The 5 Best Camping Air Conditioner: Buyer Guide’s & Review

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best camping air conditioner is, then we recommend the XPower FM-48 Portable Cooling Misting Fan as the best one.

Experiencing unreliable temperatures is one of the biggest issues that most people complain about while out camping. It is especially true in the summer when you never want to trade your comfortable AC for a scorching hot tent. Luckily, making use of tent air conditioners ensures you can effectively cool the temperature of your temporary home and consequently make camping fun or at least tolerable during the hot summer months.

Therefore, when planning for your camping trip, you need to take along with you a camping air conditioner to cool yourself from the extreme temperatures experienced during the hot months. Discussed below are some of the best camping air conditioners you should take into consideration when planning your next camping trip.

In this article, we’re going to review the following camping air conditioners:

Buyer Guide: How to choose the best air conditioner

What Is A Tent Air Conditioner?

Usually, tent AC units come in numerous forms, ranging from 110 motor models to fans which blow a fine mist; thus there always is something for everyone. Moreover, throwbacks to pre-AC days are also available in the form of cooler-like conditioner units which necessitate either water or ice to power up.

Additionally, other AC units need a cord whereas others when it comes to power, are self-sufficient either through solar energy or battery. Subsequently, the tent AC will cool down the temperatures within your sleeping quarters and efficiency may not necessarily be a top feature although this is dependent on how airtight your tent is.

Benefits of using a camping air conditioner

Purchasing a camping air conditioner might look somewhat like an overkill. It is particularly so since sacrificing the comfort of a creature is part of enjoying the outdoors and camping. Nevertheless, having a tent AC makes your campsite more comfortable as well as accessible for everyone.

Comfort for everyone

An in-tent conditioner can significantly make your tent more comfortable for your furry friends panting outside or kids complaining of the hot temperatures. Moreover, if the outside is hot, cold air and shade are essential for ensuring both people and pets from wilting.

Even in the warmer climates, temperatures can vary a lot during the day, that is, the morning hours may be cool but the afternoon may be scorching hot. So, packing an AC unit guarantees that you can handle the temperature changes and consequently cool things off when it gets scorching.

Health helps

The hotter it gets, the worse your symptoms become if you suffer from either allergies or other respiratory issues. Subsequently, your only option might be retreating to a tent to get comfortable. However, when the inside of your tent becomes hotter in comparison to the outside, you then are at a disadvantage.

Therefore, you should add an in-tent AC, and then you can comfortably recoup and relax in your tent without sweating because of a limited breeze. Furthermore, if you struggle with unfamiliar strenuous physical activities such as hiking or adjusting to higher altitudes, then often taking indoor breaks is useful.

Adjust temperatures

Usually, when the morning temperature ranges around 40 plus the mid-day temp soars above 100, we as humans have a tough time adjusting. Additionally, variations in temperature can cause condensation in your tent irrespective of if anyone is inside or not.

Nevertheless, having an AC unit assists in cutting down on condensation. It is because the fresh air flowing through rejuvenates the stale air inside your tent and thus maintain the temperatures at a constant level.

Power source

Typically, some units make use of solar power, other cords, and some batteries. Thus, depending on the location you plan to go camping, you may need to abandon an air conditioner model that is outlet-dependent. Nonetheless, if you do not intend to stray away from civilization, a corded unit is essential to make your camping more fun.

Additionally, you may opt to pack an extra portable generator to power up your AC as well as other essential gadgets. Usually, this comes with the additional benefit of supporting smartphones, small appliances, smartphones plus jump-starting your car if need be.

Moreover, some of the other options include mini portable air conditioners that have replaceable or rechargeable batteries. It, however, does not have pack power like the corded model despite being inherently portable and more convenient. Lastly, other units operate using either gasoline or motor for fuel.

Cooling capacity: 

Other camping air conditioners units claim the capability to cool a full tent whereas some are only for personal cooling. So, depending on how much insulation is in your tent and the number of occupants inside your tent, usually your cooling needs fluctuate.

Therefore, if you are traveling alone for instance having a personal AC that is blowing on your face may be ideal to guarantee you remain comfortable. However, if you are taking the whole family with you, then having a higher capacity is convenient to cool the ambient air properly.

Additional Features: 

Whereas the majority of the unit push mist or cooled air throughout your space, others come with extra features. For instance, the cooler units keep beverages and food chilled whereas still circulating cold air.

Other units come with variable fan speeds; thus you can modify the temperatures ensuring your belongings do not blow around inside your tent. Included in some are light features that assist you with visibility in case you necessitate cold air through the night.

Product Review: The 5 Best Camping Air Conditioner

In the following review, we aim to answer that question by offering an in-depth review of the best air conditioners currently on the market and a detailed analysis of what goes into the making of the ideal air conditioners for every type of camping. Let’s start off with our top picks of the best air conditioners for 2020.

1) XPower FM-48 Portable Cooling Misting Fan

Technically, it is not an AC unit and makes use of the swamp cooler technology to consequently cool small spaces. Subsequently, it reduces the temperature in your tent by up to 30 degrees using the 138-Watt induction motor.

Additionally, there are three modifiable speeds that allow you to customize the airflow; therefore when the sun sets, you can slow things down. Having both a convenient swivel base and carrying handle means that you can replace this fan in any position and still aim it in the direction you wish.

