Ownership Review of Bear Grylls Fire Starter Kit (1.8 Years)

The lightweight, compact, inexpensive, and simple-to-use Bear Grylls fire starter kit gives you 8000+ strikes to ignite a campfire efficiently and simply.

The difficulty of starting a fire without matches or a lighter is rapidly realized by almost everyone who has attempted to do so. It doesn’t matter how long you rub two sticks together—you won’t obtain anything.

A camping vacation would be nothing without a campfire, right? It is impossible to overstate the significance of lighting a fire in a survival emergency. Fortunately, compact, lightweight fire starter kits that may be carried easily are now widely available in almost any sports goods shop.

Bear Grylls Fire Starter Kit Review


Extra features: Comes with Lanyard with built-in emergency whistle

The finest substitutes for dangerous fire chemicals like ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid, carbon monoxide, etc. are fire starters.

They hasten the rapid ignition of an even, steady, and controlled fire. Additionally, they are created from natural substances that have no taste, and no smell, making them perfect for grilling.

As a result, if you want to go camping or engage in other outdoor activities, Bear Grylls Fire Starter Kit may be your finest traveling companion since it can be used to burn any type of fuel, regardless of the weather.


One of man’s biggest accomplishments is fire, it isn’t because we generated it but rather because of how we have regulated it over ages and centuries. However, most of us wouldn’t know how to make a fire, especially under severe emergency circumstances.

I’m not claiming that everyone needs a lighter or matches to start a fire; yet, how many of us always have such things with us, especially while camping?

The only solution, however, for such circumstances is the Bear Grylls fire starter kit, which I have covered in detail below.

When you buy a genuine tool directly from the producer rather than a cheap counterfeit, you are likely to receive a durable item that will last for many years.

And the Bear Grylls Fire Starter is a good illustration of how dependable Gerber’s products are. It is durable enough to last months and works brilliantly.

This Bear Grylls fire starting kit is fantastic in so many aspects, however after using it for 1.8 years, the feature I appreciated the most is its weight.

It hardly weighs 2.6 ounces, and since it is so compact, I carry this item with me on almost every trip, or you might say that I forgot to take it out of my luggage once I get home.

The kit comes in two pieces, and when the barrel is opened, the two distinct things that must be hammered together in order to ignite the fire are seen.

There is a whistle on there as well, so if you need help while you’re in the woods of the highlands, you can blow it to seek help. Let’s get into the much more details of this product.

Apart from that, the fact that it can be used to ignite countless flames really impressed me, you can ignite 8000+ flames, as per the instructions. However, It’s an important factor that should be taken into account while estimating expenses.

If you continuously need to replace your fire starter because it is made of subpar materials, you are also producing extra waste. This fire kit does not cause you this stress and depending on how well you use it, it may last you for a very long time.

This item, which when put together is 5 inches long, is also quite simple to set on fire by just rubbing steel against a substantial ferrocerium rod. Once finished, you may keep the rod in the gasket and you’re good to go.

However, I had a mixed bag of luck with this fire starter kit. Despite the fact that I am not the best at starting fires, I was disappointed in how this worked and would advise you to use petroleum jelly and larger cotton balls for better outcomes. Nevertheless, the fire actually doesn’t persist for very long.

Since you really need to practice with the angles of strikes and pressure, utilizing this fire starter at first was nothing short of a challenge. I even scraped the black paint off a strip in an attempt to spark the flames better, and the results were really promising.

However, I only succeeded in lighting the cotton ball on an oak leaf. Moreover, the design of these fire starters also needs modification in my opinion because it becomes quite difficult to detach them or disassemble the equipment.

This was quite disappointing, and even after using it for less than two years, I still have trouble unplugging the equipment when it is hooked.

Pro tip: A little amount of petroleum jelly works well as an ignition source when dabbed into a cotton ball. This results in a quicker fire as well.

Furthermore, the makers did an excellent job with the layout and used a lanyard to connect the ferrocerium rod and metal striker portions. The paracord lanyard is a lovely touch considering how many applications it may have.

The lanyard could definitely be longer; however, I have already modified a new, longer one for my purpose. Again, I did not acquire this product for the lanyard, but it is a lovely addition and the holes for adding one make this an overall positive. 

