The Best RV Water Pump: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best RV water pump is, then we recommend the Shurflo 4008-101-E65 Water Pump as the best one.

You are thinking of buying a new best RV water pump but you don’t know how to choose the right one. In this guide, I will help you choose your water pump by giving you some tips to consider before going to the store

If you often travel for extended trips, then by now, you must know how expensive the packaging of water bottles can get. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best RV water pumps that will guarantee you constant water supply at an affordable price.

In this article, we’re going to review the following water pumps:

Buyer Guide: How to choose the best RV water pump

While looking for best RV water pump, you might get mixed up with the multiple varieties available nowadays. However, below are discusses some of the essential factors you need to place the highest priority when deciding on an RV water pump.

Ease of installation

You will want a water pump with an installation process that is straightforward; thus does not cause you headaches. Furthermore, it needs to be fast, simple, has a mounting mechanism that allows you to install your water pump in any position but still be stable.

You should go for a water pump that is quick and easy to install, ideally something you can do by yourself. Additionally, the dimensions of the pump need to be identical to the one you are replacing.

It is advisable you opt for the compact and small-sized RV water pumps since many people feel they are simple to install. It is because these small pumps usually have minimal usable parts consequently will not take you plenty of your time to get them running.

Moreover, these small pumps are lightweight therefore easy to transport to the precise spot you are thinking of installing them. Nevertheless, you need first to ensure that you have all the supplies and materials for the installation, such as a screwdriver, Teflon driver, and water hose.

Noise and Vibration

The motors installed in RV water pumps results in the generation of some noise whenever it is running. Also, the sound produced correlates to the power and power of the RV water pump you are using, that is, the more powerful the pump, the more vibration and noise it creates. Thus, before investing your hard-earned money, you first need to assess the noise level that a particular water pump generates.

Typically the vibrations a pump produces can be irritating. It is because it reduces the effectiveness of the water pump to deliver water to your RV’s complete pipe system.

Moreover, even with all the numerous faucets open simultaneously, the RV water pump you are searching for needs to produce minimal noise. Usually, the 3-chamber and 5-chamber designs are the water pumps that will provide you with a minimum noise level.

The Motor: Best RV water pump

The motor is the heart of an RV water pump and without it; the pump will not operate at all. Furthermore, you should preferably opt for water pumps that come with a powerful motor. It is because this motor will provide you with a powerful engine that offers you the perfect pressure and water flow to meet your needs.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to turn motor to its full capacity, but just getting an engine that is adequate to meet your vehicle’s requirements. Lastly, having a good motor extends the lifespan of the water pump. A motor should preferably have a defense mechanism and thermal protection against rust and corrosion.

Vertical Suction Lift

This factor needs you to consider the exact amount of water your RV water pump needs to function effectively. Thus, if you want to pump an insignificant amount of water efficiently, you should opt for a pump which has a slight lift. It is a crucial factor to take into consideration and choose depending on the exact spot where you will drain the water.

Pressure and Power

To best understand RV water tanks, you should check its specifications. Additionally, you need to identify the amount of water it can pump per minute, and the ideal RV water pump needs to pump approximately three water gallons per minute.

Energy Requirement

Whenever you are purchasing the best RV water pump, it is crucial to always have in mind that whenever the pump is running, it is consuming a certain amount of electricity. Therefore, installing an RV water pump that has a high power requirement is relatively risky unless you have with you an additional unit of batteries. You always need to consider this by checking the pump’s energy-efficiency before purchasing it because you should never overspend on utility bills. Nevertheless, you still need to confirm that the pump has adequate power consequently making it supply with excellent water flow.

Size of the water pump

The size of the best RV water pump, as well as the precise location of your current water pump, is one you need to consider. It is particularly so because, in a recreational vehicle, it is vital to utilize every square inch available. So, your pump requires to be placed in a position which will not need additional space.

Price of the Water Pump

After considering all the factors discussed above, you also need to consider your budget. Thus, you need to ensure that the features and quality of the water pump you intend to buy align with its price to prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Product Reviews: The 5 Best RV Water Pump

In the following review, we aim to answer that question by offering an in-depth review of the best RV water pump currently on the market and a detailed analysis of what goes into the making of the ideal water pump for every type of camping. Let’s start off with our top picks of the best RV water pump for 2020.

1) Shurflo 4008-101-E65 Water Pump

This RV water pump is the ideal replacement for your current pump because of its robust and reliable design. Additionally, it integrates a unique single-piece design as well as diaphragm bypass, therefore, giving you the guarantee it will work effectively on any plumbing system. It also assists in increasing the lifespan of this pump. Another critical quality incorporated into this RV water pump is a high flow demand, zero rapid cyclings, and low noise when running.

Whereas it does work silently, it still does provide adequate thermal protection plus can run dry without destroying the pump. With this pump, you have the advantage that you can position it anywhere you wish quickly and hastily thus very convenient.

