Ownership Review of REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 (1.7 Years)

Are you confused about buying the REI Kingdom Cot 3? I am using it for last two years, and during these two years, I have found some great things and some disappointing things about this cot. I am going to tell you everything in detail in this detailed REI Kingdom Cot 3 review.

REI Kingdom Cot 3, can be the finest option if you are searching for a premium, lightweight, and transportable camping cot for your upcoming camping trip that can be relied upon on trips near and far for years to come.

Undoubtedly, a restless night may make your camping trip less pleasurable. Tossing and turning all night when sleeping on the unlevel, bumpy ground can rapidly leave you feeling severely sleep deprived. However, what is the solution? It is the camping cot.

A camping cot is quite similar to a regular bed, it raises you off the ground so you may sleep soundly and feel supported. They often get folded up small, are extremely portable, yet comfy and are simple to move between sites.

But, but be careful not to be fooled, though; not all camping cots are made equal. And the market is filled with a wide variety of camping cots. Some are of typical size, while others are substantially bigger.

You ought to be more aware of the elements to take into account before making a purchase. An ideal camping cot would be one that satisfies your needs and delivers comfort. After a long day of exploring, it’s the cosy cot that may help you restore your energy.

REI Kingdom Cot 3 Review


Extra features: Comes with side raised padded cushion to provide extra support, can be easily folded no assembly required

Preparing for the camping trip? This REI Kingdom can accompany you and can provide great comfort. Compared to the majority of typical camping and hiking cots, this one has more padding which will probably make you feel at home away from home.

Moreover, its adjustable and adaptable legs are ideal for uneven terrain. The cot’s protected feet will also shield the floor of the tent from snags and damage.

In conclusion, the fall, winter, and early spring are ideal times to utilise this cot, and the fact that REI made this cot also piques our interest in testing it out and learning more about its features to determine whether or not the REI Kingdom Cot 3 is worth our money.

Let’s examine its features. Here are quick features of this cot:


If you are new to this brand, let me tell you the quality of camping gear provided by this brand is top-notch and loved by all of its customers. If you’ve previously bought any camping gear from REI, you already knew what kind of quality to anticipate.

This REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 also doesn’t disappoint with the quality, this cot is well linked for use in extreme colder climates, as the extra thick cushion fitted in this will keep you warm and give you a homey feel. In short, this Cot is ludicrously comfortable without any doubt.

The padding and comfort this cot offers however come with a huge weight that can easily turn backpack trekkers away. With a weight of 20 pounds, this cot is not for backpack trekkers, and we would not even recommend you to give it a try as it can cost you severe back pain.

This product can however aim towards campers, who usually stay at one site for multiple days. The majority of buyers are drawn to it by its adjustable backrest, which is one of its main selling points. Aside from that, there are numerous features that make this product a camper’s choice.

Frame and Material

The designers have used the combination of stainless steel and aluminium tubing for the three sets of legs and the base which gives this REI Kingdom Cot, exceptional structural stiffness and great strength.

Moreover, the sleeping surface is also sufficiently cushioned with plush and soft quick drying polyester fabric that isn’t quite waterproof but can dry down very quickly.

Overall, you will not be requiring an extra pad with this however you can add one as per your need or comfort. The padding also offers excellent insulation, making it ideal for cold climates.

This cot’s adjustable characteristics make it adaptable; you may lengthen the front legs, and the height is adjustable from 15 to 23 inches. 

Consequently, you can use this cot as a lounger. You can enjoy the additional comfortable cushioning at the head area, which I might prefer to describe as an integrated pillow, by adjusting the angle of the headrest area to your pleasure.

A multi-position twist knob has also been added by the designers to this cot, although I feel that the quality of these knobs could have been better. Since they are composed of plastic, they can be easily damaged.

The most unsettling aspect is that if these knobs fall off, your cot won’t be able to lie totally flat and the centre legs won’t be able to touch the ground. This somewhere destroys the reputation of this cot.

Last but not the least, this cot is way too spacious, and it sinks slightly more than a typical cot. Consequently, you don’t need to be concerned about hurting your back.

Pro tip: this cot is more suitable for sleeping exclusively on your back, as the cushioning makes it a bit difficult to sleep on your sides and stomach comfortably.

Capacity and Size

As we discussed earlier, with the weight of 20 pounds this cot is not made for hikers and is not very portable, it can literally give you severe back pain even if you’re thinking of using it as a backpack hiking.

Given its substantial weight, this cot is better suited for campers who spend more time at a location.

However, we would recommend you if you are someone who typically sets up a base and hikes out, then the weight would not be an issue for you and you can consider thisREI Kingdom Cot.

