Ownership Review of Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent (2.7 Years)

Spacious, Durable, and Easy to install tent Core 9-person tent, can be the best option if you’re planning to hit the road with your large group of friends or with your family.

Nothing would compare to the thrill of camping with your loved ones or staying with your group in a distant area where you would otherwise not be able to spend the night.

I’m sure the majority of us have some camping memories. They have definitely stayed in my memory better, I can say that much.

However, when it comes down to it, all you really need for a camping trip or vacation is equipment that is lightweight, adaptable, and dependable under any conditions.

And the Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent strives to do precisely that, and it does it successfully.

Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


Extra features: Built-In LED Lights, Features room divider to create a 2 room tent, Electrical cord access port 

As I said, the thrill of going camping with your friends or family is unmatched. More people equals more enjoyment.

However, such a large number of people cannot be accommodated in a single camp, and a Family camp is ideally suited for such enjoyable camping excursions.

Utilizing one of the many tents that can house two or more families can help you create a memorable camping experience; in my opinion, the Core-9 quick cabin tent can be the ideal choice.

I’ve been using this tent myself for about two years, and the amount of joy it has brought me is worth every penny I spent on it. Its numerous extravagant features make this tent exceedingly magnificent.


This tent is my personal favorite, due to its solitary cabin-style construction, as the name suggests this tent can be installed very quickly and is self-supporting, however, you have to still stake it down due to its height can cause a problem during the strong wind. Let’s examine its features in greater detail.

  • Quick Installation

If you had to nudge me, what would have been the driving force behind my decision to buy this tent? Then It was its quick, effortless setup, which is unusual in such sizable tents.

With the pre-assembled structure, setting up this tent is extremely simple and literally takes a few minutes.
According to the creators, this tent can be set up in 60 seconds, which is accurate; nonetheless, anything done in less than five minutes is acceptable.

Due to my lack of experience with this type of installation when I first got the tent, it would initially take me around 7-8 minutes to set it up.

Although it took me a little while to get the hang of it, I can now set it up in under 5 minutes, or around 3–4 minutes, which significantly helps me save time.

All of the items are neatly packed in the travel bag, however, it is too hefty to use for backpack camping. Moreover, this tent is immediate, just like its name says. Simply put, you only need to extend the frames out as they are already attached to the tent.

The arms will stick out and the central portion will stick up. Pro tip: Pull the arms outwards rather than forcing them out, even though they are constructed of steel, as applying pressure may cause damage to the arms.

Once you’ve finished with this section, raise the six poles to their full height; when they do, a click sound will be audible. You may even stake them down in windy conditions.

While putting this tent up, I saw a lot of reviews that claimed two people were required to put it up. However, I was able to complete this task without assistance from my buddies and due to my modest height only needed their assistance while setting the rainfly.

Worth the money?

It cost me roughly $239.59, compared to many other large tents, it is significantly less expensive. However, the alternative wine-colored version was available for $299.99, but I decided to go with this one as I liked the green-grey color scheme more.

However, since it was so inexpensive, Just like others I also anticipated that the maker would have sacrificed the quality or durability of this tent.

Fast forward, it has turned out that even after two years of use, it is still in excellent condition due to its smart construction and durable materials used for the construction.

  • Fabric

For the flooring, designers undoubtedly chose 125 gsm of sturdy polyethylene cloth. Whereas, for the body and fly they have opted for the less sturdy fabric of 68D polyester.

The rainfly is somewhat shabby apart from that, it hasn’t caused any problems as such to me as I live within a moderate rainfall area but, I have my doubt about the extreme colder climate areas.

  • Climate Resistance

I got this tent since it is described as a complete three-season tent in the instructions.No doubt, this tent is perfect for summer camping as it has great ventilation and a lot of mesh on the roof and its big windows, which make sure a good flow of air.

Nevertheless, after a few uses, I would suggest that you limit your usage to the early fall months because the tent’s rainfly is a little worn out and barely completely protects the top.

However, the company claims that the rain fly’s quality is excellent and that it features Core’s unique H2O Block Technology, which is accurate in certain respects.

Moreover, the rain fly was too scruffy and constrictive in my opinion to be put to use, so use with caution.

  • Stakes and Poles

Contrary to many other tents that provide stakes of inferior quality for the sake of the name, the stakes included in these tents are unquestionably quite robust and measure about 27 inches.

Furthermore, this tent is quite strong and sturdy due to the steel frame of its poles, but It would be wonderful if the makers included the teeny pole above one of the doors, which would make this tent more secure and robust, however, I would rate its frame 9 out of 10.

  • Ventilation

This tent is extremely ventilated thanks to the large windows, one in the back and two on the sides, as well as the mesh roof. Lying beneath this in clear weather definitely helps me relax; I absolutely love its mesh roof.

Oh! Additionally, this tent has two doors, so you may utilize the second one instead of opening the T-style door each time.

On a rainy day, the rainfly can is there to cover you. However, I would advise you to try at least once taking a nap inside of this with the roof open, trust me, it works better than therapy.