Additionally, there is a check valve incorporated in it as well as the guarantee that it will effectively work as a self-priming pump. Most people consider it to be a mini-powerhouse due to its ability to deliver up to three gallons of water per minute up to 55 PSI to toilets, showers, onboard sinks among others. Usually, such delivery is only possible when having a reasonable amount of power draw.

Lastly, there is an in-built check valve that prevents backflow and use of a 12-volt power source to a maximum of 7.5 amps.


  • Integrates the Flow Reaction Technology which enhances its performance by reducing its vibration, noise and excessive cycle.
  • Incorporates an internal by-pass as well as a single-piece diaphragm which stimulates excellent performance and a longer lifespan
  • It is quick and easy to install allowing you to connect it in any position you desire
  • Incorporates thermal protection which prevents overeating thus does not get damaged easily
  • It is compatible with numerous plumbing systems
  • Consumes a sensible amount of power while running
  • Features a sturdy and straightforward design which maximizes its functionality during operation
  • Its high flow rate guarantees you the delivery of more than enough for various fixtures in your RV.
  • Generates more output in comparison to other models
  • This water pump is self-priming as well as having a flow rate of three-gal per minute.


  • During installation, minor adjustments on your rig might be necessary
  • Continually speeds on and off thus making its operation noisier

2) Pentair Shurflo 4048 Water Pump

Another best RV water pump is Pentai Shurflo 4048. If you are looking for a high volume RV water pump, then this is the perfect choice for you. Usually, it can deliver a high volume of water to take care of all your water needs plus it is efficient and durable to ensure continuous delivery of water always to your RV.

There are some distinctive features present in this water pump that distinguish it. It includes an automatic demand design that has no accumulator tanks to ensure space efficiency, a flow rate of 4.0 GPM as well as a 12-volt power usage of up to ten amps. However, it still uses power in an eco-friendly manner plus makes use of water to get rid of waste.

Integrated into this water pump also includes a thermal overload that offers protection for both damage and safety protection. There is a checked installed in this RV water pump to prevent water backflow when you are using it. Moreover, it dry primes for a maximum of six vertical feet plus can capably run when dry with no damage at all.

Finally, this is the ideal pump for your RV since it can deliver high volume results without necessitating plenty of maintenance. Also, it is the best choice if you own a big RV with high usage of water.


  • This pump can run dry without getting damaged guaranteeing you usefulness for an extended duration
  • Its design is built to be Eco-friendly to ensure efficient use of power
  • There is an in-built check valve that prevents backflow
  • Integration of the flow reaction technology subsequently leads to reduced cycling
  • This pump provides you with a smooth yet high-powered flow, therefore, ensuring there is always lots of water flow
  • Installation of this pump anywhere of the recreational vehicle (RV) is straightforward.
  • Offers you with a dependable performance due to the self-priming capability
  • There is little noise produced by this machine whenever you are running it
  • Presence of the thermal protections ensures that this machine is not vulnerable mechanical damages frequently
  • In comparison to other RV water pumps, it generates far less noise


  • This machine requires adjustments now and then thereby making it not very practical to use
  • Upgrading of your water pump power circuit may be necessary to handle higher amperage
  • Noisier pump operation due to constant speed either off or on.

3) Remco Aquajet Water Pump 

It is undoubtedly the best variable speed RV water pump with its design explicitly meant for the delivery of high volumes of water to your RV as well as for big RVs. Moreover, because it is a variable speed, this water pump can adjust its speed to the needed amount of water. Therefore, you never have to worry about amending the settings of your pump.

There are some features however which are unique to the Remco Aquajet and this includes using a power source of 12 volts and a shutoff at 75 to 85 PSI. Additionally, it has a water flow rate of 5.3 gallons per minute which necessitates ten amps; therefore, you probably will need to amend your power circuit. Incorporated also is a pressure relief for safety purposes and a ½ inch water port.

This Remco pump is dependable as it can effectively handle numerous challenging situations when you are out touring plus it still is very durable. Even though this pump is powerful, it still is relatively loud, something you should take into consideration before purchasing this RV water pump. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a variable speed pump, then the Remco Aquajet will satisfy all your needs while out on the road in your RV.


  • Provides you with excellent water flow as it can suitably deal with falls in pressure caused by different fixtures that run simultaneously
  • Features various speed settings doing whatever it is tasked. It is so because it makes use of top technology electronics which can control the speed of the motor as you open, control, and close fixtures.
  • In comparison to all its competitors, it has a higher water flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute
  • Manufactured using materials of high quality guaranteeing you many years of utility
  • It integrates a positive shut off when at max PSI of 85. Thus it is ideal with the present advanced and sophisticated filtration and plumbing systems.
  • The present is a soft start feature that eliminates all the noisy rapid cycling.
  • Incorporated in this water pump is a five-chamber design thus can displace more water per revolution unlike other models with less number of chambers


  • Requires you to upgrade your water pump power circuit to handle higher amperage
  • This RV water pump is susceptible to clogging.
  • Eventually leads to higher cost

4) Seaflo Self Priming Water Pump

It works well on your recreational vehicle, and since it is a self-priming pump, it is a perfect water pump for travel trailers, RVs, and other motorhomes. Because it works quietly, therefore guarantees that it works conveniently plus using it bothersome.

