45+ Actionable Tips For Camping For The First Time

If you’re new to camping? Then you need this guide! Inside you’ll find simple 45+ actionable tips for camping to help you camping for the first time without hesitation.

The general camping principles is that of the camping must be hard? It is the common perception among many individuals; however, camping principles, on the contrary, are quite simple since it only a matter adapting to live outside instead of within the four walls. Therefore, discussed below are some tips for camping to make your overall experience both pleasant and relaxing.

Tips for camping, If you’ve never camped, it’s easy to forget something essential. Pay attention to these tips, they will do you good. In this article, I am going to give you these 45+  tips for camping that will help you to avoid that those camping trips twist so that you can live this experience in the best possible way.

Importance of camping


Camping is one of the most affordable lodgings options that are available when it comes to visiting a new area with an average campsite cost of $20 to $35 per night. Additionally, most backcountry or wild sites are usually free.

Furthermore, in comparison to hotels, camping is cheaper and affordable since staying two nights in a hotel can be used to finance your camping trip for an entire week. Therefore, you get to explore the same location for longer with the same amount of money.

Connecting with nature

While camping, you get to experience a peaceful night with the rhythmic sounds of nature which are very tranquil. Likewise, the campsite features an interesting way of revealing the loveliness of experiencing outside life as well as bringing out your wild inner self.

Listening to nature sounds such as birds singing, a coyote howling, a stream running, insects or even the sound produced as the breeze blows through the trees within your surrounding helps breathe life to the connection between you and your outdoor surroundings.

Health benefits of camping

Tips for camping health benefits. There are various health benefits of camping. It includes an increase in vitamin D since you are exposed to sunlight and this subsequently helps in reducing the chances of you developing some health conditions such as bone diseases, stroke, dementia, heart diseases, and cancer.

Moreover, it improves your vision protections since most of these conditions come as a result of using computers for a long time. Computer vision syndrome is said to reduce while you are outdoors.

Camping tends to improve your sleep because exposure to sunlight during the day can reset your circadian rhythm which helps in regulating your sleeping patterns. Usually, this is mainly tied to the rising and setting of the sun. Also, camping helps in the prevention of inflammations which contributes to cancers, autoimmune disorders, depression as well as inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Which type of camping is mots suitable for you


Backpacking entails carrying all things that you will require for survival in the wild over a long distance and passing through a rough landscape and this not suitable for most people. Additionally, the challenges of planning your meals and groceries and the fact that most of the backcountry campsites lack services make backpacking ideal only for those who have lots of experience camping.

Nevertheless, backpacking is one of the best and amazing ways to experience a connection to nature and achieving privacy; therefore it is only appropriate if you have the desire of having maximum self-sufficiency. learn much more about backpacking

Car Camping

It is one of the most common types of camping whereby, you park your car next to the campsite for easy loading and unloading. There are some services like showers, bathrooms; electricity plus running water which help make this camping experience more enjoyable.

Therefore, for most individuals, car camping is considered as the best type of camping for you to first learn the sound camping practices as well as new ways of survival before venturing into the backcountry landscape.

Recreational Vehicles (RV’s)

Recreation vehicles popularly known as RV’s are becoming common each day since they are affordable for traveling to the county side and are great for camping as well. There are various benefits of using recreational vehicles consequently leading to their purchase by non-campers. Typically, this is because these vehicles act like your private apartment that you can go with every place that you wish to visit.


Cabins are becoming a popular option since you still get to enjoy camping without necessarily needing a tent. Furthermore, camping with cabins provides you with solid walls as well as a roof over your head for protection from the natural elements such as rain and snow. Thus, cabins are one of the best ways for you to experience and connect with nature and still balance an indoor lifestyle.


Among all the various types of camping, glamping is known as the glamorous type of camping with its popularity growing at a fast rate within campgrounds across the country. Usually, most people harbor the traditional concerns of comfort and cleanliness consequently keeping them away from camping.

Therefore, owners of the campground have gone on to create lodgings that are comfortable yet seamlessly blend well with camping as well as staying in the hotel.

