacity; thus you will have to empty it frequently. Moreover, the raw sewage you must dump into the sewer dump pump.

Therefore, this means that you will need to small as well as see every disposal from your trip, and even if you have the strongest stomach, it is not easy.

Why you need an RV toilet?

Having an RV toilet will help in keeping your vehicle clean and improve sanitation. Furthermore, these RV toilets provide you with the convenience of not sharing bathrooms in communal within the camping ground.

Consequently, an RV toilet will help you feel at home. Most of the RV toilets feature a large seat diameter, and they are fully seized.

Nonetheless, RV toilets are versatile and flexible making it ideal for camping. While using an RV toilet, you will be able to enjoy camping even further in your recreational vehicle. It provides privacy and comfort for everybody in the family, and they cannot be discounted for a fantastic holiday.

Ranking: The 5 best RV toilet on the market

In the following review, we aim to answer that question by offering an in-depth review of the best RV toilet currently on the market and a detailed analysis of what goes into the making of the ideal toilet for every type of relevance. Let’s start off with our top picks of the best RV toilet per category for 2020.

1. Domestic 320 RV Toilets Review

With this domestic RV toilet, you get the feeling like you in the bathroom sitting someplace inside your house. Furthermore, this is the toilet seat that the majority of individuals are searching for plus it is the most similar thing you can get in place for a standard toilet.

Thus, whenever you require something which offers you plenty of creature comfort, this RV toilet is perfect for your needs, and there are not many downsides we can see with it.

One of the most amazing features in this RV toilet integrates is an entirely encircled rim that enables you always to manage to get a complete flash.

Moreover, unlike its competitors, the main difference between it and other RV toilet is that it flushes straight down. Subsequently, with this toilet, you cannot get a thoroughly clean the bowl after every flush.

Additionally, it means this specific toilet is susceptible to getting from the inside of the bowl some straggling goodies.

The presence of a wholly surrounded rim also guarantees smells are kept inside.

Whereas we can speak about the positive traits of this RV toilet, we also need to cover some of the negative aspects. So, the one particular drawback of this RV incorporates is its design necessitates leaving lots of space behind the toilet, and if you ever have resided in a recreational vehicle, you do know that each inch counts.


  • Full circular flush
  • Its toilet lid is sealed
  • For every flush, it makes use of only one water pint
  • Features a voluntary hand sprayer
  • Has a ball seal replacement lacking dissembling toilet


  • During installation, it needs some square footage to get wasted

2. Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Review

Comfort is the primary benefit you get from using this toilet as its seat is considerably higher in comparison to many of its competitors. Therefore, you never need to sit in the squatted position that specialists say is excellent despite being an uncomfortable method.

Additionally, this toilet is attractive plus looks like it features a robust design thus meaning it will serve you for long. Incorporated in this toilet also is a full circular flush that restricts the duration which you need to spend while cleaning it.

Nevertheless, one of the coolest advantages of the flash present on this RV toilet is you can either decide between a lesser flush or a full flush. Consequently, this enables you to make use of more water for “number 2” and less water for “number one “and this over time can save you lots of money.

Furthermore, this aspect usually is done by utilizing a handle; therefore, it appears somewhat complex, but this is no problem for adults. However, for the small kids, you are traveling with, this can be very puzzling.


  • Its installation is easy
  • It is a comfy toilet
  • In comparison to most rivals, it is simpler to flush
  • Full bowl flush alternative
  • The double flush technology permits you to control the water amount you can utilize


  • Very confusing for kids to use

3. Domestic 310 RV Toilet Review

It is an exceptional toilet for your RV for numerous reasons despite being a step down off the Domestic 320.

Furthermore, it comes with a standard height thereby making it easy to either sit down or get up out the seat plus it occupies relatively less space unlike the 320.

There are plenty of variations offered by the Domestic brand toilets something which makes them very pleasant. Thus, you can opt to get one that is inferior to the standard or go for either the hand sprayer or not. The versatility you get is remarkable since it enables you always to have whatever is it you wish.

There is a vortex flush integrated into this RV toilet for flushing thereby meaning it never does store more water than needed plus drains the bowl swiftly. It is crucial as it stops anything from staying inside as well as using much less water.

The main drawback of this RV toilet is that its seat is rather small; nevertheless, this is customary for all RV toilets within this price range.


  • Simple to install
  • Features a long-lasting and durable design
  • There is a vortex flush which washes the blow as flush
  • Only a small amount of space is taken up inside your RV
  • Available in lots of different variants


  • Available is a somewhat small toilet seat

4. Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

If inside your RV there is no designated location to accommodate the toilet, you should then opt for the portable toilet.

Furthermore, its operation is comparable to the flushing toilet with the primary difference being that it does not flush.

Fortunately, this model is available in a substantial 5.3-gallon tank plus can be transformed into a flushing toilet as it also has a flush tank.

Lastly, its design is long-lasting, and the seats usually are very comfy to set on plus incorporates a carrying handle to avert any problems.


  • Robust design
  • Easy to empty and set up
  • Features a huge 5.3-gallon tank
  • Excellent for space-saving as well as unique situations
  • Versatile plus can be utilized in various scenarios


  • Does not remove or contain smells thus best to keep it a distance away

5. Leopard T-Type 3-Directional Flush Portable Toilet

It is a superb portable toilet that offers you excellent functionality plus is affordable. Additionally, it integrates a fill bowl flush and a flush tank; thus you do not need to clean it continually. A sealed flush is present too, and this prevents this toilet from leaking as well as keeps the smells out.

Both the design and durability of this RV toilet feel robust and never feel as though it could easily be tipped over, with this very pleasing. Additionally, it offers you the liberty to place it anywhere you wish.

The one drawback we realized with this RV toilet is that its seat is tiny, and while this is rather standard, there were some expectations which we expected that would be met. It is especially so for a portable RV toilet.


  • Rust resistant
  • Full bowl flush
  • Durable and robust base and seat
  • It is lightweight
  • Sealed flush keeps out the smells
  • Leak protection


  • Small seat

My final opinion best RV toilet

Having gone through these five RV toilets, there is one winner, and this is the Domestic 320 RV Toilet. It is our pick as the best RV toilet as it does not necessitate any exceptional maintenance or emptying as well as offers you plenty of creature comfort features.

 Therefore, if you are looking for an RV toilet, you need to look no further since this unit will guarantee you excellent functionality, a durable design, different variations to suit your specific preference, and is easy to install.

All these attributes make it stand out from all its competitors; thus according to our assessment, this is the best RV toilet which will provide you with incredible value. if you want dry RV camping I suggest to you before read this guide and you will find 6 actionable tips for dry camping for beginners.

Take your time to choose the best RV toilet for you.  What is your favorite best RV toilet? Share it too by leaving a comment below.

happy camping!

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