Detailed Review of NEMO Wagontop 8P Tent

It’s probably the highest, most spacious, and enormous tent you will ever come across. If you desire a tent for a large extended family or a group of mates, the Nemo Wagontop 8-person tent could be your top pick.

From its appearance to its durable fabric and the materials it is composed of, everything about this tent exudes quality. Moreover, you get enough features in this customizable shelter, like multiple rooms, a mesh porch, and storage pockets.

Nevertheless, it would be accurate to say that the makers of this tent considered the needs of the consumer while building it and that this tent can compete favorably with other overrated tents for a bigger crowd.

NEMO Wagontop 8P Review


Extra features: 2 roof vents plus low side vent for Chimney type ventilation, Comes with a flysheet

The authentic canvas tent immediately springs to mind when we consider a large tent for roughly 8–10 people, but its outrageous cost causes you to abandon the thought and search for other, harder to find, alternatives.

Then then, not any longer. This enormous NEMO tent is here to dominate this department. Now that this tent is available at the best price, has a capacity for 8 people, and has other excellent qualities, you no longer need to push yourself to consider alternatives.

Customers, however, have few reservations about its price, weather resistance, and durability. By subjecting this tent to harsh conditions and assessing its liveability and durability afterward, we have attempted to come up with a solution.


Let’s look at some of its features and determine if this tent is worth your investment.

  • Space and Comfort

The NEMO Equipment Wagontop 8p Tent comes in a small carry bag with a zippered top. Perfectly, the Wagontop 8p came out of the bag and then seamlessly reentered it.

The bag itself has hefty plastic clips that may be tightened down in addition to the zipper to create a compact package.

It features 125 square feet of covered space. However, the amount of usable space is less. Furthermore, with an interior size of 97.3 square feet, a maximum headroom of 7″, and a vestibule area of 26.9 square feet.

This Wagontop 8P grows into a true standing-height tent with a total of three poles. I found myself loving the extra height and being able to move around the tent easily.

You should not worry if you are 6 feet or taller. I can freely move around the tent despite being 6’3″ tall. The headroom provided by this tent is incredibly commendable and substantial.

The tent was not only tall, but it also had plenty of room inside for people.I can guarantee that this tent will make you feel exceedingly small.

This large screened-in front “porch” was one of the features I liked best. This part of the tent actually performs two functions and has a built-in rain flap. You can choose to increase the tent’s size for more living space or reap the benefits of the fresh air.

The main tent’s separator divides the area in half, which is one of its greatest features.The larger room is on one side and offers capacity for a queen-sized air mattress.

The second room, which is fairly small, can barely accommodate a single twin. Other than this, the Wagontop has only six storage pockets, and they are not located in the most practical areas due to the size of the tent.

We were able to organize the least-used equipment in these pockets even though they are not particularly functional.

  • Temperature Resistance and Airflow

The Wagontop functions admirably when the windows are open and there is a gentle breeze. But if the rain and the wind pick up, forget about enjoying yourself in this tent.

Without some more guyline support, a small miracle, and some luck, this 6′ 8″ x 11′ 8″ will not remain on the ground.

The Wagontop’s enormous integrated rainfly can stretch out an additional four feet from the main entrance, providing you plenty of room to stow damp clothing, grimy bikes, or anything else you want to keep out of the elements.

The window arrangement in this Wagontop measurement also has a serious issue. It’s simple for you and the rain to open the long, panoramic windows, which are held closed by three clips.

The long window above the back door has a similar type of covering, but your children will need assistance opening it because this tent is almost seven feet tall.

Although there is an additional front door vestibule/rainfly, it performs a good job of protecting the opening, and the most recent update closes the gap seen in older versions.

Moreover, the Wagontop 8p has large screen windows on all four sides, making the tent airy and well-ventilated.

In addition to all of this, this tent offers excellent protection against heavy rain.It did become a little damp inside after heating it in the chilly fall weather.

Perhaps an external rain fly could help avoid this becoming a problem. For colder areas, a heater can be used in this tent, however, it cannot be described as a four-season tent because of its single wall, which does not offer adequate protection from extremely cold temperatures or snow.

  • Installation

Two enormous dual-centered poles are crossed to form the main structure for erecting this tent. Due to their size and lack of color coding, they are difficult to handle and assemble into the slits of the tent foundation. The rest of the tent uses clips to connect to the pole.

The only issue, which isn’t a big one, is that because of its vast height, it’s difficult to find the top clips for a shorter person. Moreover, it only took us around 15-20 minutes to set up the entire tent.

Another thing that I noticed while setting this tent up is that only 4 guy lines are provided despite there being 6 guy points. So, I purchased extra guy lines because you will undoubtedly want to secure the tent down in addition to simply staking it down.