But then obviously, since they spend the majority of their time and weeks hiking in various regions, dedicated hikers always want a lighter weight so they can streamline their packing.

Although the frame completely encloses the cot, the actual usable space measurements of this cot vary. If we look at its specifications in more detail, we find that it is 82 inches long, which is still impressive, and that its width of 31.5 inches makes it large and roomy enough.

Its impressive length does not allow this cot to fit in a small tent, however, you can fit it easily in a 3 or more person tent. Plus, with a height of 14 inches, you can easily store your extra luggage or your camping gear under this as it provides a lot of volumes.

The REI Kingdom Cot’s weight capacity is another impressive feature. Unlike most camping cots, which have a weight restriction of 250 to 275 pounds, it has a weight limit of 300 pounds, which is more than the typical maximum weight capacity.

With its incredible weight capacity, it might be sufficient for the majority of users, and with the support of the bars, this cot appears robust.

Additional Features

Willing to spend some time sitting up in the bed with the lumbar support before going to sleep. The amazing extensive adjustable feature of this REI Kingdom cot allows you to transform your cot into a lounger and makes your camping experience more comfy and memorable.

Additionally, the 14-inch height of this cot provides enormous volume and room beneath the cot, allowing you to put a sizable amount of your luggage and camping equipment there.

Moreover, the thick layer of the sleeping surface gives you immense insulation and you’ll not be not requiring any other way of insulation throughout the winters.

However, it can be a bit troublesome in the summer, you can avoid it by dressing in more informal, light-weight clothing.


With a solid yet comfy sleeping surface, this Cot really helps to prevent any kind of body pain, thanks to its thick sleeping pad. This thick sleeping pad will however also keep you warm and cosy during winter, however, it is not at all breathable which is disappointing as it gets a bit difficult to use it during the summers.

Moreover, you can even transform this cot into a lounger for the lumbar support using an adjustable knob. The knobs are however not very well functioned and are of slightly less quality.

Overall, the performance of this Cot is satisfactory with minor setbacks. You can even use this as a replacement for your bed, it can handle the wear and tear of daily abuse, or you can use it as a backup bed if there are a lot of guests at your place.

This cot is around 15 inches above from the ground, the sides are slightly raised up to give extra comfort, some people like it some don’t. If you sit in the middle section it feels stable, but if you sit at one end, the legs from that side are not so strong and it feels little unstable.

The feature which makes it raise from one end is also not so strong, if you are heavy it will get down, so use it ocassionally, you can move it from flat to lounge chair, but you have to tighten it up a lot, otherwise it will fall.

You don’t have to assemble anything, it comes pre-assembled, all you have to unfold it, and tighten up the locks from the sides to adjust the backrest. The frame bolts are little out, and can poke the mattress sometime. 







After looking and testing this Kingdom Cot 3, the one thing we surely know is that Cot is more suitable for a bigger tent like a 3 or more person tent because of its massive dimensions. 

Further, with a massive dimension comes the massive weight which makes this cot not suitable for the one who constantly goes hiking, rather campers can use this Cot to make their excursion much more comfortable. 

For hikers, you can check out another lightweight cot alternative like the Therm-a-Rest Ultralite cot or Helinox Lite cot, it can make your backpack hiking experience much easier. 

I personally would not describe this cot as ultra-soft, though it is comfortable no doubt but not that much to be hyped about. 

The lack of a breathable sleeping fabric makes it challenging to use this cot in a hot climate; it is better suited for colder climates. However, the sleeping fabric is also not particularly water resistant but dries out quickly, making it unsuitable for areas that are snowy or soggy.

In my opinion, If you’re a professional camper, this is not a product you can feel confident and comfortable utilising in all types of weather.

These were the few setbacks, however, this product also includes a few features that are massively adored by the customers. The first and foremost is its massive space, with a dimension of 82 inches x 31.5 inches x 14 inches, this cot allows you to stretch out in all directions comfortably and does not give anonymous aches in the body. 

Moreover, its transforming feature allows you to convert this cot into a lounger for the lumbar support, you can comfortably sit and read a book in it. 

And for extra luggage, utilise the extra space given beneath the cot, thanks to its extensive height, you can even put in your extra camping gear. The integrated pillow, velvety quilted cover, and quality construction are the few aspects of this product that are adored by the customers. 

However, it’s also true that there are a lot more possibilities on the market that offer far more comfort and quality at a lower cost. 

Therefore, we must advise you to pursue the alternatives until and unless you’re someone who majorly camps out in the colder climate or has a vehicle for transportation and is ready to compromise a little with the quality, you can think about getting this REI Kingdom Cot 3. 

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