11 Tips to set up your Tent in Snow

Want to know how to how to set up tent in snow? Then you need this guide! Inside you’ll find 11 simple techniques to help you set up tent in snow without difficulty.

Without a doubt camping in the snow is a unique experience. Follow our advice on how to set up tent in snow and enjoy this winter in the mountains without worries.

1. Choose a safe land for set up a tent in snow.

The last thing you want when you camp in winter is to be exposed to bad weather, avalanches, falling rocks or ice. So choose a location far enough away from vertical walls, rocks and ice that could collapse. You will also need to stay away from slopes suitable for avalanches.

These do not need to be stiff to be risky. Three out of four avalanches occur on slopes between 34° and 45°. Be smart in choosing where to sleep.

It is also important to know where the east is, so we can locate our tent in an area where we can warm up in the morning with the first rays of the sun and thus make our morning more pleasant.

2. Set up the tent in snow

Once we have found the right place to install ourselves, it is important to flatten the area. For this, it is enough to walk repeatedly through the place where we will put the winter tent and if we have snowshoes it will be easier for us to do so.

Once we have flattened the area we must wait about 30 minutes for the snow to harden. If we do not do this when entering our tent we will sink the bottom with our weight and it will not be very comfortable to sleep on an uneven bottom.

We have to worry about nailing the tents or winds of the tent very firmly to give it the necessary rigidity, since in snowy terrain that tends to be a bit complicated due to the different qualities of the snow.

3. Secure the hooks

In the snow, you need specific equipment to place your sardines. You can also use this trick: dig a hole with your shovel in the snow, hang the end of a line of the tent on a small branch and place it horizontally in the hole. Fill the hole and walk on it to compact the snow.

4. Build a cold trap

Pro technique. In these, the entrance tunnel is U-shaped with a passage lower than the interior level of the igloo. The hot air is thus maintained in the passenger compartment and is trapped by the heavier cold air which is stored at the entrance to the igloo.

Thus dig a small trench in front of the entrance of your winter tent to prevent this cold air from entering the interior. You can also use this trench to sit on it to remove your shoes more easily.

5. The usefulness of the mattress

It is important to invest in a good air mattress because this layer of air not only makes it possible to sleep on a softer cushion but also to insulate you from the cold ground which is just below.

In polar environments, it is also useful to place a safety blanket under the mattress to further block the cold. In even more extreme situations, add a foam mattress under the air mattress.

6. Protective of a wall outside tent in snow

Build a wall of snow around your tent. This can be very good protection against the howling wind.

In the event that our tent does not have a natural protective wall, we must build one. For that, we will need the help of a shovel and we will cut snow blocks of about 30 cm approximately, which we will stack on top of each other forming a wall no higher than the tent (we do not want an accident to occur and our wall falls on top of the tent breaking the fabric of it).

We must make sure that our wall is facing away from the wind so that it can protect us. We also need to make sure that our wall is not too close to our faces, as snow could build up in between and crush us.

7. A good source of water

There is no need to carry liters of water if you are camping in the snow. You have all the water you need around you. However, you need a small, reliable stove and a pan to melt it. Remember to put water at the bottom before so as not to burn your pan. Finding Water in Snow.

8. Never forget the cheese

Do not forget this essential weapon: a good piece of cheese! With beer, bread and sausages, here’s what to prepare Xavier’s famous beer fondue. The perfect dish to get all the calories you need. And therefore stay warm.

9. Get comfortable comfort

tent in snow, there is nothing worse than going out at night to satisfy a natural need. For men, keep an empty bottle handy. For women, use a piss stand, like the ones you can find at some festivals.

10. Dry your shoes

In the morning, absolutely avoid going into wet, cold or even frozen shoes. Dry your liners by removing them and placing them in your sleeping bag. Your body heat will dry them out. As for the captivating smell, we will say that it will constitute a precious help to send you into the arms of Morpheus.

11. Maintain a pleasant warmth

Use your water bottle as a hot water bottle. Fill it with hot water in the evening and keep it with you overnight. In the morning, you can always use the water for your tea if it is still hot. Attention, make sure that the cover is properly screwed.

A liter of spilled water turns the best sleeping bag into hell on earth and could endanger your expedition.

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