Ownership Review of Hewolf Camping Tent (2.7 Years)

Who doesn’t appreciate a night of camping in the woods? Camping has become a common sport for many people as our desire to reconnect with untainted nature and tranquility grew as we entered the period of urbanization.

A tent, which essentially offers you shelter in the woods, is the most important piece of equipment you will require while camping. Therefore, picking a high-quality tent becomes crucial. It must be strong enough to protect you in an emergency.

You need to be aware of a few things before you start looking for the tent so that your buying will go smoothly and easily.

Look for the tent first, depending on where you intend to go. Is that location really hot or in a harsh winter climate? That will determine how you should proceed. The tent should have enough room for you to move around without feeling claustrophobic.

Consider going with a lightweight and somewhat sized tent as the next crucial step. so that you wouldn’t have any trouble transporting the tent and it could easily fit inside the car.

Therefore, these are the key considerations. After you’ve given them some thought, you may evaluate other accessories, tent kinds, and prices.

Hewolf Tent Review


Extra features:  Rainproof, Fastest tent easy, Automatic setup, Instant pop-up, Easy assembly

The assembly of this automatic he wolf pop tent doesn’t require a lot of energy or time. With measurements of 40.1 x 7 x 6.7 inches, this tent gives enough space, and the mesh windows and doors won’t make you feel trapped inside of it, despite the fact that the style and design make it appear somewhat crowded.

This tent’s 195T polyester fabric provides adequate protection from all types of inclement weather while also making it slightly lighter to move around with ease.

This tent is portable and can be set up and taken down quickly in a variety of situations. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this pop-up tent.

Before briefly examining the feature. If you’re constrained by time, you can look at the specifications table.


These large hexagonal Shaped HEWOLF Camping Tents can be the best product at the best price, and no one can beat that. Many features make this tent stand out from the rest, but the supreme one could be its installment. 

  • Easy to Setup: This tent takes just a matter of minutes, like 2 to 5 minutes approx, and not more than that. Just lift the Tent upward and press the pole’s end to open it automatically.

This tent is also known as a Pop Up Tent or an automatic tent. So it doesn’t require any slot poles. Instead, poles are already attached, and you have to open them and fix the bottom of the poles into the plastic cups around the base, which will keep them in place.

For attaching the fly sheet, the short silver fabric from the sheet must be attached at the center pole, and you are ready to face extreme storms.

As the official instructions say, up to five people can easily stay inside the tent. However, this statement is hard to believe because there is no way, with dimensions of 40.1 x 7 x 6.7 inches, five adults could live inside it without suffocating

  • Space: But it can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children. This accommodation offers enough space for two adults with a height of 5.5 feet.

You can’t stand up straight, but you certainly won’t be able to crawl inside this tent.

Although the appearance of this tent makes it low-profile, there is plenty of space and a queen-size mattress can fit snugly inside this tent. But the only condition is that the mattress needs to be thicker than 8 inches.

This hexagon pop-up tent is a double-sided wall tent made of 190T polyester flysheet fabric with mesh on the inside. The outer material makes this tent rain- or climate-proof, and the inner mesh material keeps insects and bugs at bay.

But this tent did not match our expectation of rain protection, as water started pouring inside the tent.

We set up this tent near the beach, and as soon as the rain and wind came, the sand and water came directly inside the tent, which was unsatisfactory.

The inner mesh layer is not attached to the outer layer, so it is only the outer flysheet layer that provides rain protection

  • Ventilation: This hexagon-shaped tent has ample ventilation for any kind of weather. 2 large D-shaped zippered doors, a mesh window on top, and interior mist mesh will keep you safe from heat bites and won’t suffocate you.

The fact that this tent comes with a steel pole that can be used on doors to convert the tent into a canopy is like icing on the cake.

The mesh screen rolls down and essentially forms the entrance to the tent. Whereas the outer fly sheets roll up when opened, making the tent more ventilated with standard loop fasteners.

  • Storage Hanger: I loved how the makers of this tent kept the small needs of the customers in mind while designing it. This tent includes a hanger at the center for hanging emergency gear like lights etc.

Furthermore, this tent also includes storage pockets for small gear. Pro tip: the hanger fabric is a bit long and touches the floor so, use it carefully.

The fact that this tent is just 5.8kg makes it good for transporting via vehicles, but carrying and carrying this tent can be a bit daunting.

So this tent is clearly not for backpacking or we would not recommend you to go with it backpacking because of the size of its pack.

Else, this tent is best for camping, traveling, and festival trips. Winding up this tent is also as simple as taking off an umbrella, easy and quick.

  • Affordable: Plus, this tent comes with a warranty and with good features at such a reasonable price, going ahead with this tent is like a win-win situation if you are a family of two and looking for a pop-up, lightweight tent.





For people who prefer going camping sometimes or to more tame locations, this Henwolf tent is pure charm. There are many justifications for going forward with this tent.

Its installation is the very first. It’s as simple to open this pop-up tent as an umbrella. Your cozy lodging will be ready in just a few minutes. 

This tent will keep you and your belongings dry and is resistant to UV rays and moderate rain thanks to its 195TPolyester fabric. The two large doors ensure that the tent has sufficient airflow. Additionally, mesh windows keep the interior airy and shield you from bugs.

Do not be duped by the directions. If you are two people seeking a suitable tent, you should get it since it can easily and comfortably hold two adults.

However, it is not possible for this tent to accommodate three or four persons because it would become too suffocated. The designers included a few mesh pockets and hangers for your other items to help you organize your belongings and get some more room.

The fabric is very similar to the flysheet and very thin, so it’s very clear you can’t use this tent in extreme winter conditions, though with a heater you can use this in moderate winters.

The silver reflective coating might also warm the interior of the tent, but you can’t totally rely on that. We would suggest you take this tent to the beach or to the coastal mountains or to regions that have mild rainfall, winter, and an overall season.

Overall, if you are not a hard-core enthusiast of camping or only go camping or travel for your children’s holidays, you should definitely choose this tent because it is designed for occasional camping and has characteristics that are suitable for less regular and less extreme camping.

How do you set up a Hewolf tent?

We saw a lot of negative reviews regarding how difficult and dangerous they found the assembly process to be while looking for the directions to set up this tent.

However, based on our prior experience, we were able to set this up in one, two, or three minutes. The instructions are incredibly simple and straightforward. We have simplified and improved the installation procedures for your convenience.

It will resemble a gigantic, enormous umbrella when you first take the tent out and setting it up is just as simple as opening an umbrella.

The website claims that you can really install this tent in less than 3 minutes, and it’s kind of true; the entire procedure just takes four stages.

This tent also has a very useful, small backpack. As soon as you remove this tent, cut the thread holding it together, and hold it straight.

How do you set up a Hewolf tent

Step 1: Once you’re done with the thread, lower the legs of the tent. and then pull the center and main pole upwards, and extend the rest of the legs straight out.

Step 2: This step can be challenging, and as the instructions say, you might require assistance from an additional adult. One more adult is required to hold the center pole while you extend the legs straight out.

Step 3: The ring that binds all of the ticks together must be pressed down as this is the last and most crucial step. The ring will make a pop-up sound once it has been correctly fixed. The tent becomes more stable after this phase.

Step 4: The extra poles that come with this tent can be used to turn the door into a flysheet shed by simply securing them to the door hooks, which will keep the door straight for a shed. 


Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent

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