How to Camp on Rainy Days: 11 Simple Tips

Want to know how to camp on rainy days? Then you need this guide! Inside you’ll find 11 simple techniques to help you set up a tent in rainy days without difficulty.

Setting up a tent while it is raining is one of the worst things that can happen in a camp. But being without a tent during the rain can be even worse. So, since we need to assemble, here are some tips on what to do:

If you are thinking of camping, but the place chosen has a rainy climate, get ready to set up your tent. Regardless of whether the location chosen is a mountain or beach, some of these typical summer storms can occur and put everything to waste. Below are some basic tips about how to camp on rainy days.

How to camp on rainy days

1, Put rain clothes in the suitcase. Even if it’s summer, remember to bring a jacket, in addition to a raincoat or waterproof clothing. Also, take an umbrella.

2. If you choose to camp under trees, carefully investigate the existence of branches or trees that may fall with the rain, damaging the tent and injuring the campers.

3. When setting up your tent, avoid under trees or shrubs. If lightning strikes, the stone may fall or wind a lot and the trunks or branches could fall on your tent. Thus, it will also move away from possible animals that may live on the branches of any tree.

4. If you choose to camp in the open, do not set up your tent under a lonely tree, as it can act as a lightning rod.

5. Do not choose places where water can accumulate and form puddles.

6. A slight slope, just enough for the water to drain, is desirable.

7. If it starts to rain, do not lean on the walls of the tent or place any object that can put pressure. Otherwise, water could accumulate around it and end up filtering through the walls of the tent. Anyway, if you camp regularly, buy a water-resistant tent to avoid further discomfort.

8. Set up your tent away from animal trails, like cows, as they form paths for rainwater and no one wants to sleep with their backs in a “stream”.

7. Before setting up the tent, place a tarp over you. That way you avoid having a pool inside the tent before you even start camping;

8. Some tents allow the roof to be set up before the inside of the tent (also called a bedroom), allowing the tent and whoever assembles it to be dry.

9. With a canvas, space can be created on the outside of the tent, as an attachment. So, in case of rain, you can cook or be more comfortable in this place, without having to enter the tent at all times.

10.  When placing the tarpaulin, remember to stretch it in order to avoid the accumulation of water on the ceiling and end up yielding. Think that the water can weigh a lot and, by breaking the canvas, it will flood everything. Be very careful.

11. We recommend that you dig a small canal around your camping tent. This is a good technique to prevent rain. It should be about 20 cm wide by 20 cm deep, and it should surround your tent. In this way, rainwater will accumulate in the rain gutter and avoid flooding your tent.

In addition to these assembly tips, knowing the types of tent, knowing how to choose your camping tent, and knowing the basic care with it can also help a lot.

Do you have questions about how to camp on rainy days? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.

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