How to select a campsite


Determining the goals of  your trip before even choosing a campsite

Knowing what you intend to achieve from camping will help you select a suitable campsite. Some of the factors you can put to place while putting up your tent include;

  • How important is accessibility to your camping experience?
  • Do you prefer seclusion or maximum privacy?
  • Do you prefer sharing the experience with other campers and make new friends?
  • The proximity of the campsite to amenities such as bathrooms, showers, drinking water, and showers.
The size of  the space you require

Most of the campgrounds tend to limit the sites available to you in regards to your belongings such as tents or RVs and camper vans. It is vital to know the size or the dimensions of your canvas to choose a suitable campsite for you.

Having a level ground

For good night sleep during camping, having a level field is the most vital element. So, you should always consider looking for grassy areas or pads covered with gravels on a level field as this will help in providing you with a comfortable place to lie down as you rest. Likewise, you should check the drainage on the site in case it rains.  

Essential Camping Gear: Tips for camping


Having a proper shelter for camping is one of the first decisions you will have to make before becoming a camper. Furthermore, you will have to consider the number of people that will be sleeping in the tent before determining the suitable tent size you should pick.

For comfort, you can purchase tents with a cabin-style design and which has the ability of standing while inside, though, this type of tents tend to occupy considerable space while traveling and it has a limited versatility away from the campgrounds. Thus, it is vital to always invest in a quality tent since often the cheap tents tend to be of poor quality and subsequently puncture easily.

Sleeping pad, cot or air mattress

With most of the camping equipment, you will need to balance your comfort desire with storage space, essential tips for camping you should consider. Having an air mattress is comfortable for use during camping but keep in mind that the air mattress requires electricity to blow it up. Furthermore, the air mattress, unlike other camping designs, is more are susceptible to punctures.

A raised camping cot is one of the most preferred methods of sleeping while camping. Nonetheless, camping cots tend to lack the comfortability offered by the air pad and the air mattress.

Conversely sleeping pads are very comfortable to use especially with car-camping and is light making it convenient for traveling as well as for backpacking adventures.

Sleeping Bag

While choosing a sleeping bad always consider the temperature rating that will match the area where you will be camping. Do not buy a sleeping bag meant for camping during winter and use it during summertime or spring season.

Cooking Equipment: 

Having a two-burner propane-powered stove is more than enough for campers to prepare campground dinners. Additionally, always consider carrying pots and pans that are easy to clean and can retain heat evenly which is the primary challenge experienced with lightweight backpacking cookware.

Stoves that feature piezo igniters make it easy to cook, and it is quick to light it without having to use matches. You can also consider having integrated wind guards, accessory hoses, and convenient carrying handle which will allow your stove to run off 5-gallon traditional propane tanks.


Whether you intend to go camping in a tent or a cabin, it is essential that it has a clean and refreshing place to camp. Moreover, you can carry your contact lens solution, toothpaste, toothbrush, or face wash in a different sack as this will make it easy to take it with you to the bathhouse. Also, having multiple attachment areas on the bag is vital for hanging your sack on the door hooks.


Some of the critical things that you should carry along with you during camping include;


There are of the things that are not considered to be essentials during camping, but they are vital in making your camping experience great. Some of these items include;

Camp chairs – It is perfect for resting your back after a long day of hiking and walking.
A book – It is fantastic to have a book with you and read it while you relax insides your tent.
A pillow for camping – Using your clothes in a sack as a pillow will not beat the comfort offered by carrying the actual camping pillow.
Storage bins – To have fun while camping, it is always important to organize yourself.

During summer you can consider carrying a portable tent fan.

Packing, arriving and setting up

Before leaving: Tips for camping

In the final days before setting off for camping, you will experience the need to prepare your equipment including clothes for camping. Likewise, the preparation should at least start a week before you leave for the campsite. Some of the critical steps that will help you prepare for a successful camping include;

  • Place all of your equipment on the floor – This will help you visualize the things that you need the most while you are out camping.
  • Come up with a meal plan or a menu.
  • Write down a list of groceries you will require before going.
  • Have a checklist that will aid in checking items that are missing.
  • Buy a map that will help in showing you the appropriate route to use for hiking, biking or paddling.
Arriving at the campsite: Tips for camping

In most campgrounds, you will have to pass by the registration office before going on with your camping. Once you are allowed by the campground, you should explore all of the possible sites before setting up a place for camping.

