Camping With Dog: The Complete Guide In 2020

Are you planning your first time camping with dog? Then you need this guide! Inside you’ll find Complete techniques to help you camping with your Dog.

We all agree that dogs are an essential part of the family, so should we go with them camping? It is a question every casual car-camper or seasoned backpacker wants to know. Therefore, discussed in this article is what you should expect when camping with dog. 🐶

10 Reasons camping with dog is so much fun

You should always bring along your dog whenever you are going camping because the benefits of having them with you significantly outweigh the drawbacks. However, you now will have to continually worry about leaving your dinner plate unattended and finding some food is missing plus having to limit your plans somewhat.

These challenges are nevertheless soon dissipated when you start experiencing the constant entertainment and enjoyment your four-legged canine companion offers you.

Additionally, this is made much fun when you are out adventuring together, and you can be sure that they too love every moment they get to spend with you. Therefore, below are some of the reasons why you should camp with your dog every time; here are 10 seasons camping with dog…

  1. Dogs are an excellent source of distraction usually letting your mind to relax and feel less stressed.
  2. Your kids get to be kept entrained subsequently allowing you some much-needed time of precious quiet and relaxation.
  3. They are always good for having an afternoon nap with as long as they have had their exercise. If you are camping in more wild regions, dogs are a great source of protection for you and your family.
  4. Typically, having a dog draws you to other dog owners thus making it easier to meet new people.
  5. Often, dogs are always keen on assisting you in collecting wood needed for the fire.
  6. They keep you warm and cozy during the night, a much better alternative to any hot water bottle.
  7. Whether you like it or not, getting morning a kiss is a guarantee.
  8. With your dog around, you get to laugh more.
  9. Never again will you miss a sunrise, so your dog’s frequent pawing of the tent zipper does have its benefits after all.
  10. They offer you with moments that you will remember forever.

Training your dog Properly:

Does your dog usually listen to your commands? Moreover, it does not need a Ph.D. to follow whatever instructions you give to it effectively.

Thus, training your dog to listen to some of these critical voice commands is essential and subsequently get him not to play dead or roll over, despite these cute tricks being a source of entertainment for the kids. Some of the vital commands which require consistent responses include;

Whoa –You should use this to free, stop or tell your dog not to move. Also, it is especially useful so that they do not chase at squirrels across the street and flush at birds whenever they are on-point. Whoa, therefore, can indeed save a life.

Come – This is an obvious point.

Down – This is instructing your dog to lie down and not move at all until you have given them the okay signal.

Okay – We are cool, carry one as you were.

Leave it – Drop whatever is your mouth immediately. Likewise, if you smell a dead crow, you should not even think about it.

Other non– Essential commands that are still very useful include hurry up which means quickly defecate and urinate, with this very useful at rest stops.

Nevertheless, if you intend always to have your dog on a leash, you do not require all these commands, but doing that takes away plenty of fun for both the dog and yourself.

Prepare before you go camping with dogs:

Pick a campsite which allows dogs

Not all the campsites gladly welcome dogs are comparable to how you, as a dog owner, do. Thus, when deciding on a campground, you should opt for one that allows you to bring your dog.

Additionally, it is possible that there are certain restrictions as well as additional costs which are applicable. Therefore, you should properly carry out your research before choosing a choosing a camping location so that you precisely know what is expected of you.

Have an ID for your dog

While in new places, it is vital that your dog is easily recognizable. You need to do this by confirming your dog has an up-to-date collar on its collar. Furthermore, you should include extra details on the collar such as your mobile number and details of the campground to this temporary tag.

Find a Vet close to the campsite

Whereas you possibly will not need the services of a vet as you do your camping, it is still a great idea to know its location just in case of an emergency.

Apply to your dog both tick and flea preventative

Typically, the woods and forests are some of the primary locations where your pet picks up undesirable parasites that can be consequently passed on to humans. Likewise, these parasites are unpleasant for your dog.

Checklist for camping with dog:

Dogs love spending time in the great outdoors – maybe even more than we do. The dog camping checklist is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog will have a fun time while you’re away. It’s an important part of the whole plan.

The first step should be a discussion with your vet. They will know whether or not your dog is able to attend a family vacation. There are several things that your vet may suggest that can help your dog feel more comfortable.

If you bring a large dog, you may want to pack some toys or a treat dispenser. Even if your dog isn’t an active dog, they may be upset by having toys or treats at home. This way, your dog won’t get bored. Some other items to consider include safety items such as water bowls, leash and other dog supplies.

Just make sure that you don’t forget to add any emergency supplies you may need. Pack the dog camping checklist with the checklist you would use for your trip. When it comes to getting a trip organized, it’s always best to do it together. By making it a family trip, you’ll have fun as well as being able to enjoy the trip.

Here’s an infographic including everything you might need to bring your dog on a camping trip with you.