Another useful quality of this self-priming water pump is that it can effectively run without any possibility of getting damaged. Additionally, it comes with a high capacity flow rate of approximately 2.8 gallons per minute as well as having a pressure setting of 45 PSI. This water pump is popular due to its high efficiency.

Although this pump delivers a high capacity output, it still maintains a low current draw, ensuring power usage is at a minimum. Moreover, this machine protects both ignition and thermal overload, thereby making it a professional-grade water pump.

Intergrade into this water pump is a check valve as well boasting an easy to connect system. There are soft rubber mounts too which consequently makes this water pump very user-friendly.

Lastly, one great feature that makes this water pump an excellent choice is that it is very versatile. Subsequently, it is functional in a broad range of applications, therefore making it appropriate for caravans, yachts, marine, recreational vehicles, and agriculture applications.


  • It is versatile enough, therefore, it allows you to make use of it in several applications, that is, it is appropriate for yachts, marine, caravans, RV, and agriculture applications.
  • Delivers high capacity output while still maintaining a minimal current draw
  • It is a self-priming water pump thereby can dry without consequently causing it to get damaged
  • Features a 45 PSI pressure setting which is very efficient
  • It has a high capacity flow which is approximately 2.8-gal per minute
  • This professional-grade RV water pump protects against both thermal overload as well as ignition
  • Incorporated in this machine is a check valve, an easy to connect system and soft rubber mounts which makes it user-friendly
  • Water cannot cause corrosion to some parts of this water pump
  • It incorporates a durable mounting system that supports the entire system for an extended period
  • It effectively works quietly thus ensures using it is convenient 


  • It has a low water flow rate thereby not ideal for recreational vehicles which have extensive use
  • The threads of this water pump are susceptible to misalignment
  • In-built connectors of this machine tend to leak without making use of the Teflon tape

5) Flojet 03526-144A Automatic Water System

It is the best RV water pump if you are looking for an automatic water system for your RV since it can meet all your requirements. Additionally, this RV water pump functions like a self-priming pump with a suction lift with a maximum of 9-ft. This pump typically operates smoothly, something that I liked very much, therefore it does not necessitate you to make use of an accumulation tank.

The smooth operation without requiring an accumulator tank is possible due to the presence of the pulsation eliminator. There also is a soft, noise-absorbing mount present in this RV water pump which helps in the reduction of any irritating vibration and noise whenever the pump is running.

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Furthermore, another useful feature is how easy it is to hook up this pump and the guarantee that it will not cycle every night. It also safely runs dry making it very reliable. Integrated into its design are connectors and snap port fittings, therefore, making the installation process easier and simpler. Corrosion-resistant materials are used in the construction of this pump.

There is an in-built bypass which assists in reducing pulsation. Also, this machine features a permanent magnet motor as well as an enclosed ball bearing. It is thus undeniably an incredible workhorse so you can let it continually run the whole day without the possibility of breaking down at any moment while you are operating it.


  • This water pump can safely run dry proving its endurance
  • It has a noise-absorbing and soft mount that assists in the reduction of any irritating vibration and noise when operating it
  • The materials used in constructing this RV water pump are of excellent quality, therefore, can successfully resist corrosion
  • It handles portable water easily
  • Presence of connectors and snap port fittings which consequently make it easier and simpler to install this RV water pump, thus an excellent ergonomic choice
  • There is an in-built bypass which is useful in reducing pulsation
  • It can effectively run continually throughout the day without breaking down
  • Features snap-in ports and port fittings which further improve the stability of this water pump
  • Present in this machine is a pulsation eliminator that ensures it operates smoothly without requiring an accumulator tank
  • It is cheaper when compared to other pumps in the market


  • This RV water pump does not effectively work on low temperatures
  • The noise-absorbing feature only reduces the noise level instead of entirely reducing it
  • It comes with an inferior packaging

My final opinion to best RV water pump: 

The best RV water pump varies from one user to another. Additionally, the many choices available in the market with different specifications, brands and prices only make the process of deciding on one more difficult.

However, the Shurflo 4008-101-E65 Water Pump is the clear winner. It is because it is easy to install, generates adequate power, produces minimal noise whenever you are using it, and still offers you excellent value for its price.

Therefore, when looking for one, this is the pump you should go to, and consequently, you will get to have a less tiresome experience whenever you are out touring with family and friends.

Keep in mind that the choice of the best RV water pump is based on its camping experience. Once your needs are defined, it will be easier to make the right choice while taking into account your budget. I hope this file has helped you to see more clearly in the choice of your best RV water pump.

What is your favorite water pump? Do you have questions about how to choose the best RV water pump? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Happy Camping!

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