Pro tip: tie the two halves of the lanyard together, because the last thing you want is for the striker piece to go flying out into space while you’re shivering, it’s dark, and the terrain is bumpy or downhill; a gentle touch prevents this from occurring.

During rain, the kindling can be stored in a separate chamber that has been provided by the makers to keep it dry. The waterproof end cap, which does not have a locking mechanism, covers the storage compartments, let me tell you that. 

However, using a “O” ring and a quarter-to-half twist lock would be a much better way to secure this end cap in place. 

I think this is required to keep it in place because, if you hang it by the lanyard rather than placing it in a pocket, or a pouch, as it hops up and down, it can pull the cap off, and if the lanyard is not tied off, you might lose the entire thing as you walk without noticing it is moving or falling.

The storage container, which is equipped with a cotton ball, is moreover rather small—possibly the size of my little finger. Although the storage compartment is a great addition and I didn’t buy this product for it, its size means that it serves no useful use overall.

A length of jute thread or paper can be wrapped around the fire rod if you need anything to carry about with you while still allowing the rod to fit it to the corresponding striking side of the device.

If we talk about the additional amenities included in the equipment, it also has an incorporated whistle that may be utilized in an emergency when you’re camping.

However, in comparison to the natural sound, its pitch is disregarded, and the likelihood that someone might hear it at a distance is unlikely. This is not for a survival kit; instead, have a different whistle nearby for such emergency circumstances.

The free land-to-air rescue instructions and SOS is other features that I liked. The provided survival handbook is simple to follow, making it a useful tool for newbies.

These added benefits offer you the impression that you are receiving a great deal since the seller cares about you enough to provide a valuable bonus with your purchase.

Last but not least, it fits comfortably in my hand, has a decent grip, and—most importantly—allows me to hold on to both parts while using it, which is a feature that many other fire starter kits notably lack.







Despite a few small flaws, this fire starter appears to be well worth the money. You certainly receive the best value, especially when you take into account the cost. Moreover, with its compact, transportable, and robustly built rods, you can ignite up to 8000+ flames.

Overall, the primary components of this tool, for which I bought the tool, continue to function properly even after 1.8 years, which is great.

I also believe that the extra luxuries or unimportant features of this equipment may be updated or should be carefully considered since they might be disappointed when you’re out camping.

Given its low cost and high level of dependability, if you’re a newbie, this can be the perfect option for you. Apart from that, this fire starter would be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts who need to light fire immediately.

Campers, hikers, and fishermen who spend the night outside value this sturdy fire-starting gear with a whistle and a complimentary pocket survival guide.

It makes no difference if this is your first time camping or your 100th time enjoying the outdoors. The Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter is an affordable, dependable fire starter. Indeed, this gear has every capability a fire-starting tool might possibly need.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Market is full of different fire starters, and every fire starter has its own span. Like, typical flint and magnesium firestarters last for 3,000 strikes, while more costly varieties can survive for up to 10,000.

The fire pistons can last for 10,000+ strikes and the plasma lighter works on the battery and the charge last for weeks, months, etc.

All in all, the quality and kind of firestarter you choose will have a significant influence on the starter’s longevity. However, the Bear Grylls Fire Starter may endure for more than 8000 strikes whereas the commonly used Ferro rod strikers last 3000+ strikes.

Magnesium and ferrocerium rods are both utilized in the fire starting kit, however, they nevertheless differ from one another in a number of ways.

The abbreviated moniker “Ferro rod” is given to the ferrocerium rod. While the Ferro rod produces hot sparks, no immediate flame is produced.

However, the magnesium bar is made with a ferrocerium strip implanted on one side. And when scraped off into tiny filings, the magnesium burns easily.

Chips from the magnesium block are removed in order to utilize the mag bar fire starter. A spark from the Ferro rod then ignites the magnesium particles. These chips of magnesium help ignite tinder and kindling by burning incredibly hot.

Whereas, a brand-new ferrocerium rod has a black protective covering that must be removed in order for the exposed metal to ignite.

To keep these fire starters as potent as possible, it is suggested that you store them in a plastic bag. However, some individuals believe that glass containers are superior to other storage options for these fire starters. A plastic bag with a tight-fitting lid, however, can also be advantageous.