It is important that you bring all of your camping needs so that it can be less stressful for you and your dog. Check everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Flashlights
  • Dog Coats
  • Dog Boots
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Chew toys
  • Insect repellents
  • Snacks
  • Tent for dogs
  • Plastic bags to meet your dog’s needs.
  • Etc, the list may be long, but it’s worth it!
Dog Camping Checklist #infographic

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Campsite’s Rules: To follow when camping with dogs

Having a load of dogs in the field with tents, families, smells, food, fresh air, and no rules is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, to avoid this, campsites that usually allow dogs to put in place strict regulations to ensure the always camp runs in a civilized manner.

Also, it is necessary that these rules are followed sternly and some of the rules you should anticipate in this pet-friendly camping grounds include;

  • You should always have your dog on a leash.
  • Per every pitch, limit the number of dogs.
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Never leave your dog unattended.
  • Do not allow your dog to bark uncontrollably.
  • Keep your dog out of the kid’s areas.

Unwritten Rules

There are several unwritten rules you should generally stick to as a dog owner, and which you frequently do even without knowing. Thus, to confirm that we are on the same page, below are some guidelines you need to follow when you are out camping with dog;

  • Always bag the poop and carry it with you.
  • Never allow your dog to adopt another family even though they may appear to want him around as this will lead him to think it is okay to visit the entire campsite.
  • You should avoid shouting at your dog regularly. So, if you have a disobedient dog, then possibly taking your pet to a campsite is not a great idea.
  • You should not ignore your pet even if he does not stop barking because he might want a walk off-site to subsequently cool down.
  • Even though you know your dog is friendly, you should not assume that other people will harbor similar thoughts. Therefore, you need to have him on a leash whenever you are around people and other dogs. Also, you can communicate to him that he might be in trouble.

Set up a protected area where your dog can roam:

Whenever you are creating a camping checklist, having a long leash for dog camping is essential. It is because having an area where you can leave your dog during downtime or meals is crucial.

This location needs to be relaxed so that your dog is happy and secure. Usually, a line set up between two trees hooked onto with a leash works perfectly too.

Consequently, your dog can either settle under his preferred shade or wander around slightly more. So, the following are what you need for your rogue to roam;

A tie out cable

You can decide to secure this between two secure stakes or trees with this a reflective measure to assist in preventing any undesirable injuries during the night.

A tie out cable leash

This robust hook joins both ends, and thus you clip your dog and then tie out the cable. Additionally, the heavy-duty springs permit an additional give for your dog when he gets somewhat energetic.

Lastly, you can decide to alternatively fasten the cable leash to a stake in the ground or use of a combination of both for the best possible tie out for camping with dogs.

Always secure your dog during the night

When you are out camping with dog, you need to consider where your dogs will sleep. Despite people being different, it is vital you reduce the risk of midnight wanderings especially if you and your dogs have never been out together at night under the canvas. So, before it is bedtime, here are some of the options you have;

Sleep inside your tent

If your dog is snuggling next to you for heat, then you should utilize a carabineer to keep your tent zipper “locked.” Also, you will be amazed by how agile the paws and nose of your dog can be when he wants to find his way out.

Hence, utilize clip-on LED lights which work perfectly and can be put on the collar of your dog to ensure you can always keep tabs before bedtime.

Dog tent

Your hound will be okay with hanging out in his separate dog camping tent or the tent’s porch mainly if he is used to staying in a kennel.

Dog camping bed

Confirm that your dog’s camping bed is water-resistant at the bottom plus well-insulated to shield him from the ground’s cold regardless of the weather.

Dog sleeping bag

If you are camping in a cold region, you should consider making your dog’s camping bed as comfy as possible, as well as the dog sleeping bag.

Dog sleeping bag attachment

If the conditions are freezing, the camp bed for your dog does not get any better than having appropriate and comfortable cuddles by fastening to yours his doggie sizes sleeping bag.

First Aid for your dog:

What if your dog did something wrong, or became injured? How could you find the help you need to treat your dog without causing any harm? Fortunately, there are many places where you can find the information you need to make sure that your dog is treated properly.

If you know where to look, you’ll be able to treat your dog without worrying about hurting it in the process. Here are some of the top places where you can get first aid and dog safety information.

The first place to go is the library. There are books about first aid, and dog first aid. These books will give you information about how to treat injuries from hunting accidents, falls, and other things that happen on the property. These books will give you information about what to do when your dog becomes injured.


Carry with you a dog specific First Aid Kit

After reaching your campsite, your hound will be very much excited to explore its new environs. The distraction by the new sounds and smells of this new adventure subsequently creates an ideal condition for accidents to occur.

Therefore, ensure you carry with you all the essential medical supplies for your dog just as how you would for your family.

First Aid Kit

You should add to the package any specific pet medication which you might necessitate and then put inside your pack if you are heading out for an adventure.

Tick Key

Safeguard that it has a way to remove the troublesome ticks before burying it too deep inside the skin.

Activities to do when out camping with dog:

Most dogs will, of course, be happy with just having either a toy or ball thrown around for them, and the addition of some treats will only make this hound’s best day.