Furthermore, look for level ground, proximity to the amenities available and other campers. You can as well check for some smaller but quality features that are available at the camp such as fire ring.

Setting up tent: Tips for camping

Some of the critical things you will require as you set up a place for camping include;

Prioritizing – Your tents are the most practical thing you will need to set up first.
Have a strategic site layout – Always consider having a strategic place to set up your tent, food area plus you should have enough room to park your car.
A great way of testing the comfort offered by the ground topography is by laying down your tent’s footprint before erecting it fully.
You should always have the rain in mind – You should check the drainage ability of the ground as well as if your tent is well elevated. Moreover, you should remember that grass and gravel handle moisture better in comparison to compacted dirt.

Essential tips for camping: Shelter

Pick the best campsite for your needs
  • Always consider a tent that can fit your needs; usually, a big tent requires a lot of effort in setting up and breaking it down.
  • Small tents offer flexibility for easy placement compared to big tents.
  • Always consider the direction of the wind since setting your tent downwind will lead to a sleepless night with lots of smoke inside your tent.
  • Having a tent with double doors is excellent since one side can be used for storing your gears and this will help in creating more space.
  • You may consider using shelters from hammock since they provide unique options for campers who are solo and are still versatile enough for various temperatures and conditions.
Dialing in your sleep
  • You can choose a good sleeping pad or a pad system that will fit your body as well as the condition.
  • Most of the families tend to use inflatable mattresses over pads and in warmer places using an inflatable mattress is good.
  • Using a cot system with a bigger tent is perfect for those who like sleeping above the ground.
  • Having a hammock camping can be perfect that’s if you can dial your sleep system with the proper bottom quilt or top quilt an insulating pad.
  • For your kids always consider using sleeping bags that are specifically designed for children.
  • Tips for  camping building a perfect shelter and campsite
  • Consider doing a quick campground audit and make notes about the campsite you used and at the end of every trip, write down the better one for your next visit and write down the one you will need to avoid.
  • To add a bit of comfort in your tent, you should consider using an old rug.
  • Beautify your tent with rope lights by wrapping them through the outside of your tent on the pole structure.
  • For more comfort in your sleeping bags, you can decide to use either cold or hot water.
  • You can consider carrying a cot with you if you are a backpacking solo.

Essential tips for camping: Fire

Knowing your burn rate
  • 12-14 logs provide enough woods for cooking dinner and fueling fire till midnight.
  • Keep in mind that lighter and dry woods burn faster.
  • For an unplanned day, you can have extra woods to cover any contingencies.
Five essential tools to use
  • When it comes to moving coals and adjusting logs using a military shovel is excellent for this.
  • Furthermore, when adjusting the fire during the evening, you should consider using a handy branch will act as good poker.
  • You can use rocks as a decoration around the rolled steel fire pit ring.
  • You can use a steel grate with legs measuring 4 to 5 inches; this is a perfect tool for those who love Dutch oven cooking.
  • Using a fire-resistant glove is vital when it comes to moving cast iron or moving grates.
Learn to seamlessly start fire
  • Using cotton balls that are smeared with petroleum jelly makes it easy to start a fire.
  • Lighting with a cardboard toilet paper rolls and a dryer.
  • Use an old egg carton covered with wax and use dryer lint to start 12 individual fire starter.
  • When you locate charcoal, you can use fire starter sticks which you can buy at the grocery store.
  • When setting up campfire establish woodpiles in graduated size.
Practicing fire safety with kids
  • Use rocks in surrounding the fire pit this will help in creating distance between the kids and the fire pit.
  • You can explain building fire process to your kids so that they can understand how fireworks and what you are doing with the fire.
  • Come up with a poker rule to prevent the kids from poking the fire.
  • Always keep in mind what your kids are wearing.

