Ownership Review of Catoma IBNS Bednet System (1.6Yrs Use)

Let’s just accept the fact mosquitoes are ubiquitous and are no less than a pain; camping is not an exception. Who would want to spend the entire day in a tent merely to avoid these mosquitoes and other bugs? That’s when these bed net systems come to the rescue.

No matter if you are a seasoned hiker or professional camper, there is a decent possibility that you have been impacted by the acrimonious connection between sleep and bothersome insects at least once in your excursions trip.

That’s when the most underrated camping gear bed net system comes to use.

These shelters come in different shapes and sizes, but the one which we will be going to talk about today is quite different and widely used by the US military. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that this bed net system was designed by keeping military personnel in mind.

Aside from that, what makes these shelters our top favorites is their ease of installation—even the large shelters don’t take much effort to install; you can accomplish it in a few minutes and utilize it any way you like.

Furthermore, it truly enables you to soak in the scenery and the fresh air without risking a bite from a wild bug.

Simply put, the sole purpose of these shelters is to safeguard you from any unsettling, weird natural pests while you’re out and about.

Catoma IBNS Review


Extra features: Very easy to setup and install, lightweight and portable to transport, can be in various surfaces.

It has been a very long time since Catoma IBNS entered the market, and during that time it has never let its customers down.

The main purpose of this gear, if we were to discuss it, is to safeguard you from the natural bugs that are prevalent at your campground, to make your camping trip more opulent and mosquito-free, you can connect this IBNS to your cots.

Since these devices were created explicitly for military personnel, as per their history, they fit nicely in the typical US military cots, and with that in mind, the designers also incorporated buckles at either end of the piece so that it could be quickly connected to cots.

You can even upgrade this IBNS into an EBNS merely with the stick and a rainfly.

Similar to that, there are several additional characteristics that contribute to the rarity of this gear, which we will examine in more detail.


If we look into the history of the Catoma Improved Bednet system, it was primarily designed for military personnel. This system provides some respite to the soldiers who are out there in the field, as it acts as a shield that guards them against mosquitoes and other insects.

With its push-and-lock straps on each corner, this bed net system offers a number of conveniences. You may connect it to the surface you’re resting on, keeping you protected from insects.

This IBNS has been in use for a long time, and because of its high quality and adaptability, it is a favorite among campers and military personnel.

Moreover, With the use of a fly and pole, this IBNS may also be converted into an EBNS. Let’s examine its characteristics in greater detail.

Instant Setup

It is incredibly safe and simple to attach this to the cots thanks to the attached straps. Nevertheless, you may also use it outside. This tent is exceedingly simple and quick to install, I was able to set it up in about 15-20 seconds.

Although initially, it would take me a few minutes since I had to read the instructions briefly again and again and watch a few youtube videos, over time with practice I can now set it up in a matter of seconds.

This tent’s quick assembly can be attributed to its tensioned fiberglass poles, which loop around the periphery of the tent and allow it to expand to its full shape.

All you have to do is to take it out from the bag and let it fly in the air, it will expand to its full size automatically. You can further stake it down with 3-4 stakes, and within a matter of seconds, your safe and breathable shield is ready to use.

As with installation, packing this up is simple—just hold up one end and grasp the other. When the two pieces of fiberglass are fitted together, they will resemble a garbage can.

Take the outside corner and press it down, followed by the other and finally the third corner. This will create a circle, which you must further reduce before placing it on the carry bag.

Relax, even though folding it will make you feel like you’re going to shatter the fiberglass, it won’t.

Worth the cost? This IBNS cost me around $116 excluding shipping charges, which is a tad pricey if we compare it to its other alternatives such as the Sansbug 1-person tent.

But with great bargain comes outstanding quality, and with that in mind, I acquired this tent, and to be quite honest, I am not disappointed with its quality.


The 120mm waterproofing floor, which has a bathtub-style design, was made with 70D ripstop nylon. However, the fabric appears to be but it is extremely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about seepage from the bottom.

The netting is made of a thin mesh, and might be a little problematic during the rain; use a rainfly to shield yourself. Aside from that, it truly shields you from bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Honestly speaking, while camping out in nature, I can totally rely on this bedding net system. Over the years, I’ve become more and more confident with this gear, knowing that it effectively keeps anything that would be a threat to me while I sleep away.

