Ownership Review of UNP Tents 6-Person Tent (Shocking Revelation)

Spacious, airy, user oriented, and easy to set up 6-person tent. Overall- If you are looking for an instant setup tent with lots of interior space and ventilation, then you should look no further. The UNP-6 person tent is the best option to go with.

 After spending 15+ years camping and hiking, I can help you in deciding whether this tent is worth buying or not, and for what kind of users this tent is made for.

The Wide D-shaped doors, five-sided mesh windows, and a lattice roof make this accommodation highly ventilated.

Plus, the 185T polyester fabric protects this tent from rain and thunder and makes it extremely lightweight, which further makes installation easier and faster.

Last but not least, the complimentary fly prolongs the life of this UNP tent and makes the UNP tent more durable and the best choice to rely on when camping.

UNP Tents 6 Person Review


Extra features: 2 roof vents plus low side vent for Chimney type ventilation, Comes with a flysheet

One of the few preliminary steps in planning any trip or camping is to find the most important gear for the trip, the tents. It is the most important gear, which keeps you safe and comfortable and possibly gives you a free and extraordinary stay amidst nature.

And who doesn’t love a spacious, protected from all precarious climates, and homely vibrant accommodations for a campsite?

The makers of this UNP 6-person camping tent took these things seriously, and it won’t be wrong to say that this UNP 6- person Tent can be your home away from your actual home.

We understand that randomly online written words make it a little hard to trust, and every buyer looks for anecdotal evidence and reviews for certification.

But with the big world of the Internet, reviews can be confusing and sponsored, perhaps. You can count on us in times of crisis like this. As we know, it’s a hassle to choose a worthy tent for your trip.

So, based on our personal experience with this UNP 6-person, durable, and easy-to-set-up tent. We will give you some insights about this UNP tent, which may help the buyers, and in a way, we might also be able to contribute a little bit to make their trip memorable.


This UNP-6-person tent can be your first line of accommodation if you’re planning camping at windy and rainy sites. With a weight of 8.98kg, this tent can bear stronger winds. 

Besides, you can easily carry this tent and move it freely. It literally took us minutes to set it up alone with no instructions and 8 minutes to take it down, fold it up, and then pack. 

The area where we set up our UNP tent was subject to extreme wind, rain, and even flood, at that time, the stability this tent showed was meritorious.  Let’s look more into the feature of this tent.

  • Weather Resistance and Durability

185T polyester hi-tech with 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating makes this UNP tent cave 100% waterproof and windproof. However, adding a fly sheet can bring life to this tent during the rain and make it more durable.

In addition, this tent protects from sideways rain and winds with little condensation. The buckles are provided for the fly, so in the case of bad weather, you can quickly attach the fly and create a secure setup.

Pro-tip. The fly gets a foot below the roof’s screen, so the fly’s coverage is sufficient. The only drawback of these flysheets is, Setting up the Fly can be a bit challenging, as it fits very tight and may require 2 people when setting it up.

However, if you are using it in an equatorial region or an area with heavy rain and humidity, In that case, the chances of condensed droplets dripping from walls to the pockets will be very high.

In a situation like this, using a microfiber towel and dabbing them in dripping walls and pockets can help, as the problem isn’t big enough to cause you any trouble.

But the rain water never comes inside, the poles are sturdy to handle strong winds, and it can easily last a heavy rainfall without any problem.

On the other hand, it is advisable not to leave this tent on a hot sunny day, as direct exposure to UV rays can seriously damage the fabric of this tent, in our case, the fabric became lighter in color and The tent looked old.

  • Room Space

With a length of 10 feet and a diameter of 9 feet, this UNP tent gives you an extremely spacious room with a height of 78 inches at the center, where you can stand and turn easily. 

To make this measurement easier, you can determine when we set up this tent for week-long camping. We were able to live comfortably with a moderate amount of gear and 2 full-sized camp beds. 

And yet, there was enough room to squeeze a camp bed the size of 2 kids. If you are using this tent only for sleeping, then this tent can easily accommodate six people. But if you are going for a long time, it is advisable to involve 2-3 people.

  • Easy To Install

This tent is very easy to set up even if you are just starting out in this whole camping world and you have never camped before. This tent installment doesn’t ask for any special mastered skills. This will hardly take you a few minutes, and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, this easy-to-install tent gives you the liberty to change your camping site frequently and cover a large amount of area. This tent saves a significant amount of time, which you can use to explore more than your anticipated bucket list.

  • Ventilation

The coolest feature we found while using this tent is its Ripstop panels. The sole purpose of having this feature is to reduce the wind speed without suffocating the internal environment of the tent.
In addition, this also offers good privacy and makes you feel safe, just like your home. High net density, five-sided windows, and wide-mouth D-shaped doors give everyone inside the camp access to the door. So you don’t have to crawl all over the tent to get in and out.

Not only this, these highly ventilated windows and doors give you a nice view and bring you a little closer to nature. The tall lattice roof of this tent can give you the experience of a lifetime and ample ventilation.

You can lie down and watch the stars at night and be surrounded by the secure accommodation that this tent provides and have a memorable experience with your friends and loved ones.

If it is not in the mountains, you can set up this tent in your backyard; now, you are ready to enjoy a full moon, starry night, clear sky or a fun night with your friends.