Fire Starter Buying Guide

Whether you’re camping, cooking, lighting a grill, or starting a campfire or fire pit. In every situation, a quick-starting fire starter is what you need as its supplies allow you to spark and ignite a fire in only a few seconds. It might be really beneficial to have the appropriate fire starter on hand.

Small, lightweight starters that don’t take too much room in your bag or camping equipment are the best kind. It must be easy to use and, more importantly, require the least amount of work to create the fire you require to stay warm, cook your meals.

In addition to small and light fire starters, there are a few more things to take into account while choosing the ideal gear.

A powerful blaze is more likely to develop as you burn for a longer period of time. Keeping an eye out when searching for your perfect survival gear becomes important, so go with a lengthy burn period.

However, heavy-duty starters made for skilled or professional outdoor survivalists may produce up to 20,000 strikes, and medium-duty starters can only produce 10,000–15,000 strikes. So, choose accordingly, then.

Heavy-duty fire starters, on the other hand, are not adversely affected by extreme temperature or submersion in water. Therefore, regardless of the weather—whether it’s snowing, pouring, or submerged in water—it will continue to operate and provide sparks. 

There are some manufacturers that also include a lanyard to secure the rod and striker together, gives an emergency whistle and compass, Emergency instructions, extra storage space for two more strikers, and an inventive pen-style fire starter.

In the present, there are many more ways to start a fire than there were in the past, Keep in mind that the fire starter you decide on will be greatly influenced by your personal demands, experience, available space, and other aspects.

How do you use a fire starter kit?

The inclusion of survival fire starters in any emergency kit you want to use outdoors is essential since they may be a crucial tool while you’re out in the wilderness.

In the event that your matches become wet, or sometimes you misplace your matches or lighter while camping out, in such circumstances an emergency fire starter kit can save the day

This camping fire set not only makes cooking easier but also has many other benefits, such as keeping you warm and acting as a beacon if you get lost in the woods. Furthermore, utilizing it is just too easy.

  • Start by locating the best place to start the fire and properly setting it up.
  •  Add the necessary materials, like paper and leaves, once you’re finished so that you can start and nurture the fire.
  • Use the fire starter now by scratching the rod with a knife or steel. If kindling ignites instantly, it is time to celebrate. If not, carry out these actions once more with a lot more concentration.

How does a fire starter rod work?

The rod of fire starter rod or also known as a Ferro rods is made up of ferrocerium. Metal alloys are used to create ferrocerium rods. Typically, they comprise 19% iron, 25% lanthanum, and 50% cerium, along with trace levels of other elements.

Rapid hitting with a striker, knife spines, glass shards, or a flint causes the rod to break into pieces. The oxygen in the air then oxidizes the exposed atoms, causing fire sparks to form.
Your fuel is then ignited by the sparks, creating an even larger fire.

Simply put, Once hit, this synthetic alloy quickly oxidizes and produces intense sparks. The sparks’ burning temperature can reach 3,000 °C.

The Ferro rod’s length will affect how much interfacial tension you have with the surface as you slide the striker over it. However, more sparks will fly off the Ferro rod as it becomes broader because of the increased surface area.

Important to note that, it’s the striker that is far more important than the Ferro rod’s quality. These small, fragile strikers that come with these Ferro rods are challenging to manage.

You won’t be able to create many sparks with them since the edges in most of them aren’t particularly sharp.

How does Bear Grylls start a fire?

The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series kit includes the Fire Starter. This partnership combines the enormous outdoor survival and adventure experience of Bear Grylls with the more than 70 years of knife and gear expertise of Gerber to provide a unique collection of blades, tools, etc.

Bear has experience surviving in a variety of places and difficult circumstances, including time spent in the British SAS and climbing Mount Everest. Even though he was alone, he utilized the gadget to start a fire and demonstrated how to do so to the audience.

So, this demonstrative video was a part of the Bear Grylls survival series and highlighted how easy it is to start a fire. By opening the air-tight lid, and by striking the striker in the Ferro rod spark will come itself.

Grylls then proceeds to demonstrate the snap-lock storage sections. With a force, you open them and can store cotton balls in them. Which eventually acts as fuel and by facing the spark towards it, you can easily light up the fire.

Moreover, Grylls also emphasizes various extra features like the whistle and the lanyard attached to this fire starter, which can be extremely useful when you’re out in the wilderness.

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