  • Durability

While the poles are hubbed 14.5mm thick metal, the sidewalls are constructed from 75D PeU polyester. The NEMO Wagontop 8p is designed for years of delightful use.

The Wagontop’s floor is constructed from an astounding 300-denier fabric, which makes it 100% thicker.Unfortunately, the carry bag for this tent had thin fabric, weak handles, and tiny zippers.

To make packing up the tent simpler, they could have made the bag somewhat larger and of higher quality.

  • Value

You already know you’re getting into a huge camping tent if you’re thinking about the Nemo Wagontop 8. The Wagontop easily won our top spot as the largest bag in our field trial. Despite its luscious dimensions, it isn’t extremely heavy:

The Nemo Wagontop 8 is easy to carry with only one hand, even though the entire package weighs just under 20 pounds.

Moreover, the fact that this is an expensive camping tent cannot be hidden, and there’s a high chance a lot of outdoor lovers won’t be able to afford the Wagontop because it retails for roughly $799, which makes it more expensive than cars.

But as soon as we pulled it out of the suitcase, we could immediately see that our money was well spent.

All of the materials are incredibly strong and long-lasting. The Wagontop has a wonderful inside with enormous windows and provided the most spectacular views.

The one significant downside from a value perspective is that the Wagontop is essentially a fair-weather tent, which we believed would be safe enough for sudden downpours but nowhere near as comfortable for proper rainfall with severe winds.


What I Like

There are numerous characteristics that we adore, such as

It’s quite impressive inside, and even when compared to the other large camping tents in our field test, these ceilings are simply out of this world. You actually have to step inside it to realize just how enormous it is inside.

From the bombproof floor we discussed before to the high-tech waterproof textiles used throughout Wagontop’s design, material quality is first-rate everywhere.

We adore Nemo’s attention to even the smallest details, such as the storage pockets for the doors, the front area of the tent’s ability to operate as a “screen room,” and the “360-degree view” sensation that the additional windows inside the shelter give off.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of all the best characteristics this tent has to offer.


What I Don’t Like

We know that cost is a big issue when choosing this NEMO wagon top. That’s not to say that the Wagontop isn’t worth its asking price, but you have to really value the space and amenities of the Wagontop to justify the expense given the comparable alternatives from companies at significant discounts.

Another small issue is with the installation. There are definitely some tents that pitch more quickly, but we didn’t encounter the same uncertainty or frustration that other customers have. 

Even though it’s actually more a matter of the number of steps needed than the actual difficulty here, we believed that after a few more pitches of the Wagontop, it wouldn’t really be worth noting.

We also believed that the Wagontop didn’t seem more weather-appropriate. Granted, if you’re looking for a large family camping tent like this, it’s likely that you already schedule your excursions around largely favorable weather, but there are undoubtedly more weather-inspiring shelters available for a lower price.

To make it easier for you, we’ve produced a rundown of the tent’s less desirable aspects.



The Nemo is enormous. It’s undoubtedly the longest tent at 15 feet long (with the expanded vestibule). The ceiling rises to almost six and a half feet at its highest point and remains over six feet no matter where you are standing.

Despite the fact that it has a tonne of space and amazing features, there are enough minor issues that make it tough to consider it a good deal. Moreover, The Wagontop consumes a significant portion of your savings.

However, these tents have low weather resistance, weak construction, and complex pole assembly and not so affordable price. This leads to the debate of whether it is worthwhile to spend outrageous sums of money on it.

Obviously not. Who would want to spend this much money on features that aren’t really extravagant? There are many other excellent options you can consider.

Ultimately, we appreciate that the Wagontop is backed by Nemo’s lifetime warranty, which made us all feel as though we should be able to take a risk on its relatively high price.

If you find it on sale and are tall and planning on camping in a more temperate region, we highly recommend getting it. Moreover, for the pickiest users, it would make an excellent shelter because it feels as bit as high-end as its pricing suggests.

It would be a good, sturdy shelter. However, we believe a few improvements would have made this tent a solid and wise choice to spend so much money on. they could have provided all of the stakes and guy lines. It is terrible to pay so much money and not receive all the necessary instruments.

Next, the manufacturers could have greatly simplified the assembly process by color-coding the points, and finally, if they could add a window to the roof, that would be both elegant and comfortable. If these small improvements had been done, we might have thought twice about our decision.

Although we advise you to look at our other affordable alternatives that offer quality on pace with Nemo. The highly acclaimed Marmot Halo 6 is a little more expensive, has almost the same amount of floor space and a 6′ 4″ ceiling, and is a big advance in terms of weather resistance and use.

Further, The Kelty Wireless 6 offers 87 square feet of usable floor space for a considerably lesser price if you still find the asking price for these tents to be too much to bear.

Here the tent setup guide of Nemo Wagontop 8P tent. You can watch it to understand about this tent.

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