How to set up a Camping Tent: The Complete Guide

With the arrival of summer and holidays, many people choose to take trips close to the beach or waterfalls. An incredible option for adventurers or those looking to save money is camping!

This experience is usually memorable and worth living at least once in your life. If you still don’t know how to set up a camping tent, check out our complete and practical guide here!

Choose a suitable location to set up a camping tent

Choosing the right place to set up your tent is key to a comfortable night. The selected area should be sufficiently dry, flat, and oriented, preferably to the southeast, so that the morning sun dries the tent faster.

Also pay attention to possible obstacles that could significantly disrupt the comfort of sleeping – anthills, stones, roots, and tree branches. Ideally, there should also be a source of drinking water and dry wood as fuel for starting a fire near the camp.

What to avoid when camping

  • Deep valleys where fog, humidity, and cold remain
  • The banks of rivers where there is a risk of flooding
  • Steep slopes and rocks, under which there is a danger of loosening soil or stones
  • Lonely trees as frequent targets of lightning during a storm
  • Deep forests, where it is mostly cold and also forbidden to start a fire

Don’t forget anything

First of all, to have the best possible stay, it is important not to forget anything. Of course, the equipment will depend on different criteria: the length of stay, the number of people, the comfort sought, the season, etc. … But in general, here is the equipment that you will surely need, anyway:

Regarding the tent: Pegs, Windshield, Floor mats, Storm strap, Flashlight, Spare batteries (and the tent of course…). See our all type and category tent review here.

To sleep: Inflatable mattress if necessary, sleeping bag, pillows.

To eat: Stove and gas bottle, a multifunction knife, cutlery, gourds, freeze-dried food sachets, a lighter.

And for your safety, don’t forget to always have a mobile phone with you, a whistle, a survival blanket, a first aid kit, and if possible, a map of where you are.

Instead, double-check that you are missing nothing!

How to set up a camping tent

When building a tent, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the package leaflet, which are individual for individual models and tent brands. However, the construction of all tents should, in principle, follow a similar, general procedure.

Tent layout camping:

After choosing a suitable place, remove all its components from the tent packaging and spread them on the ground. Think about the desired position of the tent and spread the mainsail (floor) according to it.

However, before unpacking it completely, temporarily anchor its outer part with pegs to prevent complications associated with the wind. Align and adjust the position of the mainsail, on the back you can attach it with pins for good. But don’t do that anywhere else around the perimeter of the tent until you have set up struts. If you fix the floor earlier, the rods would be difficult to thread through.

Tent anchoring

Insert the pins into the ground at an angle of 45 °. Use a rubber mallet, hammer or ordinary suitable stone to anchor them. The rods should be threaded through the cloak by one person, preferably sitting on the ground. Simply push the rod into the designated hole and pull the fabric over it.

Only after passing through all the rods, lift them at the same time and fix them to the floor, so that they bend into the specified shape. Use the pegs to fix the front of the tent first and then the side walls.

Practical tips for safety and easy tent construction

To better turn off the tent, stretch the strings of the jacket as far as possible. However, to minimize the risk of tripping and subsequent injury, avoid anchoring them in busy places (roads) and making them visible with colored tassels, for example.

Don’t forget to finally shut down and anchor the floor. In order to hit the target position of the tent for the first time, we recommend keeping the mainsail rolled up like a carpet and only rolling it away from each other during construction.

Self-assembly or pop-up tents

Are you terrified of setting up a camping tent and do you want to avoid it? The solution exists in the form of a pop-up tent, the so-called second tent, which expands itself. Just take them out of the package and literally throw them into the space, they will stand up on their own.

Tent maintenance and cleaning

The tent needs to be cared for after each use to serve in good condition for many years. If this is not possible on site, unfold, clean, and dry the tent at home as soon as possible.

Tent drying should always take place, even if it did not rain during the tent. here are basic rules fo tent maintenance to follow after set up a camping tent.

Basic rules of tent maintenance

  • Clean the tent only with warm to lukewarm water, in case of major clogging, use soap.
  • Avoid all aggressive products.
  • The manufacturer should always state in the manual the recommended methods and means of cleaning the tent.
  • You can entrust the cleaning of the tent to a professional company for a perfect result.
  • Once the tent is completely dry, fold it and place it in a dry and dark place.
  • Impregnation is not necessary for most modern tents, the material has already been treated and will last for many years if the tent is used correctly.

Basic rules that a good camper must respect

  • Bring back what you brought: basically, do not leave any waste on the spot, and better yet, pick up those you find. We think of the planet!
  • Do not disturb the fauna or the flora around you, pay close attention to the surface on which you will place your tent.
  • Melt into the landscape, even if you think you are alone, be discreet, do not speak too loud, do not put loud music…
  • Burn any personal hygiene paper that cannot be brought back…
  • Finally, do not try to feed wild animals, it can be bad for them, and can upset their natural behavior.
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And there you are, this time, you should be almost ready to go camping, you are supposed to forget nothing, have planned a route and a camping place in advance, you know how to set up a camping tent, and you know the few rules to respect. So go!

I hope you enjoy these tips. Do you have questions about how to set up a camping tent?
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