Because this motor is impervious to weather conditions, you can utilize this fan outdoors. Simultaneously, thanks to its misting-function, this unit generates lots of moisture; therefore, it may lead to the dampening of your tent’s interior. It is however dependent on the square footage of the tent and fan speed.


  • Handle
  • Has a sealed motor
  • Incorporated swivel stand
  • Generates fine mist for cooling
  • Utility-strength fan
  • Numerous speed settings
  • Operates as a fan without creating a mist
  • Reduces ambient temperature


  • Produces plenty of moisture
  • In small locations, it can be slightly loud
  • Necessitates generator or outlet power

2) IcyBreeze Cooler Chill Package

If you have experience camping for a long time, then you possibly recall the days when an ice chest filled with cold beverages was the only way through which you could cool off. Nevertheless, with this device, you can simultaneously have a cool breeze and chilled drinks.

Whereas some water and an ice block attain the coldest temperatures, the circulation inside this unit means that air is continually cooling. However, whereas the fan does generate high speeds in three settings, there only is one nozzle through which air my exit. So, this means that it takes a longer duration to cool down your tent.


  • Top cupholders
  • 3-speed fans blowing up to 25MPH
  • Battery packs the option for portable cooling
  • Features an exterior drain
  • Incorporates a pull handle for easy maneuvering
  • The ice lasts a maximum of seven days at temperatures of up to 90 degrees
  • Dual-purpose (holds drinks/food and cools)


  • Needs continuous power supply if you are not buying the battery pack model
  • One air-generating nozzle

3) Arctic Cove MBF0181

It qualifies as an AC unit despite being a misfiring fan and lasts up to 2.5 hours while running in full-strength on a single battery charge. While on low, it can last you approximately seven hours on one charge.

Also, you may opt to plug the unit into an outlet or buy extra rechargeable batteries. However, the fan motor can get somewhat noisy, but this is a fair compromise for its excellent function.

You can also make use of plug-in a hose or a 5-gallon bucket as your water source. Nevertheless, this is dependent on your camping location as you may find one area is more feasible in comparison to another. Moreover, you need to take consideration that the mist might be somewhat too much deepening on your tent’s square footage.


  • It comes with variable fan settings
  • Features rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Makes use of bucket or hose as a source of water
  • Integrates wall power or battery


  • The replacement batteries can be expensive
  • A bucket is not included

4) MightyKool A 12 – Volt Cooler

In case you have space, this air conditioner is a practical option to use for cooling. Nonetheless, it does not state to reduce the ambient temperature but works perfectly for one or two individuals or pets as it offers direct cooling that has purified water mist.

Thus, if you are out camping with a generator or in a location with power, this 10-foot power cord allows you to position your unit in an ideal spot. Moreover, to get the optimum results, you should direct it towards pets or people, and typically this tent cooler can generate air which is anywhere from 10 t0 25 degrees cooler in comparison to the air outside.

Also, the fan is robust enough to circulate air plus the variable setting enables you to compensate for fluctuating temperatures.


  • Makes use of water to cool
  • A carrying handle is present
  • Has a 10-foot long power cord
  • Fan or temperature settings
  • Plugs into 12-volt converter or outlet
  • Offers you with 10 to 25 degrees cooler air unlike ambient temperatures


  • Necessitates constant topping off with water
  • Does not cool ambient air
  • Needs generator or outlet power

5) Yachance Personal Space Air Cooler

This camping tent is the ideal choice if you desire a personal-size cooler and have a small tent location. Additionally, it comes with a small cube-shaped unit that usually accepts water and effectively works comparable to a small swamp cooler.

Integrated into this unit includes an evaporative filter that assists you to trap both the bacteria and dust; thus it helps ensure the air inside your tent too is fresher. Furthermore, whereas you must not overfill your tank, it comes with an indicator light that flashes when t is low.

There are LED lights too which offer some light inside your tent which s fund for the children. Also, on its minimum speed, this unit guarantees to provide you with six hours of cooling, but you may need to sit in front of it because it will not reduce your ambient temperature.


  • Incorporates LED lights
  • Features internal air filter
  • Makes use of a USB plug for power
  • Lasts a maximum of six hours of cooling for every fill
  • Add either ice cubes or water for cooling
  • It has speed controls


  • Needs always to be kept level to ensure water does not spill
  • Can generate dump condition in tiny locations
  • Low capacity for ice cubes or water

My final opinion

Therefore, when looking for the best portable cooling, you should go for the XPower FM-48 Portable Cooling Misting Fan which according to us is the best camping air conditioner. Although it technically is not a fan, it does offer you a cool-mist feature that consequently assists you to reduce the temperatures inside your tent just like how an AC unit does.

Furthermore, it does necessitate constant power source, but its tradeoff is that you get no interruptions to change batteries plus have a robust fan speed if you require an industrial-strength fan to dry out the tent’s wet interior.

Lastly, it incorporates a swivel adjust to aim airflow anywhere you wish and a sealed motor for added durability.

Keep in mind that the choice of the best camping air conditioner is based on its camping experience. Once your needs are defined, it will be easier to make the right choice while taking into account your budget. I hope this file has helped you to see more clearly in the choice of your camping air conditioner.

What is your favorite air conditioner? Do you have questions about how to choose the best camping air conditioner? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Happy Camping!

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