Climate Resistance

The nylon fabric and the mesh net make it quite difficult to retain heat in this tent; it is certainly not suitable for usage in colder climates, however, you may use it if you wear warm clothing.

However, it worked for me since I mostly camp in the countries closer to the equators where it gets a bit hot in other conventional tents. This IBNS worked well for me as it doesn’t retain heat.

However, during rain, it will not work in your favor if you do not have a rain fly, which you must purchase separately.


This Catoma IBNS is so small (13.8 x 13.2 x 3.4 inches) when it is packed that you can carry it in one hand and store it in your bag without taking up much room or exerting yourself.

Once it is opened, it expands to a length of 90 inches, measuring 33 inches wide at the head and 25 inches wide at the feet.

Thus, it is more than appropriate for a single individual. However, it is crucial to remember that this does not extend to the entire tent; rather, it is more akin to a casket designed just for convenience.

However, I perceive a problem with its height. As I am 6’5, which causes my toes to touch the end, as consequence I am unable to fully extend my legs in this. In my opinion.

If you are taller than 6’3 and like a comfy, roomy bed, you could be disappointed, therefore you might want to consider other options like a Sansbug 1person pop-up screen tent.

Additional Ammenities

Although this tent is modest, the designers undoubtedly designed it in accordance with current standards. From storage pockets to zippers to the buckles on each side which adds more comfort to your excursions.

The strong and long-lasting zippers on either side allow you to customize your sleeping arrangements. You may put your preferred mattress inside and spend the night in more luxury.

The zippers, however, I thought was a touch noisy and tight, which was a little annoying. Apart from that, this IBNS comes with a storage compartment which you use to put on your small gears like a flashlight or your cell phone. These spaces, however, are not as large as a typical tent.

In order to make it simple to set up in the military cot, the designers of this IBNS placed buckles or push-and-lock straps on each corner as these were especially intended for use by army personnel. Moreover, you can also transform it into the EBNS(Enhanced bednet System).

This IBNS may be upgraded to an EBNS by adding extra rainfly and ridgepoles, which you need to purchase separately.

Once the ridge poles are fully extended, attach them to the straps at the head and foot sides before attaching the strap to the mosquito net. Once finished, cover it with the rainfly and secure it by connecting it to the straps and you’re done.

Both campers and army personnel frequently utilize this upgradeable Catoma IBNS system due to the EBNS’s protection against unpredictable weather.


This Catoma IBNS is extremely sturdy and durable without a doubt, you can use it even on the rocky surface. and its mesh net which seems to be thin really works out as per my expectation.

The only drawback was that it was too short for me to stretch out completely, so if you are under 6’3 this catoma IBNS is ideal for you as it offers a tonne of room; however, if you are 6’3 or taller, Consider the alternative choice as well.







A deeper examination of its features reveals that the Catoma IBNS is surprisingly underappreciated by the populace, but that doesn’t imply no one is aware of this amazing versatile camping gear.

It has been on the market for a good number of years, and surviving in a field with so many rivals is no easy feat, as per my opinion, it’s the durability and high quality of this system that has retained it as a favorite among many campers, including myself.

I truly adore its quality, especially the fabric, which appeared thin at first but has excellent water resistance. The mesh net is additionally of exceptional quality and does a wonderful job of guarding against pests.

In light of this, its quick installation, which takes only a few seconds, and its upgradeable features are without a doubt my favorites.

However, there were a few negatives that did bother me. The first was the length, which I despised. If you are 6’3 or taller like me, it really is a deal breaker. For those of exceptional height, I believe the designers should have attempted to slightly enhance the height.

Additionally, the zippers and the tent’s ability to hold heat were fairly subpar; however, as I typically camp in regions close to the equator, I didn’t experience any problems with this aspect.

But for campers staying in colder locations, it might be a hassle as the net plainly allows rain to enter and also does not help to trap the heat.

Given its cost, I would advise choosing this Catoma IBNS if you can live with its minor shortcomings because it will undoubtedly be a good investment.

For anyone who is still unsure, I would advise choosing the Sansbug 1-person pop-up screen tent as an option because it is more economical than the Catoma IBNS, has considerably broader dimensions, and offers decent or similar protection against pests.

Additionally, you can wind it up similarly to the IBNS and set it up way faster in the air itself.

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