Nevertheless, as humans, the throwing of the ball has its shelf life, so when RSI or monotony sets in, you will require to have other dog-friendly tasks in mind when out camping with dog.

You do not have to worry though, because taking your dog with you to adventures only makes things more fun hence leading to your dog having yet another “best day ever” moment.

Hiking with dogs

Before heading out on your adventure, you must first confirm that there are no dog restrictions. Likewise, you must only set your target distance according to what your dog’s lungs and legs are used to and can handle with ease.

Comparable to camping with dogs, there exits lots of etiquette and rules you need to follow whenever you are hiking with dogs. Usually, in most of the areas, it is required that you have your dog on a leash. It is worthwhile however to get your pet to wear a harness instead of a collar to give it a comfier experience.

Doggie Carrier – You should consider getting your dog this backpack if you wish to travel longer and if your pet is still a toddler, you do not want him to miss out on any of the fun.

Water bottle and bowl – It is a two in one bowl and bottle which allows you to take lots of water to keep your dog to keep going, Also, if the conditions are hot, you should give your pet extra water.

Camping with dogs with cycling

If your dog is disciplined and you trust its attention will not easily be diverted by a bouncing bunny rabbit or crossing kitty, then cycling with your canine friend totting besides you as you cycle is an excellent idea.

Hands-free bicycle leash – Having an adjustable least which fastens near the back wheel of your bicycle works excellently. Furthermore, this set up allows there to be a reasonable distance between your bike and dog, plus the in-built shock absorption enables you to make spontaneous stops.

Doggie basket – You can alternatively decide to pop your pocket-sized pet in the basket on your bicycle’s front, and they will enjoy whizzing along, with their tongues out and flapping their ears. 16 TIPS FOR WHEN

15 Essential tips for camping with dogs:

1. Allow your dog to check out the gear

As your dog watches, set up your tent in the backyard and offer him with treats or other rewards inside it. Additionally, you should make use of a flashlight or wear a headlamp whenever you are taking a night walk.

2. Visit the veterinarian

When you are traveling, it is vital to safeguard that your dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations and is healthy. Moreover, you should inquire about preventative medications for ticks, fleas, and heartworms plus always having a copy of your dog’s vaccination records inside the glove compartment of your vehicle.

Thus, you still are ready in case of an emergency. Confirm that the microchip information of your pet is updated, identify the location of the closest AAHA-accredited animal hospital and carry a pet first aid kit. Lastly, on your dog’s ID tag, it is advisable to list your cell phone number.

3. You should add dog supplies

You should not wait until you reach the middle of nowhere to realize that you have forgotten a valuable item such as a leash or food.

4. Before arriving at the campground, first know If It Is Pet-friendly

Confirm that all the members of your camping party are welcome with either a phone call or a fast online search.

5. Carry a stake with a “Tie-out” or lead to safely secure your hound when you are at the campground

This complies with the “Dogs must be leashed in the campground” rule subsequently giving you peace of mind to stare at the starts without having to worry that your dog is chasing wildlife or wandering off at night. Moreover, bring a hammer with you to securely drive the stake in the ground.

5. Have additional blankets and towels on hand

If your dog loves swimming, you will be glad to have with you an extra towel since you do not want him to become chilled or get your sleeping bag wet. Also, it is useful if he has been rolling in rotting carcass because you need to wash him.

There should be a designated blanket or towel for the ground adjacent to your camping chairs and additional blankets in the tent if it gets very chilly at night.

6. Bring a crate if  your dog is crate trained

This can help your dog feel more secure.

7. Seek shade

You should position your tent such that there always will be shade from the trees or you can invest in a canopy or pop-up tent because otherwise, dogs will overheat quickly.

8. Carry chew toys

It gives your pet something to do when you are out occupied talking around the campfire or making dinner. However, you need to stay away from bones because they can attract wildlife as well as being a health hazard for your hound.

9. Keep water inside the dog bowl and check it often

You might be necessitated to replace it if pinecones fall into it or the wind blows twigs inside.

10. Always scoop and bag your dog’s poop to encourage the campgrounds to stay tet-friendly

It is crucial still to respect other campers.

11. Make Use Of A Pet-friendly Repellant To Ward Off Bugs

– The prevention of heartworm is critical with this disease usually transmitted by mosquitoes.

12. A tired dog is an obedient dog, remember this

Not only is taking long hikes during the day exciting, but it also tires your hound. Thus instead of barking or fussing which usually is not accepted in campgrounds, your dog will be to have a peaceful night.

13. Inspect your dog for foxtails, thorns, ticks, and burrs

These can eventually become a serious issue for your dog if not quickly spotted and removed.

14. Stay together

You should not leave your dog unattended at the campground or riskily in a hot tent or car.

15. Take photo

Finally, enjoy yourself and take many photos.


We have gone through why camping with dogs is fun and some of the guidelines you need to follow when camping with dogs. Therefore, you now are better-placed to make a prudent decision the next time you are planning to go camping on the merits of having your four-legged friend.

I hope you enjoy these tips. Have you ever camping with dog?  Hey, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, okay? 😉

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