Essential tips for camping: Food

Have a great camping menu
  • For cooler space, you can consider using canned items and still be a top chef within your campground.
  • You should consider modifying recipes when possible as this will allow you to use one pot for preparation.
  • Always be mindful of the prep time for every meal.
  • You can look for recipes that have been used in camping settings.
Select a proper cooking wave
  • Learn ways of using, loving, and caring for cast irons since it is durable and is perfect for your cooking.
  • Consider having a tool that can be used in various ways.
  • Think of things you will require like spices to avoid packing more things that will need.
  • Do not use non-stick pans in camp since it produces toxic chemicals.
  • Have protective gloves since everything gets hot within the campfire.
  • Consider using a Dutch oven in making a one-pot meal.
  • You can invest in stoves that will give you control over the flames.
You should consider preparing meals at home
  • You can prepare meal ingredients at home to make mealtimes easier during camping.
  • Preparing a meal at home will help you transport what you will need during camping.
  • You can consider breaking meals into several servings.
Opt to use coals for your cooking.

Start a fire on one side of the pit and add wood to the other open side as this will move the fire gradually and leave you with coals to cook.

For you to have an approximate temperature that is produced by your coal, you will have to remove your hand after counting backward by fifty from 550.

Keeping it cold with a block of ice

  • Blocks of ice tend to melt slower in comparison to ice cubes thus making it ideal for storing your food within a cooler box.
  • You should not drain the water in your cooler box till it no longer keeps your food cold.

It makes cleaning up easy

  • Create a storage bin for washing the plates, cups, and other utensils.
  • Have a few garbage bins in your campsite which will use to save up space.
  • Give your kids a game to play out for cleaning things.

Tips for elevating your camping cuisine

  • Have a good storage plan for holding on to your camping gear.
  • Consider preparing meals that use common ingredients.
  • Before cooking makes sure, you organize your camp kitchen.

Essential tips for camping: Water

Camp Storage

  • Use gallon jags since it easy for you to grab water on your way out.
  • Consider using a spout with two-gallon containers to carry more volume of water.
  • Use collapsible water carriers.
  • Using an igloo style for cooling water is very useful for you.

Personal Storage

  • Consider carrying a portable water bottle.
  • Consider using hydration bladders is one of the most versatile options for camping.
  • Water bags are not expensive and good for camping since it withstands several elements.

Filtration, purification, and treatment

  • Having a gravity flow filter is vital since it helps filtering your water and t is easy to use.
  • You can use squeeze filters they are modern and mobile.
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers help in killing bacteria and viruses in the water.
  • Using water drops helps treat large amounts of water.
  • Use handled water pump filters are easy because it features moving parts.

Tips for camping managing hydration and water

  • Consider creating several water stations for refilling drinking water and cooking.

9 Tips for camping to make your campsite more comfortable

1 – Do not let money come in your way from having a great camping adventure. So, when it comes to maximizing your way of spending cash there various to do so. Subsequently, this ensures that you still get to have an excellent camping experience as you purchase camping equipment.

2 – Create cloth lines between trees using tent ropes. It is a perfect way to dry your clothes as well as hanging your boots and coats. Furthermore, when combined with poles and tarps it acts as a quick shelter.

 3 – You should consider creating a place at your campsite for lounging, washing, and eating. It is because organizing your camping ensures that all of your equipment are available and can be easily accessed when needed.

4 – To create valuable spaces during camping, you should use compressor bags. Furthermore, they are considered to be perfect for sleeping bags pillows and clothes.

5 – Most of the campgrounds are very quiet, therefore; you should have small battery-powered speakers which are great mood setters.

6 – Always explore various options for perfect flooring of your tent, and you can try to use an old rug.

7 – Always plan to avoid last-minute dash to pack, and this will significantly help you to prevent the chances of forgetting something crucial subsequently ruining your camping experience.

8 – Consider bringing an extra headlamp, and you can use it to create a cool nightlight by making use of a Nalgene bottle with the headlamp light facing the middle.

9 – Always keep your kids engaged in sports activities since having unhappy campers will consequently make you feel uncomfortable. Playing games with your kids will prevent them from getting bored and unhappy.


Therefore, having gone through this article, you are now knowledgeable of the tips for camping which you need to consider. Subsequently, you now have a better chance of having an incredible camping experience that you will live to remember.

Do you have questions about tips for camping? Do not hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Happy Camping!

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