Let me also tell you that the walls’ fabric is not at all permeable, leaving you to entirely rely on the mesh roof and its windows for adequate airflow.

These innovative vents, however, use moveable ground-level air intake valves to draw in cold air and a large mesh ceiling to allow hot air escape.

You may zip up the windows for privacy; the zippers are quite smooth. I actually don’t face any issues using it; just be careful while zipping them up since the cloth might get caught between the zippers and get damaged.

  • Capacity

This tent is really large, measuring 14′ X 9′, and can hold 9 people at once, at least according to the brand. In contrast, if all nine of you are using the tent only for sleeping, you may all fit inside without any problem.

However, on a personal level, I feel more at ease using it with up to 5 people at once as it allows everyone a decent amount of room to walk around and more privacy.

The coolest feature of this is you can use such a large room for storing the furniture and can also divide this space into two rooms with the room divider, while using the room divider, you can get a room of 2.13 x 2.74 m dimensions.

Fun fact: I parked my two bicycles inside this comfortably.

Now if we come to its packed size, it’s definitely not for backpack camping and you’ll be needing a car for its transportation without a doubt.

Once packed, this tent gets extremely large and with the dimensions of 48 x 11 x 10.5 and the weight of more than 35 pounds, you can anticipate how huge this tent becomes when packed.

However, the strength of this tent is demonstrated by its weight, which is around 18 kg and mostly composed of its substantial steel structure.

  • Additional Amenities

The designers of this tent, like those of other tents, strove to make it up to current standards and included most of the facilities found in a typical tent.

They have incorporated multiple storage pockets, which readily accommodate my phone and our other camping equipment. The quality of these compartments is okay-ish.

The placement of the hooks, however, has disappointed me because there are only a few ceiling hooks, one of which is located in the center. It would have been somewhat more convenient and pleasant, in my opinion, if they had provided two hooks for each room.

Additionally, you may recharge your batteries via the inbuilt zipper E-cable connector. Simply said, you may connect your electronics inside the tent using these built-in zippers if there is a power source nearby.

Now, even while trekking, you won’t have to miss your Instagram updates.

Even though these conveniences may appear little or modest, the amount of room they provide and the relaxation they provide are praiseworthy, especially while camping with more people.







Overall, owing to its wide proportions and excellent air ventilation, I actually really loved this tent. Our countless backyard camping excursions have become luxurious campgrounds, and credits go to this Core 9-person tent.

The main cabin’s potential for air circulation, its ability to be partitioned into two separate rooms, and, obviously, its quick setup were some of the key factors that made me so excited to buy it. The screen room was an especially appreciated element and was one of the rooms.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to keep in mind that it can be too large for most camping grounds and the last thing we want is to be stranded in a location where the tent won’t fit. Therefore, thoroughly investigate your travel destination before bringing this tent along.

All of your needs are met by this tent. Its outstanding ventilation will keep you comfortable and cool on sweltering summer nights. Further, with its built-in room divider and two distinct doors, it may provide two families or groups with privacy when necessary.

You can construct this quickly and disassemble it even more quickly thanks to the simple setup.

Furthermore, there is enough space inside for persons up to 6’6″ tall to stand upright without stumbling into the ceiling.

All of these motivating reasons combine to make this tent a firm favorite among those who enjoy taking their families on vacations in remote, adventurous locations. From many perspectives, purchasing this tent is beneficial.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Compared to other tents, Core tents are a bit pricey but the features and technologies they provide are worth the money. In order to assist prevent water from entering the tent, Core offers several tents equipped with H20 water block technology. For the bulk of their tents, they also utilize fabric that is water-resistant to assist prevent water from seeping through the tent walls.

The other, appreciable feature of Core tents is its ground venting system, which basically intends to draw the cold air from the ground into the tent and push the hotter one through the mesh ceiling. Yes, the majority of the ceiling of the Core tent is mesh, which you can cover with the rainfly.

The designers of the Core tents, also provide vestibules in some of the tents which can function as a front porch. You can even store the objects in this vestibule, but be aware that they can still get wet.

Further, In order to speed up and simplify tent setup at your campground, several CORE tents include Instant poles linked to the tent’s walls. This technology of Core tents makes the installation significantly simpler and it also takes less time to set up.

Overall, the qualities offered by these tents are really commendable and durable, making them excellent for your excursion trip.

Setting this Core-9 person tent is extremely easy and you can do that in a matter of seconds. As the name suggests, the tent comes with a pre-assembled structure. The first step involves taking the tent out from the durable travel bag it comes in.

The arms are already attached to the tent, so you just have to pull out the arms and stick up the central portion. Despite being composed of steel, the arms can still be damaged if they are pulled out with too much force, so try to do it carefully and easily.

Once you have raised all six poles to their full height, you will hear a click. For added security, you can stake these poles down if you are camping in an area that is particularly windy.

The rain-fly, which you can use when it rains, has also been provided by the makers. However, due to its enormous height, setting the rain-fly would require two individuals.

This rain-fly comes with the clip attached, which you have to join to the clips placed at the poles, and your tent is ready for some memorable and adventurous trip.

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