  • Other Useful Amenities

From the mesh roof to the connecting path for the cord, the makers have tried to innovate this tent in every possible modern way. You can use an extension cord from your equipment in the tent to source electricity outside the tent. So that you never run out of power.

Also, although this tent offers a great mesh pocket, try to avoid placing things during the rain as we felt little water droplets in them during the rain and placed a scotch brite to prevent seepage. 

Otherwise, on hot summer days, these mesh pockets are commendable. Besides, the mesh pockets give you and your devices and small gears separate and organized space. We were able to easily fit our wallets, Mobile phones, and keys in these mesh pockets.

Furthermore, you can use the hooks on the top of this tent to hang your other gear, like lights or a small fan. These little organizers really made our trip comfortable. 

Although these features may seem small or unimportant, the amount of space and the relief these amenities give are commendable, especially while camping with more people.

  • Poles

The four steel body poles further three fiberglass poles for the roof make the tent strong enough to face heavy windstorms. 

The poles seem very sturdy, but the only problem we faced while setting them up was that the quality of these poles was not up to the mark. 

The center roof pole gets a super tight fit. After applying pressure, the pole inserts started to come out from the seam, which was awful.

These UNP tents come with a large carry bag measuring 24.6×8.26×8.26 inches which is easy to carry. One pole pouch, one steak pouch, tent body, and one rainfly. And it is advisable to dry the tent thoroughly before packing it.





The UNP 6-Person Tent feels pretty incredible, with some setbacks. However, the weight and installation process are highly appreciated and save a lot of time which can be used further.

Inbuilt mesh pockets hook, and 9 feet diameter makes the interior room spacious enough for movement and separate organized space for gear.

In addition, the big mesh window will give spacious headspace with full ventilation and views. Further, the extension for the cable cord will never let you go out of power.

185T polyester hi-tech with 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating makes this tent suitable for an area with moderate rainfall and thunderstorms.

However, if you are looking for a tent for a mountainous or snowy area, we would not recommend you to go with this UNP tent, as this tent is not performing that much in trapping heat.

Besides, it is not advisable to put this tent up in direct sunlight for long weeks, as direct exposure to UV rays can cause serious harm to the fabric of this tent.

This tent is for a small outing with your friends; set up this tent in your backyard to enjoy a little rain and a night out. Maybe you can see the starry night on a clear night.

Then, you can take this tent to the coastal mountains, which are relatively less cold and dense than the big snow-capped mountains.

You can also take this tent to grasslands or a tropical area, where rainfall is not so heavy, as these tents are also suitable for such weather. Finally, you can set up this tent in the middle of the jungle and enjoy a jungle safari with your family.

The easy packaging and installation of this tent allow you to change your destination frequently and cover a large area in less time.

UNP Tents 6 Person Setup

1. Before starting the process, keep a few points in your mind.

  • First, look for a clear and rock-free site where you will set up your tent.
  • Avoid setting up a tent under a tree to avoid lightning strikes.
  • Handle the guylines securely to avoid damage or injury.
  • Do not start this installment process alone. You will need an adult who can help you with assembling different parts.

Step 1: Create a layout of your desired tent by positioning the tent with the door in the desired direction. Knock the corners of the tent down with the stake rings. 

Now try to collect all the poles by opening the shock-corded pole. Finally, insert the body poles into the sleeves.

Step 2: Now in this step, you have to attach the pole to the tent. Insert a pin into one end of the pole. Repeat this for all sides and poles. After that, attach body poles to the tents or vice versa through clips. You can make adjustments to the tent if necessary.

Step 3: For the next step, insert the vestibule pole into the sleeve on the underside of the rainfly. Now, attach the rainfly pole to the straps on its underside and insert the pole tips into the pockets under the rainfly.

Cover the tent from the fly, and secure it with bandages on the underside of the rainfly. Now insert the pin to the end of the vestibule pole and attach the stake to the guylines.

Step 4:  Set up the access for the electrical cord. Try to use cords that are rated UL for outdoor usage. And your accommodation for the day is ready.

We have made a detailed article about how to properly setup a camping tent, you can read that as well.

2. A few things to keep in mind when taking down a tent:

  • Put all poles and stakes in bags. This can damage clothing items.
  • Allow the tent to dry thoroughly before putting it in the carry bag
  • Remove the fly and spread it on the floor of the tent. Then open all the doors and vents. Now you can easily take down the tent.
  • Fold the tent snugly, place the pole storage bag on it and roll up tightly, and put it in the carry bag
  • Store the bag in a clean and dry place.


Most frequent questions and answers

One thing that comes to our mind after listening to UNP is ample space with good breathable fabric. Most UNP tents are built for areas with moderate rainfall.

Although they mention that their tents are all weather-friendly, this can become a topic of discussion as we have experienced some moisture seeping into the wall.

Comfort ventilation, extra space for gear, extension pockets for cables, and attached rainfly are some of the features that make this brand a good choice if you are considering buying a tent.

UNP tent is a portable shelter that keeps you and your family safe while traveling and allows you to spend a day comfortably in an anonymous place. The fabric used in these tents protects you from rain and other bad weather and insects.

In addition, the large area gives you immense space. The vents, large doors, and mesh roof ensure good airflow inside the camp. Overall, UNP tents make your few weeks’ trips an experience to remember for a lifetime.


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